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File 144551107185.jpg - (65.46KB , 670x600 , WWT AND YWH!.jpg )
95715 No. 95715 ID: ccaee6

Ok, since i still don't have a scanner, i'm going to focus on short quests that don't require too much effort for me in drawing and editing.

That said, this is one of the quests i have always wanted to do. A big tournament for wizard.

AND SO! If you have suggestions and ideas for wizards (aside for the protagonist that you will move) that you'd like to show and see in the quest as either allies or adversaries, here is where you can tell/show me!

Also probably questions about the quest itself? Let's be honest, short quests tend to be too short to have the need for actual QnA
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No. 95718 ID: 2eeb65

How about each ID controls their own wizard, and we all fight each other?
No. 95720 ID: 7990f0

Ooh, is this inspired by the Battle Wizards card game?

On rival wizards, I have a magic system I have been working on for an eventual quest that involves casting spells by making words from random letters (based on the SPELL tabletop RPG system). I am not sure whether it would be overly complicated for a simple quest(it involves four stats and die rolls), but would you be interested in hearing it?

>How about each ID controls their own wizard, and we all fight each other?
The problem with assigning roles or characters to specific suggesters is that different suggesters respond at different rates and you end up either skipping a lot of suggesters' turns or waiting a lot for that one suggester who takes a really long time to respond or forgets altogether.
No. 95722 ID: be0636

lord buttchug the fratomancer, specializes in charms and cantrips that can inebriate and induce recklessness.

pining for the wizarding college days of yore, buttchug focused his entire skillset on recreating the glory days through the proxy of other people.

Primarily specc'd around confusion and disorientation, buttchug still has a few offense skills he can call upon.
the first of these is a teleportation charm he put on the dean's car as a prank back in college. it's still active, though the car has limited uses before it will become an unusable hunk of scrap.
he drops it on people.

the second is his wizzardballe arcana, a series of personal enchantments and buffs that give him increased stamina and physical prowess, especially as they relate to throwing spherical artifacts and grappling tackles.

also, he really likes the extended works of wizard Chaucer.
No. 95726 ID: 22fdbd

Pinball wizard.
No. 95727 ID: 39f669

Sssassssha Sssalavaria, the lizard wizard! Once a normal young peasant girl, she was bitten by a mutagenic salamander, being suddenly transformed into a hideous lizardwoman! This inspired her to master general reptileomancy, specializing in the transformation of just about anything into the cold-blooded killer of her choosing.
Your nose? That's a snake.
That rock you're standing on? Boom, a densely packed clump of those small poisonous treefrogs.
Your wand? Ohyoubetterfuckingbelieve that's a snake now.
No. 95729 ID: 2eeb65

And another idea, if we choose one wizard, then maybe all or some of the other suggestions could be encountered later as enemies?
No. 95730 ID: 025c3c

Haha, I love what you did with Milenia. Total nerd complete with a PKE-meter thingy.

It's pretty cool of you to illustrate the whole bunch of ideas.
No. 95734 ID: ad936f

Kevin the magician. Is he a wizard who uses his magic to cheat at magic tricks, or a magician so skilled that his tricks are as powerful as real magic? The world may never know.
No. 95739 ID: b8208b

If we can suggest cameos, my vote goes to Ronaldo the Verbumancer.
No. 95740 ID: b8208b

Haha, nevermind. I didn't see the quest started already and this got addressed.
No. 95744 ID: 6db343

That would be really complicated and slow to do, even if it's an interesting concept.

Yeah! The point of the quest is mostly about making weird spells and wizards and see them fight.

I don't think i could use any real system aside for plain jokes and silly commentary in this quest, but i'd be really interested in hearing (well, reading) your system and try it irl with my gaming group.

