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File 144333373880.png - (235.75KB , 700x500 , discussion.png )
95085 No. 95085 ID: 586f5c

hhhhhh after a long time of Not Doing a Quest i've finally decided to return to questing. I used to do Permafrost.

anyway, i'm back again, lets all discuss my terrible quest for some reason.
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No. 95086 ID: 586f5c
File 144333387169.png - (575.34KB , 1000x1548 , heidi redesign.png )

Here's some concepty stuff for heidi
No. 95087 ID: 586f5c
File 144333391501.png - (615.83KB , 1000x1327 , zeke.png )

and the worst character i have ever created
No. 95088 ID: 586f5c

haha holy shit i forgot to link it, http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/672979.html here you go.
No. 95091 ID: 557bac

This quest has already won me over for its yelling at ghosts. Question, will there be Ghost dick touching? Y/N
No. 95092 ID: 586f5c


who told you???? polterquest is over someone is giving out spoilers.
No. 95093 ID: e114bc

Out of curiosity, what made you stop doing Permafrost?
No. 95096 ID: 8024e7

Ahh lots of stuff! I'm thinking of rebooting it actually. But I stopped because I was still going to university five days a week and I was absolutely wrecked so it killed all my motivation, which sucks bc I loved it.

But I've got a really easy job and no school anymore so it's the perfect time to start again
No. 95097 ID: e114bc

Oh wow, okay! Well if you decide to, you can just have the thread taken out of the graveyard. Contact one of the mods on IRC to do that.
No. 95098 ID: 8024e7


Yeah, I'll see how this one goes, but in the future that's definitely something I'll consider doing (id rather not start from the beginning again lmao)
No. 95100 ID: 586f5c

quest of the constantly disappearing shoulder bag and soul patch
No. 95101 ID: a19cd5

yo, sick! good to see you back, dude!
No. 95105 ID: 586f5c


Thanks! It's good to be back, now all I have to do is have as many quests as FRACTAL
No. 95106 ID: fe06ff

the only quality in the quantity of quests is the number that reach a conclusion.
No. 95118 ID: 586f5c
File 144341735492.gif - (166.24KB , 700x500 , death.gif )

who will marry my son
No. 95123 ID: 38f6ed

ilu dog
No. 95124 ID: c8aee7


i volunteer
No. 95125 ID: 586f5c
File 144344303103.jpg - (36.19KB , 400x400 , tumblr_nvap67U9sA1rl6z4wo2_400.jpg )

No. 95126 ID: cff18e

what's his full name? zeke bagels?
No. 95127 ID: 586f5c


just u wait
No. 95133 ID: 367634

Fite me for him you harlot
No. 95134 ID: c8aee7


no one loves zeke more then me
No. 95137 ID: cb945c

No. 95138 ID: 586f5c

now now there is enough zeke for everyone
No. 95140 ID: c8aee7


u wanna fight m8
No. 95161 ID: cff18e

surely a zeke schedule can be arranged. if everyone just rotates and takes him on dates to haunted locations, everyone's happy
No. 95171 ID: defceb

The art is pretty boss so far. How long would you say it takes you to draw any given panel? Just out of curiosity.
No. 95172 ID: 586f5c

not too long, its rushed and simple! It kind of depends? Any of the setting type panels takes longer, maybe 40-60 minutes but generally its about 20-30 minutes for normal stuff.
No. 95176 ID: 4fe3a0

wait. wait wait. you're not ficus? i thought for sure you were ficus.

in that case why aren't you on the irc with the rest of the quest authors? and the weird furries. the two groups are far from mutually exclusive
No. 95178 ID: 2eeb65

Zeke for main character
No. 95183 ID: 979e87
File 144364950682.png - (180.68KB , 700x500 , zeke holy hist.png )

this shirt i cant deal with this. what have you done. how is heidi going to deal with this
No. 95184 ID: 586f5c

So many ppl have been like "IS ZAK THE GUY WHO LEFT" and I'm tempted to say yes but also why would u wear a shirt of your enemy?

Zeke is just a Zak fan boy, the biggest one there is and has carefully sculpted his look and manner over many years.

Also listen, I plan to do like, multiple episodes of this so yeah you can be zeke at one point hopefully.

(Also FYI I'm on mobile so like, @ing is kinda hard but I'm not on the IRC bc I haven't had a chance yet! I work in the mornings and then I come home to update haha, but I'll see if I can get on there for a while soon?!)
No. 95191 ID: ad936f

It should be illegal for a full-grown man to be this adorable.
No. 95208 ID: defceb

How do you work all the colors in such a short time? Teach me your secrets :U (f'reals though that's p impressive)
No. 95212 ID: 586f5c

haha thank you!

