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File 144367303365.png - (2.65KB , 531x500 , 8365.png )
95197 No. 95197 ID: 15fae4

So I was kind of holding off on making this because I didn't feel the quest was deep enough to really warrant discussion, and also I was secretly hoping it'd be popular enough that I wouldn't have to make it and also that's why I haven't been doing anything with the wiki page.

But it's been like 3 weeks or whatever without an update, and though I haven't lost any interest in Ren's world or story, I'm just not sure anyone cares about it enough to warrant continued updates.

So, Ren thread. Do you like it, hate it, do you care if it dies or not, thoughts, comments, fanart, ridjgioajdgijagairjmgsprjigoisgjmraeihjraeoigjaeoihjareoihjreoghijesoi.
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No. 95198 ID: 15fae4
File 144367313570.png - (70.44KB , 738x394 , 62626272423.png )

First of all shouts out to Apollo, Brom, Idiom, Myconid, and anyone else that actually has been reading.

My biggest regret is the very beginning of the quest. Apart from the art being sloppier, and I'm no Da Vinci months on, I tried way, way too hard to get across the idea of Ren being childish and kinda dumb and I worry it set a bad tone.
No. 95200 ID: 15fae4
File 144367330250.jpg - (75.05KB , 960x648 , 11301427_536738396473685_1263158325_n.jpg )

My second regret would be my lack of planning.

Ren wasn't intended to last longer than a thread, since it was just meant to be a little introduction to the world before me and my friend (art pictured here) started the REAL adventure about Yvirell, his Kobold OC, and mine, Visrakum, on a mighty quest that was gonna be a real cool collab thing. That idea's on hold indefinitely.

But regardless, Ren has never had any long-term plans for plot or arc, most things I come up with completely on the fly, and that's why I can't set a proper tone or anything like that.
No. 95210 ID: defceb

I like it! I understand your regrets (and have felt them for myself for several quests) but personally I'd still like to see Rendamel reach some kind of conclusion.
No. 95223 ID: a8517b

I like it and would also like to see it get to its conclusion.
No. 95226 ID: e114bc

Please continue.
No. 95295 ID: 15fae4
File 144393956164.png - (89.63KB , 945x485 , ren will return.png )

OK, for you guys. For my 3 fans, Ren's adventure will continue.

Also I promised myself that I wouldn't stop updating Ren until it had earned itself a place on the Major Completed Quests page and also gotten a crossover with Dive, so we're continuing for 3 reasons.
No. 95444 ID: 15fae4

So, we're back-ish. Sorta.

When will my drive to update like I did at the start of the quest return from war?
No. 95618 ID: defceb
File 144516064228.png - (72.91KB , 840x600 , gunjump.png )

>Don't jump the gun, Apollo!

Screw you mom you can't tell me what to do I'm a beautiful ballerina and I can do whatever I want.
No. 95882 ID: 15fae4

Oops im doing it again
No. 95891 ID: defceb

Do the thing where you update instead.
No. 95904 ID: e778ae

This one flew under my radar. I did a quick skim over your threads, it's really cool to see how your art's quality has improved over the course of the quest's life. I'll Check it out soon.
No. 96203 ID: 15fae4
File 144842455528.png - (266.27KB , 533x335 , VERY fast Boxdoggo.png )

Someone should really hassle me to update daily. I don't even have an excuse at this point. Some of you have me added on steam and stuff. Help me out.
No. 96204 ID: 3bc92d

Hey, BoxDog.

Update daily.
No. 96205 ID: defceb

Update right now
No. 96210 ID: 8896fc

Hassle Hassle.
No. 96211 ID: ad936f

I feel like you could've seen this coming.
No. 100761 ID: 15fae4

i might bring ren back but also i have no idea where i'm going with this so maybe we'll just pick up where we left off or step back a bit so i have some more wiggle room for story direction or maybe we'll reboot ren entirely to get a whole new artstyle (working titles include Rendamel HD, Ren: Redux and 2 Ren 2 Furious)

if rendamel was a boy she'd be a rendamale
No. 100762 ID: 2043f3

Or maybe Rendaman?

One way to do storylines is just let things happen. Pepper all the paths with bait, follow it through until you get a conclusion to the bait the posters have taken, then rinse and repeat. Sometimes a slice of life (slice of quest?) stuff is good too.
No. 103854 ID: 15fae4

note: rendamel died on the way back to her village
No. 104387 ID: 8456d9
File 147683569971.png - (0.97MB , 1920x1080 , red dead rendamel.png )

No. 104388 ID: af6e04


This is my new desktop background. See you space cowbold.
No. 114617 ID: 8f6d47

okay so maybe fucking look out for THE JOURNEY OF VISRAKUM in theaters now coming this summer you sucker

two years ago, kobold adventurer Visrakum's little sister, Rendamel disappeared on an adventure to become a wizard.

Now, aging Kobold Visrakum and his closest friend, Yvirell, must search the lands to discover what happened to Visrakum's beloved sister.

Writing by NotDog
Art by Unlucky
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