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File 126430284680.png - (84.61KB , 650x500 , Pseudo-Title.png )
9592 No. 9592 ID: 532b93

Thought you might want a thread like this...

Lemme hear some speculation.
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No. 9593 ID: 34470e

Well, the Great Giver-God is just a vending machine.
No. 9595 ID: 126d08

Wasn't Joan Quest a Critical Failure quest? We never succeeded at anything ever until it moved to tgchan.
No. 9597 ID: f52552

No. 9601 ID: 532b93

I would like to update but somehow I can't. Grgh.
No. 9602 ID: c42be6

Yeah, I saw that. What happened? I know some people have been complaining that trying to post kicks them to front page, but I haven't heard about it on /quest/ yet. Using the quick-reply button worked for me, though.
No. 9603 ID: 532b93
File 126433945561.png - (80.57KB , 1350x548 , FUUUUU.png )

Well crap. I hope it can be fixed. It's only this thread, though.
No. 9605 ID: 532b93

It's fixed.
Thank the Great Giver-God.
No. 9606 ID: edae44

I thank the Great-Fixer God, One that gets all Gods running, blessed be his soul.
No. 9711 ID: ecf03b
File 126454924191.png - (217.06KB , 650x500 , Moufgun.png )

Actually this was supposed to be the gun.
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