I just have a lot of practice, because I used to do a webcomic with like, lineless backgrounds in a similar kinda style but much neater and I've just gotten used to laying down colours really quickly!
No. 95224 ID: 0dc9cf

Your art is really unreasonably good for a quest. I'm sure we were all disappointed when the adventures with Hyena Bro stopped.
No. 95229 ID: 586f5c
File 144373588192.jpg - (1.15MB , 991x1659 , katja and hyena portrait smol.jpg )

thank you!

I'm still all about them, tbh, I was drawing them a lot only a couple of weeks ago and i've been painting them a lot so.....................................
No. 95231 ID: 1ca426

Fuck you. That's too good, damnit. Now I'm just overcome with emotion and shit.

God damn.
No. 95232 ID: 39f669

Oh my god this is fantastic. I dont even know who these characters are but, just, wow. Seriously amazing.
No. 95233 ID: c8aee7

sorry about the post in the quest thread i meant second fave because he looked bad ass in the panel i forgot that his concept art was posted on ur tumblr before
No. 95235 ID: 139012

das fine! It wasn't really that spoilery honestly! But it reminded me that I needed to be clear w the tumblr crowd that they can't reveal things prematurely, although honestly i have kept a lot of it under wraps.
No. 95257 ID: 497bed

heidi's new(old??) weird bird friend can't come to our wedding like.... super already like them but how do u introduce scary bird spirits to the family??
No. 95258 ID: d853e8

jesus fucking christ
No. 95260 ID: eed053

you say "Yo ma, I'm fucking marrying a bird and a made up character at the same time and you can't fuckin stop me" and then she'll tell you to shut up
No. 95261 ID: eed053
File 144378503177.png - (298.26KB , 1000x1466 , ghost comic character 2.png )

some original Rag and Bone Man designs from like, oh man June? yeah
No. 95262 ID: 26610f

To quote Radiohead:
"Something for the rag and bone man/ over my dead body"
No. 95265 ID: ef219f

I hope the locket comes into play soon! I'm really excited about Slavic gangsters!
No. 95275 ID: eed053
File 144384738481.png - (257.94KB , 700x500 , jk.png )

No. 95278 ID: 497bed

so u said sculpted his look but did zeke also work to get beef arms like zak or is that just a happy coincidence
No. 95288 ID: eed053

his arms are part of his look aren't they
No. 95299 ID: 39f669

Just one quick question. Who's the guy on his shirt?
No. 95321 ID: eed053
File 144400030192.jpg - (520.32KB , 936x936 , 936full-zak-bagans.jpg )


its zak bagans
No. 95331 ID: 557bac

obviously its not Bac Zaggans, There have been no ghostly dicktouches, and no cat freakouts
No. 95333 ID: eed053


No. 95334 ID: cff18e

maybe the ghost in the ovilus isn't a Bad Dude! i don't think just saying "go, enough time spent" is a particularly unkind way to tell someone to leave, though it's probably hard to tell in that robot voice.
there's probably more than one ghost here, they can't all be nasties. maybe its a warning?
No. 95336 ID: cff18e
File 144402680198.png - (23.13KB , 146x200 , DUN DUN.png )

No. 95344 ID: cff18e

WHAT IS YOUR GAME JOHN HAM??? are heidi and zeke sacrifices to hell!?! THE PUBLIC DEMANDS ANSWERS *bangs fists on table*
No. 95346 ID: e7b687

Hyuk hyuk
No. 95352 ID: 586f5c

Hey yo dudes I just got off a public holiday spent lookin after a farm so I'm really tired! It's also STUPIDLY HOT so my laptop has been upset w me, but I'll try and update tomorrow! (It's Tuesday evening now)
No. 95363 ID: cff18e

no prob! rest up pal
No. 95690 ID: 586f5c
File 144538702074.png - (232.28KB , 500x553 , 936full-zak-baganscry.png )

i'm back i'm sorry i was away for so long, everything got out of hand and then my tablet broke and i had to order a new one (THANKS WACOM) anyway im going to update today hopefully
No. 96206 ID: 586f5c

oh my god i'm back i'm sorry i was gone for so long, I got an increase of shit at my new job, my grandfather passed away (it was a long time coming, so it wasn't a shock but it took me out of drawing for a while) and i just haven't had the motivation or drive to really draw anything (I haven't painted anything Good in a month) anyway, I updated so, hopefully i can keep this up
No. 96207 ID: 586f5c

OH my god--that was me posting btw just no name lmfao
No. 96208 ID: 1f8505

Welcome back!
No. 96213 ID: f56624
File 144850091189.gif - (58.79KB , 640x640 , hipsters who interact with ghosts pt 1.gif )

No. 96215 ID: f56624
File 144850636274.gif - (113.45KB , 640x640 , hipsters who interact with ghosts pt 2.gif )

No. 96218 ID: 6fe620

Hahaha fuck those are so good! I already said thanks but again thanks so much these are so neat and real well done!
No. 96219 ID: c8aee7


these are really reaaly neat good job
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