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File 144789822845.jpg - (764.13KB , 1103x651 , Discussion.jpg )
96122 No. 96122 ID: 4d7486

Should anyone feel the need to use this.

I will answer some questions regarding basic information and things of that nature.

Furry drama and horror. Don't worry, there's going to be horror.
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No. 96123 ID: f56624

This quest has me hooked in so far, can't wait to see how lil miss noncon dials it back when we meet her again.
No. 96124 ID: 4c9b48

No. 96133 ID: 8f8185

What do you guys think about the disappearing goat?
No. 96134 ID: 99769c


I think she's cute.

And perhaps a figment of his imagination/another personality within himself. Or perhaps even a guardian angel.
No. 96135 ID: bb78f2

An Illuminati conspiracy.

They're ALL over tgchan as of late. I'm actually worried we've been infiltrated.
No. 96150 ID: bb78f2

In the window near the tv when we pull in Nathan, you can see it's got floppy ears like the goat.
No. 96154 ID: 7c763a


Yes it is a cute goat.

We should try to romance them. Perhaps give them gift to win their favour. Maybe it would accept one Nathan?
No. 96156 ID: f56624

So quick question, what would you like as a favicon for this?
For context, favicons are the little 16x browser tab icons at the top of the window, like the little >_ symbol for tgchan.
No. 96161 ID: 888956

I don't think a small, weak, starved main character could do anything to the monster with any sort of weapon in the place. It's huge, and terrifying. I'm pretty sure he'd wet himself if he saw it up close. I haven't even mentioned Nathan yet.

I don't think locking a glass door would stop it either. If it wants to get in, I am under the impression it can just, get in.
No. 96162 ID: a22f87

no but locking the glass door would mean it would have to smash through it to get in at least give us some warning that it's inside.
No. 96221 ID: 4d7486

Sorry for the delayed update, everyone. Things got kind of hectic IRL.

Gosh, I have no idea.
No. 96230 ID: fe7899

I'm glad you survived the most dangerous monster of them all: IRL.

Thank you for updating this awesome quest.
No. 96654 ID: fd084c

H-holidays... :(
No. 96657 ID: cf91e4

It's cool, just keep this awesomeness coming when you can.
No. 96658 ID: 34389b

Dont' worry, it's happening. This is happening.
No. 96664 ID: f56624

Good to hear you're not dead man, stay sane
No. 96670 ID: 009851

No. 96724 ID: 34389b

You still have your chance. The home invader/Mike OTP A+ ship.
No. 96727 ID: bb78f2

If it isn't clear, I love sending police to die against supernatural threats, in hope that they send the national guard in tanks and hire specialists.

Also, because it usually subverts horror tropes and makes it really hard for the more physical natural monsters. Besides in The Terminator and Jeepers Creepers. And those were REALLY good scenes in those movies. Nobody stood a chance, but they tried their best to do their jobs, protect citizens instead of just being annoyingly dismissive. Well, in the Terminator no one believed Sarah Conner until every New York cop in that station died believing in her, shooting that thing they thought was a PCP prick until it was too implausible to be anything but a killing machine. Then it went back to no one believing in her. But you know, still, it wasn't just two or three red shirt policeman that died knowing the truth at the last minute of their life, that was an entire station.

I don't care how it plays out, I'm gunning for a police station siege scene.
No. 96728 ID: ab25fe

Eh. To be honest I like it better when protagonists don't have to involve the law, that or when the police are just as big a threat as the antagonist.
No. 96730 ID: ad936f
File 145145317271.gif - (252.63KB , 550x413 , giphy.gif )

I agree with Dirtbag, just because it doesn't fit with the cliches doesn't mean the police necessarily have to be useless to us. We've already established that this isn't one of those selective visibility monsters, eventually it'll get to the point were either the cops realize something supernatural is happening or the monster leaves us alone to keep its secret safe (haha, fat chance).

One of the big draws of questing for me is that it lets the suggestors force the protagonists to be clever and genre savvy (and by extension forces the author to be clever and original), rather than running into the same stupid pitfalls that have been repeatedly dooming characters since the establishment of their genres.
No. 96733 ID: 34389b

>One of the big draws of questing for me is that it lets the suggestors force the protagonists to be clever and genre savvy (and by extension forces the author to be clever and original)

Going to the cops when something bad happens isn't exactly a clever and original out-of-the-box plan, you know. It's what most people's dumb animal brains are trained to do when bad things happen. Anybody who runs a quest in something like the real world who doesn't consider what happens if they players try to involve law enforcement isn't really planning very well.
No. 96734 ID: 9bffc6


What's clever about selling out all our allies and sitting out the quest in a jail cell until a monster breaks in and kills us because we have no where to escape to?
No. 96739 ID: bb78f2

I don't think it's clever. I just think it's fun trying to prove the existence of supernatural creatures to the government and seeing how that may change the world if we're successful. It's a fun game proving to the authorities with the best access to weapons that their worst nightmare's exist and aren't just nightmares.

I also just love it when it eventually escalates the situation and seeing how the cop characters react.
No. 96744 ID: 99a64d

That was more of a general statement about questing.
The first thing people in horror movies do is usually to go to the police, but they usually just give up after the police say "You have no evidence to back up your claims of a supernatural entity attacking you. Therefore you are probably insane." The "clever" bit here is forcing a confrontation between the police and the monster(s), hopefully escalating it enough to attract the attention of the national guard. There's not a whole lot that the full force of the (US?) military can't kill, at least not a whole lot that we could reasonably be expected to beat ourselves anyway. The ideal endgame here is getting that whole fucking forest nuked out of existence.
No. 96745 ID: 009851

That's not the ideal endgame
the ideal endgame is
No. 96747 ID: bb78f2

So I know I just said it in my suggestion for the last update, but does anyone else think it's a Windigo AND Mike's Dad?

Windigo's are known to mimic human voices, and if it turned back to it's normal state after being burned into something that LOOKS like Mike according to Roxy, well, hey probably Mike's Dad. Also it would explain why Mike DIDN'T see it in the forest and it has a copy of Mike's Dad pleading for help

Also, check this out and compare, LOOK HOW CLOSE IT IS! >>/quest/685145
No. 96748 ID: 009851

>So I know I just said it in my suggestion for the last update, but does anyone else think it's a Windigo AND Mike's Dad?

No. Also stop spelling it like you are a pony fucker
No. 96754 ID: cf91e4

We saw some of that in book of worms. Didn't work out too hot.
No. 96759 ID: 99a64d

Yes, but what if we endured and also had nukes?

That was then, this is now! We have so far encountered no evidence of any zombie-type monsters in this quest, which means that calling in the army should be far more effective. Perhaps this time the authorities won't be overcome with PIS. 'sides we won that one anyway.
No. 97061 ID: 0a4eeb

So, I didn't abandon the quest or you guys or anything. I dropped my tablet and now it doesn't work.

Unlike some masochistic people, I have no mouse-drawing skills, so we'll all have to wait till I have a functioning tablet to keep going...

No. 97062 ID: 5ad4a7

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