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File 144384389801.png - (458.94KB , 900x740 , dis.png )
95266 No. 95266 ID: 397dd3

I really don't know what I'm doing but here's a thing if you wanna talk about Fetch Quest or something?

Expand all images
No. 95267 ID: 397dd3
File 144384411087.jpg - (39.16KB , 600x450 , CPZHQSVWgAEuJQF.jpg )

here's some early sketches of hyacinth! i changed her scar after i decided she was a ranger. these are Very Important Design Decisions when it comes to protagonists
No. 95268 ID: 397dd3
File 144384416934.jpg - (26.34KB , 600x450 , CPsPkR6UEAEFsVH.jpg )

this is not the first sketch of thorn i made, but it certainly is the most important
No. 95269 ID: 0ed6e9

I think Hyacinth and the wizard make a cute couple
No. 95270 ID: 397dd3
File 144384424263.jpg - (68.46KB , 600x800 , CPtn8WqWEAEwBbl.jpg )

a fancy hyacinth headshot sketch! pretty much her final design. i probably should make ref sheets for these nerds but pblblltttttbbb
No. 95271 ID: 397dd3
File 144384429339.jpg - (68.89KB , 600x800 , CPtn8YLXAAAK3oE.jpg )

and then here's thorn! hair for days, hat for years
No. 95272 ID: eed053

where is the option to marry thorn tho
No. 95273 ID: f7029c

i really can't help but feel marie is a long sibling what with the hair and pointy ears

it was meant to be
No. 95274 ID: 397dd3

i keep trying to imagine thorn and hyacinth living in a house together and it keeps ending in disaster. hyacinth may seem like the Ultimate Tsundere but her bluntness is just her.

also lets be real: hyacinth would probably kill thorn if she had to live with him. or thorn would set the house on fire. place bets on which would happen first in this rousing game of alternative universe fun times

stay tuned for thorn quest: just a bunch of cute drawings of thorn. there's no plot, but does it really matter
No. 95276 ID: 149da0

This quest is super adorable and I love it already.
No. 95280 ID: 0b609f

That is very nice of you to say, thank you! I have to admit I was pretty nervous starting something like this, but it's been a lot of fun so far ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
No. 95281 ID: 0f1c4d

Isn't it more of an Escort Quest? :V
No. 95284 ID: e0c754

Do we get to take him out on dates to places we RLY wanna see get accidentally blown up?
No. 95290 ID: 149da0

Look, as a ranger, she's fine with the implication that fetching something makes her a dog. Animals are cool. But the implications of being an escort just gets creepy.
No. 95301 ID: 87a8e1

But seriously, what's with the SJW hair?
No. 95303 ID: e0c754

Its cute!
No. 95305 ID: 2eeb65

Maybe she is a SJW, who knows. She already hates one man
No. 95307 ID: 397dd3

if we wanna get technical, it's kind of both? it's a fetch quest in terms of what thorn's trying to do (recover a lost artifact) and an escort quest in terms of hyacinth's responsibilities (making sure thorn doesn't die). truly the best of both rpg plot devices, because who doesn't want to wander aimlessly around a world map, constantly backtracking, all while taking care of a hapless npc

it's just an undercut. y'all need to chill out about hyacinth's hair, for real

everyone and everything in fetch quest is a sjw. the fire? a sjw. the sun? uh, obviously a sjw, i mean come on. the air? well, i hate to break it to you buddy,
No. 95308 ID: defceb

The trace amounts of carbon dioxide in the air are hardcore SJWs. They only make up 0.03% of the atmospheric gases but demand equal representation. Oxygen-breathing species have been holding them down for TOO LONG.
No. 95309 ID: 397dd3
File 144399001682.jpg - (18.24KB , 600x500 , CQE8KyTVEAEvuN7.jpg )

i forgot to post this one before but this thumbnail sketch of thorn cracks me up every single time i look at it, so here ya go
No. 95312 ID: e0c754

this is adorable.........
No. 95313 ID: ad936f

There are only a few things that haircut can be saying.
1. "die cis scum"
2. "I am a lesbian"
3. "I chickened out half way through shaving my head"
4. "I have problems with authority"
5. "I have the right facial structure to make this haircut look good"
And it's usually saying multiple of those.
No. 95316 ID: e0c754

Hyacinths hair: the cause of WW3 apparently?
No. 95317 ID: 0fc976

It gets them into more hairy situations than Thorn does.
No. 95319 ID: 230832

it's a fucking haircut. what's going on
No. 95320 ID: eed053


I can't believe sjws invented the undercut
No. 95322 ID: e0c754

No. 95324 ID: a6f913

i dont really know what all this buzz is about
No. 95326 ID: 397dd3


guys, don't you think this discussion thread is getting a little...........tangled
No. 95328 ID: e0c754

these puns are to dye for
No. 95330 ID: 0fc976

Just like Reddit invented the fedora.
No. 95339 ID: 87a8e1

No. 95340 ID: 2a7417

No. 95666 ID: 397dd3
File 144530943568.jpg - (61.94KB , 600x800 , CRoI3klWoAAtDMI.jpg )

sorry i disappeared for like two weeks, have these tiny thorn doodles as an apology
No. 96928 ID: d18eea
File 145235350015.jpg - (159.17KB , 768x960 , image.jpg )

