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File 144597678298.png - (148.53KB , 808x912 , bootyday2015.png )
95802 No. 95802 ID: defceb

God save the Goblin Queen!

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No. 95803 ID: 3009b4
File 144598224090.jpg - (62.91KB , 640x720 , Ass Day Goblin Queen.jpg )

More Goblin Queen
No. 95804 ID: 39f669

Finally, a day I can really get behind.
No. 95806 ID: ab25fe
File 144599331353.png - (153.22KB , 526x700 , tugma assday 2015.png )

Bold-butt incoming
No. 95807 ID: ab25fe
File 144599855107.png - (240.76KB , 508x700 , epsilon.png )

Shark buttes
No. 95808 ID: ab25fe
File 144600359158.png - (487.15KB , 700x700 , sweat.png )

Angelic asses!
No. 95809 ID: 3009b4
File 144600433863.jpg - (121.29KB , 640x720 , MollyWalk Frame Test2a.jpg )

Frame for "Walk North" for Molly, who will showing up in "Sink Quest".
No. 95812 ID: 3ea43b
File 144602776382.png - (27.87KB , 750x1000 , nanobooty.png )

Nanomachines' sum.
No. 95816 ID: e782b1
File 144604325394.png - (85.58KB , 500x800 , jaquette.png )

commander caboose
No. 95817 ID: 92a560
File 144605637024.jpg - (690.78KB , 1536x2048 , image.jpg )

The witch who lost her panties.
No. 95818 ID: c8bdae
File 144606225326.png - (132.20KB , 720x720 , SlimeGirlBooty.png )

Best Jello Booty in the Monsterlands
No. 95821 ID: 3009b4
File 144607523401.gif - (201.86KB , 282x677 , Molly Walk North.gif )

Animatd butt.
No. 95825 ID: 1f8505


Oh my.
No. 95830 ID: fe06ff
File 144609517080.png - (553.96KB , 847x847 , Masha2.png )

Masha from Weirdling saga
No. 95833 ID: f56624
File 144611118807.png - (17.48KB , 1920x1080 , mariedogebg2.png )

Yeah, this counts as ass day material.
Marie, from Rollback by Apollo.
Look at that rad gynoid ass.
God damn p o e t i c.
No. 95834 ID: 3ea43b
File 144612105076.png - (19.75KB , 510x1020 , deem_ass_day_2015.png )

Golem moneymaker.
No. 95836 ID: 7a6915

How much money does that golem moneymaker make, or does it not get used to make money?
No. 95845 ID: 1f8505
File 144619157913.png - (315.38KB , 1714x1556 , TWWLHP_skirt_lift.png )

Ghost lady gets a little playful while Anita is swapping out panties.
No. 95847 ID: 0fff38
File 144620013144.png - (19.69KB , 1000x1000 , baked buns.png )

penelope starcrusher from an upcoming quest by Riotmode.
No. 95848 ID: fe06ff
File 144621874363.png - (362.19KB , 700x700 , PavaneButt.png )

No. 95860 ID: f02a77

We got like nine minutes until Ass Day is over you guys. Don't let it die so young.
No. 95862 ID: 5ad4a7

What are you talking about? Ass Day runs until December 30th, when (ugh) Crotch Day starts.
No. 95865 ID: f02a77

okay so i only skimmed the other threads and i read something about this running for 24 hours but i dunno how much of that is true and might be really very wrong
No. 95871 ID: 5ad4a7

It was at one point an informal rule that if the thread went without content for over 24 hours or something, that it was "over". However after some drama it was decided that Day threads were never truly over until the next one began.
No. 95875 ID: c9f250

I mean if people really care about this I can make it a 'rule' that event days last 1-2 weeks but late entries are acceptable.
No. 95893 ID: 939c7f
File 144643035762.jpg - (392.33KB , 1500x1000 , booty fight copy.jpg )

>The ladies line up for the ass off... On the left, The Monster queen and her princess, Eadoo and Shenzi!.. On the right, the Princess of mankind and her loyal knight, Rozalin and Martin!.. And Happily judging today's Ass-off, is the impeccable Gatling aka TG~

Martin - I have it on good faith that my rump is plump and delectable~

Shenzi - Hehee, mine's bigger than all yours, I'll surely win!

Eadoo - It's not all about size, but it does help~

Rozalin - this is degrading... what does the winner obtain?

Gatling - The losers are sat on by the winners!

Rozalin - *sigh* Can I bribe you?

Martin - No cheating my love~

>Gatling judges the booties extensively!!

You're the judge, Vote for the winners~!
But don't flood the ass day thread, vote on.
No. 95894 ID: 5ad4a7

We are not to judge the ass, merely to appreciate.