The other wizards will: either appear as enemies, die during the tournament, or act as replacement if the first wizard that was chosen dies! The first two points will be done by me rolling dice, the third part will have a votation to choose from the remaining poll (Unless you manage to survive with the first wizard)

Thanks :D


They shall appear! either as contestants or cameos!
No. 95745 ID: 15fae4
File 144559747326.png - (65.70KB , 813x478 , panel 332.png )

i have a shitty wizard character
No. 95746 ID: 6db343


Check the quest. Ren already appeared!
No. 95749 ID: 7990f0

How the Word Wizard spellcasting system it works (based on the SPELL tabletop rpg system):
Step 1: Select an Impulse, or general purpose of the spell from the following: (The original system has different Impulses and more of them)
- Creation: Making, repairing or increasing qualities
- Destruction: Destroying, damaging, or decreasing qualities
- Movement: Moving, reshaping, or exchanging
- Stillness: Stopping movement, reinforcing, or preventing change
Step 2: Roll d6 equal to your ranks in that impulse (4 for the highest through 1 for the lowest)
Step 3: Draw the resulting number of letters from a random letter generator (redrawing if no vowels)
Step 4: Make a word or words fitting with the impulse to cast a spell.
So for example,
1: You choose Stillness, with a rank of 3
2. You roll 3 d6 and get 14
3. You draw the letters S U T O N G G O A R O W J M
4. You cast a spell fitting with the Impulse such as NO GO to halt an enemy in place for a moment, TAR GOO to slow them as if they were stuck in tar, or GO WRONG to make them fumble when trying to move.

I made a script for dice rolling, letter generating, and virtual tiles that I can send you if you are interested.
No. 95750 ID: 98830b
File 144563190968.jpg - (67.37KB , 515x600 , 127104632978.jpg )

No. 95761 ID: 13c4a5

Matilda the merry mutation mage. Has lived their entire life under a magical radioactive multicolored sun. Her most prized possession is her sunhat that has warded off the more dangerous mutations the sun had to offer.
No. 95763 ID: ac7001

Rectomancer, Can you guess:)
and the pin ball wizard, if a character, should power over sound and memorys?
No. 95764 ID: 7a6915

Industrial wizard: Master of mining, smelting, metallurgy, assembly lines, and all manner of automated machinery. He can summon a factory that makes or renders down *anything* if he has complete blueprints and a big enough budget.

If you don't mind me stealing one from 1d4chan:
Arseplomancer, a wizard-contortionist whose magical specialty is fitting into tiny places and then explosively punching his way out.
No. 95765 ID: 7a6915

Oh, and because this is so fun: Lewdwizard. No particular magic powers, just good at drawing, painting, filming and photographing lewdness.
No. 95768 ID: 61b5c1

I think the better title would be Eromancer.
No. 95770 ID: 61b5c1

Installation Wizard. His spells either thoroughly improve your computing experience or totally bum you out with all the software he wants to give you that you didn't even know you'd receive.
No. 95774 ID: d41523

How about a Disco Wizard, channeling all the mighty powers of the 1970s.
No. 95775 ID: 15fae4


I didn't catch that for a while.
For each cameo she makes I will pet my cat once.
No. 95776 ID: 5ad4a7

>implying your cat will allow pettings to be limited
No. 95781 ID: fe06ff

I'm going to be sad when Lizard Wizard get's torn to pieces
No. 95782 ID: 608903

please oh god
No. 95783 ID: 117f74

No. 95790 ID: 5ad4a7

Man, the Medicine spellschool seems really flexible. So far we've used it to:
1) Curse people with physical maladies
2) Move faster
3) Summon up a vehicle
4) Outright swap places with another mage
5) Summon up a bladed weapon

By contrast, meat magic has not been very flexible. It's good for making a golem but I suspect we could have done something similar with just Medicine.
No. 95792 ID: f56624

Stand Wizard

Each of his powers are highly-specialized magic ghosts that shoot out of his back.
He is also able to pose dramatically to slow down time so he can get out dense monologues on what his next attack is going to be before doing it, this is all he can do with it.
No. 95795 ID: fbc59e

I think it's that medicine magic from the get-go is more conceptually...Tricky? Like there's more in that space then in meat magic, or at the least, it's vague enough each of us can have a different take on what it is, and thus make it more versatile.
Not to say meat isn't versatile but...I think we're hung up on using actual meats and how does one even make that work I don't know-is our problem.
No. 95796 ID: ceb7de

have we tried processing people? curing salts in the eyes, jerky tongue, etc?
No. 95797 ID: ceb7de

have we tried processing people? curing salts in the eyes, jerky tongue, etc?
No. 95819 ID: 3663d3


race car

you're welcome
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