NOT THAT IT'S MUCH INTEREST TO ANYONE BUT MYSELF BUT: I've started to hand-write updates to actually keep myself on track this time so I don't disappear for weeks on end. Here's a hipstery photo of the update from last week or so :U
No. 96929 ID: e06504

wow your handwriting is neat
No. 96930 ID: cf91e4

Huh. If the size of that notebook type thing is what i think it is, then it's a neat idea to get it down when inspiration strikes. Do you think you'll do the same for art direction, or wait til you sit down at your comp for it? (It's alright to disappear for a couple weeks, some authors/artists disappear for months!)
No. 96931 ID: 397dd3

aww geez thank you! in my opinion, my handwriting varies from "pretty alright and legible" to "good lord what is this even supposed to be", so i appreciate it :D

this notebooks is 5x7, i think? and i tend to thumbnail panels in tandem with the writing just to give me a better idea on things once i get the chance to sit down and make the update proper! gimme a sec and i'll dig up some little snapshots of those too!
No. 96933 ID: 397dd3
File 145236334792.jpg - (136.71KB , 1024x398 , image.jpg )

these are the thumbnails that went along with that writing bit!
No. 96934 ID: 397dd3
File 145236340239.jpg - (246.22KB , 1024x834 , image.jpg )

and these are the thumbnails from the last update! sometimes the goal is to just understand how the setting feels vs setting up the exact framing
No. 96937 ID: cf91e4

Wow, these are really detailed for rough ideas.
No. 96939 ID: 3204d5

you should make comics, i'm genuinely impressed O:
No. 97772 ID: 8d795f
File 145510933229.jpg - (946.63KB , 2447x2447 , image.jpg )

sorry the last update took ten years: here's some thumbnails to make up for it? the true question: how tiny can I draw Thorn
No. 97831 ID: 397dd3
File 145550230464.png - (460.34KB , 700x415 , valentines1.png )

for the lanky bumbling wizard in your life. happy valumtimes day or whatever
No. 97832 ID: 397dd3
File 145550233078.png - (443.21KB , 700x415 , valentines2.png )

plus hyacinth variant
No. 98390 ID: 397dd3
File 145790989702.png - (211.72KB , 700x817 , thorn.png )

sorry for my million year hiatus right after i said i was gonna get on track with updating. have a sketchy thorn as an apology
No. 98399 ID: 4f0a85

No. 98404 ID: 397dd3

ooh also some quick clarifications given the recent update:

1. thorn didn't cast any sort of spell to identify the amulet, he was just physically inspecting it.

2. the amulet has technically always had runes on it, it's mentioned in a previous update when Thorn is inspecting the amulet: "His fingers pass long ancient runes etched into the golden rim surrounding a smooth gem, its color ever-changing in the flickering firelight." i retroactively added them which is why it's not in the first drawing of the amulet, shush

3. hyacinth never had the amulet on, and it never touched her skin before. she's wearing leather gloves, so when she bought it from the shopkeep, it's only been in contact with her gloves and her satchel. thorn, however, has touched it barehanded. do with that information what you will
No. 98420 ID: 02422f

>1. thorn didn't cast any sort of spell to identify the amulet, he was just physically inspecting it.
I was really just being silly and flippant when I made as if Thorn's Thorness caused a simple Identify spell to misfire and explode. Identify isn't even on his spell list!
No. 98637 ID: 397dd3
File 145851430039.jpg - (76.88KB , 600x600 , CeBq5aHUUAInm1g.jpg )

i was gonna write the update today but then i drew...this...instead
No. 98640 ID: e2db64

Adorable. Not pictured: the trail of destruction behind them.
No. 99162 ID: 397dd3

just wanted to throw down a quick message: i've been trying to update fetch quest at least once a week lately, but things might be a little bumpy for a while because my tablet pen just broke. so until that gets fixed/replaced, there's gonna be another unfortunate pause. sorry dudes.

in better news, the next update will really get the ball rolling in terms of progressing the story! i'm pumped about that! there's a lot of cool things i want to do with fetch quest, and i hope you all enjoy them!

i also just want to say thanks to all you guys who read fetch quest and suggest on it and stuff! i know my update schedule has been rocky at best (especially because this is my first time doing this and i'm basically flying by the seat of my pants figuring out how to write this thing), so i super appreciate sticking with it through the bumps.
No. 99359 ID: ec31f7

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