Too much cock and balls in this image for my taste though.
No. 95898 ID: d78b39

It's only natural for top-quality buns to have hotdogs between them.
No. 95899 ID: 799984

It's dicks every year with this one for ass day. 'tis a crying shame.
No. 95901 ID: e18d6f

Thank cthulhu for that. Cocks and balls forever.
No. 95903 ID: 63658b

As one who has the official title of Ass I will be the one to judge these fine posteriors!




I'm sorry Shenzi butt I must unfortunately call yours as the lowest scoring rump right below Rozalin then Eadoo and finally, surprisingly, I find Martins to be superior.
Full plumpness, gentle yet firm roundness and tone, enough sag but not to much, nice bounce and adequate texture.
Congratulations Martin you may take your pr WAIT whats this a new challenger approaches!
No. 95917 ID: 2eeb65

No. 95927 ID: fd8fad
File 144685487634.png - (38.17KB , 1024x1024 , penjibuttday.png )

Penji should have rethought that lab coat
No. 95934 ID: f56624
File 144688166128.png - (18.32KB , 900x1600 , witch hunterbg.png )

Malal, from http://tgchan.org/wiki/Adventures_in_Witch_Hunting
My half of an art trade with Sportsdrink, which I wound up doing a ton of weird shit to while drawing it because aseprite had some fun new features to toy with.
No. 95935 ID: f56624
File 144688500359.png - (18.30KB , 900x1600 , witch hunter lime vers.png )

And the Limebreaker Approved™ version
No. 95968 ID: b88e47

Yay tozols!
No. 95976 ID: 92a560
File 144708892432.jpg - (725.09KB , 1196x3264 , image.jpg )

Naked embarrassed Oken, commissioned by Colour
No. 96041 ID: 0fff38
File 144739274088.png - (26.57KB , 1000x1000 , drumsticks.png )

Sizzle gives a tour of her Alchemical laboratory.
No. 96066 ID: 12b34c
File 144757007752.png - (14.82KB , 642x900 , poly.png )

Polyphema wants you all to know this ass day that out there somewhere is someone who will love you unconditionally, TGchan, and one day you'll find them.

Until then here's her butt
No. 96068 ID: 7b7ab3

Polyphema is a charming, kind, wonderful lady with a beautiful mind and body who deserves nothing but the best.

Bless her and her butt.
No. 96070 ID: ea0ad9

>Somewhere is someone who will love you unconditionally, TGchan
You mean Trixie? But really, a good image, Enemy. Kind of curious what Floater Ass looks like now.
No. 96071 ID: 7b7ab3

>Kind of curious what Floater Ass looks like now.
Black, shiny, and inviting?
No. 96082 ID: 12b34c
File 144761938742.png - (15.70KB , 639x800 , meg.png )

Like this
No. 96083 ID: 12b34c
File 144761992005.png - (16.19KB , 639x800 , gV0qELq[1].png )

the irc said shinier
No. 96084 ID: 12b34c
File 144761994659.png - (17.32KB , 639x800 , VTr2FjA[1].png )

No. 96085 ID: 7b7ab3

There is no help.

Only butts now.
No. 96089 ID: bb78f2

I wonder how she twerks with those jets?
No. 96091 ID: ea0ad9

And shines. Butts and shines.
She just has vibrators installed that do the "Twerking" for her, probably.
No. 96092 ID: 7b7ab3

Shiny, black, vibrating, Floater butt following beautiful, blessed oculot booty.
What did we do to deserve such bounty?
No. 96093 ID: ea0ad9

>What did we do to deserve such bounty?
Well, I asked, and ended up being very lucky. Thank you, by the way, Enemy :)
No. 96094 ID: 6845e7
File 144767985782.jpg - (67.21KB , 600x700 , HintheButtSmith045.jpg )

Art trade with Arhra
No. 96097 ID: 2eeb65

We need a separate Twerk Day for fanarts of twerking butts.
No. 96119 ID: 3009b4
File 144787900959.jpg - (78.97KB , 640x720 , Nem Makes Anon44 Head asplode.jpg )

I wasn't originally going to include Nem but then I realized I could make Anon44's head asplode.
No. 96125 ID: 1f8505


*sound of explosion*
No. 96645 ID: f56624
File 145074044651.png - (7.14KB , 640x960 , petrabutte.png )

what's that? "Effort?" what kinda man do you TAKE me for!
Petra, from the shortlived poppycock quest by Sombermann
No. 96762 ID: 7ae8e1
File 145157415482.png - (26.85KB , 1000x700 , petra_booty.png )

Aaaaaah here's my half of the trade. Petra is a lady with a lot of class.
No. 96763 ID: 88e46e

So which day is it now?
No. 96764 ID: 122f0e

No. 96765 ID: 88e46e

Not in certain timezones it isn't. Invalid answer.
No. 96767 ID: 5ad4a7

Ass Day is indeed over, and Crotch Day is the current one. This means people proooobably shouldn't still post asses in this thread but I expect Arhra gets a pass since that was an "expected ass" you could say.

I think the proper thing to do is just post further asses in the fanart thread.
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