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File 144290334394.png - (11.83KB , 800x800 , NautquestQ&A.png )
94977 No. 94977 ID: 329fef

I suppose it's a bit pointless to post this, but I figure I should.

Have any questions about how something works in Nautquest? Questions about characters? Have any ideas on what you want to beat the everloving tar out of?

Post it here!
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No. 94978 ID: 4780ef

I have no idea what's going on and I love it
No. 94979 ID: e114bc

This quest is pretty bonkers. I love the art for the battle scenes, reminds me a bit of Off.
No. 94980 ID: f7029c

this quest and its mixture of a fantasy elements system that has nothing to do with the normal set of elements is pretty baller

the casual defiance of the usual spooky quest tropes is pretty great too
No. 94981 ID: 3663d3

chicks that could bite your head off are hot.
No. 94982 ID: f4b76f

Spookomedy is great.
No. 94983 ID: 329fef

Honestly I don't really either. But I know how I want it to end, so that's good enough!
They're supposed to be fairly reminiscent of OFF, yes. if you think of any strange hyperrealistic thing you want to fight let me know!
Spooky is never a bad thing
I think you're confusing 'could' and 'will'.
No. 94984 ID: 86ece4

Lovin this quest, reminds me of middens a bit
No. 94987 ID: ad4b7b

diggin this so hard i already plonked up a favicon for approval by you
No. 94989 ID: 329fef

Hey, thanks!
Nice. It looked good to me, I've approved it.
No. 94991 ID: fb17e6

Made me reread My Immortal, now I am dead. 10/10
No. 94994 ID: e114bc

So... it looks like bosses can be stunlocked via Symphony and Smash+Gluttony/anything.

This is probably a good thing since our party members have such low health!
No. 94996 ID: 329fef

Characters will be getting more health, and bosses will become immune to certain effects as time goes on.
No. 94997 ID: 4780ef

will they get more health and things the further they go down? or are we going to have to start hunting for items like THE SACRIFICE to get them to level up?
No. 94998 ID: 329fef

Yes, they will! I'm surprised no one used THE SACRIFICE. You also missed an item I thought for sure you'd catch! Don't worry, you can still get it on the second floor, though it'll be being sold by a shady salesperson.
No. 94999 ID: 4780ef

>You also missed an item I thought for sure you'd catch
the death plane chest? did we get that? I can't remember. I remember we saw it once then it disappeared and I never saw it again.
No. 95000 ID: 329fef

I can understand how that'd be confusing! Here's what happened to the Death Chest. Once Naut broke through the grate, and then left, Mortuary stole the chest, and then moved to where the adventure started. The item contained within was the 'Spirit Emblem', which he gave you when he was defeated.

The item I'm talking about was located at the hole in the wall area. You used FLESH sight once, but there were two areas it could be used.
No. 95003 ID: 95d254

God dammit you update fast, I don't think I was able to suggest once. Loving it though but can we get a mini map or something.
No. 95059 ID: ad936f

Theory: The super secret 8th element is bees.
No. 95060 ID: 329fef

Countertheory: Everything is bees
No. 95061 ID: defceb

Even the bees?
No. 95066 ID: 329fef

ESPECIALLY the bees.
No. 95067 ID: 3663d3

the bees are made of even tinier bees
it's bees all the way down!
No. 95068 ID: e114bc

Considering the only unidentified color so far is yellow, and is associated with the merchant bee lady and the moneybees... maybe you're right! Well, it's that or money in general.

Maybe we can ask Dip and/or Nomi about it.
No. 95111 ID: 329fef

The YELLOW color is the Shopkeepers, who reside in a shopkeeper only plain related to, and subsistent on, money.
No. 95112 ID: 3663d3

so money is a para-elemental plane.
No. 95114 ID: 329fef

Similarly to SPIRIT, yes.

Sapphire has her own story running parallel to ours. You'll only get glimpses of it, though
No. 95115 ID: 3663d3

kome, wtf?
No. 95116 ID: 1fbb52

I feel bad for raggin' on him, but you know Wheatley from Portal 2? Yeah, kome's like that: a fountain of stupidity. The shit he posted in the last few threads of NanQuest were especially annoying; he'd just vomit assumptions into the message box and use them as facts to act upon. It brought me copious amounts of rage.
No. 95117 ID: e114bc

He has... calmed down a bit, but still posts really weird stuff most of the time.
No. 95120 ID: a19cd5

Let's not dogpile on Kome, kome's hilarious 90% of the time and I can respect a good insanityposter.
No. 95130 ID: 1fbb52

I'd be more comfortable with it if he wasn't so genuinely mad.
No. 95237 ID: 329fef

Note: M'ht's scissors would have cut either the opponent's health, attack damage, or defenses in half.

