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File 144633703671.png - (246.58KB , 1069x715 , Sholesdon.png )
95861 No. 95861 ID: 96e992

Posting this thread to get some feedback and to clear up some questions for those following the story.

Criticism and advice welcome.
No. 95884 ID: baef2f

We anywhere on this map?
No. 95895 ID: 96e992

My apologies, I was about to explain our location on the map when I fell asleep.
To start off, the whole story takes place in the land of Sholesdon, the greater part of the map. (The map itself is very crude and subject to change) Lester, our current PC, and the ranger fort is located two squares down from the center.
To the far west lies the desert tribes of Lornan'Kollak, aside the northern coast lies the province of Astia and the Arcadian valley, to the center lies the Cheararune settlements, to far East lies the Blunderhaal and Hostile forests, To the northeast lies the great. Traskan Empire.
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