Other note: I hope you don't forget to pick up items from now on
No. 95238 ID: 3663d3

of course we will forget. it's impossible not to when the group working on a puzzle leaves and another group o vices take over.

also, describing them like that makes them sound way better and totally worth it.
No. 95239 ID: 329fef

No. 95240 ID: 329fef

Seriously though, on Floor 3 You'll get someone who can appraise items. This will be useful for determining their actual use.
No. 95241 ID: 3663d3

also, it was 3 votes for more information, one asking if we can just use the memory and one vote to use it while being an asshole.

why take the most assholish way to do something?
No. 95242 ID: 3663d3

big help now that we don't have any items that need appraisal.
No. 95243 ID: e114bc

Oh. Well even so, it was a one use item, while the life increase will be useful forever.
No. 95244 ID: 329fef


Two votes to use the item, 3 votes to get more info on the item.

Seeing as you don't have any way to actually determine it's use beyond what was already told, those 3 votes were null.

That left 2 votes to use the item.

The one you were haggling with.

With the shopkeeper.

Dip didn't look them in the eye while using the item, they just used the item.

...while you were haggling with it.
No. 95245 ID: 3663d3

it was a once per battle item.

well then say that? when asked a question that has no answers say "i don't know" not just ignore them. makes it seem the question was ignored instead of the wrong question.
No. 95246 ID: 3663d3

and by extension, seem like the suggestions were ignored.

"which way do you go?"
'left, left, left, right'
"you go right"
"you can't go left so those suggestions didn't count"
No. 95247 ID: 329fef


Admittedly, yes, I should do that. However, Answering the question with 'I don't know' still would have resulted in the Honeysuckle getting used, since you guys didn't know what the scissors did. Therefore the outcome would have been about the same.
No. 95248 ID: 329fef

You have a point here. I will state when a character doesn't know something from now on.
No. 95249 ID: 329fef

...er, a hint, too. Since you lot seem upset with losing our lovely lady Betty's favor.

While Honeysuckle would have been traded for a unique floor item, keep in mind that I said bees like HONEY. There's still actual HONEY somewhere.
No. 95250 ID: 3663d3

asking questions about an item is wanting to know more about it. a vote to ask questions is a vote for "i dunno" and the votes for "use honeysuckle" came after those. i didn't think i NEEDED to explicitly say "do not use honeysuckle yet" because i thought asking for more info about scissors implied i was still on the fence.
No. 95251 ID: 3663d3

mostly i'm just upset everyone is being punished for the lack of foresight of a few.
No. 95252 ID: 329fef

That's an understandable feeling, and I agree that I shouldn't have been quite so rash. I'm not going to undo my actions here, because that does feel like a cop-out. But I am offering a way to at least 'fix' the problem, here.
No. 95253 ID: 3663d3


problem with your hint though is... we have kinda scoured the hell out of this place. i am sure from a certain perspective it's obvious what we have to do, IE "slap the fountain three times then tap the statue, did you even READ the clues in the last room?"
so, will keep scrounging, but it's kinda getting to the pulling teeth stage of figuring out this puzzle.
No. 95254 ID: 329fef

Hm... I guess the drawings were a little vague.

Lemme give you a tip:

3 characters fell quite a ways. 1 character has not. Has that character seen the room they fell in yet?
No. 95255 ID: 3663d3

yep, wouldn't have figured that out from "antbutt dog knife eyes bees virus".
No. 95256 ID: e114bc

Oh. Well that was a pretty vague hint.
No. 95259 ID: 729986

So have the group doctor check where the other 3 first entered the second floor, ok then
No. 95310 ID: e114bc

Hmm. I wonder what that "Is fighting the only option" hint was about.
No. 95311 ID: 329fef

Fighting isn't the only option for certain creatures. Anything that refuses to communicate can't be reasoned with, but as was shown with Mortuary in the first floor, if it can talk, you can reason with it.
No. 95338 ID: e114bc


...I suppose that only referred to the dog with the hammer?
No. 95435 ID: 75404d
File 144459473794.jpg - (596.79KB , 540x4561 , nuggar.jpg )

No. 95485 ID: 2f4b71

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