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File 144253434056.png - (219.03KB , 800x600 , title card.png )
94890 No. 94890 ID: 40596e

So I decided to make this as not only a Dis thread for Normal Quest but more of a questions, comments, and criticisms thread for my works as a whole.

My names Showstopper and although I have read quite a few quests I am fairly new to this whole making a TG Chan Quest thing. That being said, it's been really fun to work on Normal Quest so far! I'd like to get commentary on my quests as they go so I can see things I need to improve or what works well with others. I don't mind answering questions here either, even ones that don't particularly relate to NQ in general. Any advice or commentary given here I will most likely apply to future chapters of NQ and other quests in general.

Thank you all so much for your support!
No. 94892 ID: 5a02f7

I admire your workarounds for dealing with the constant calls to molest Cosmos.

Dear other suggestors - please stop trying to molest Cosmos.
No. 94893 ID: defceb

You've worked on other quests before, right?

I'm digging this one so far (though honestly I fell behind and need to catch up but there's SO MUCH.)
No. 94904 ID: a19cd5

on the other end of that debate, nine times out of ten tgchan will go out of their way to play the character as true to what's been established as possible. And our initial protag was quickly established as "Weird creep with an insatiable sex drive and a complete lack of social awareness or tact"
No. 94906 ID: 40596e


True True. I can hopefully fix that though if needed.


I don't mind suggestions that are crazy like that, just cause it honestly helps to move along a funny joke if needed.


Ah yes, I tend to forget those ones though. Thanks! I defiantly think this one is better than the last two that were basically test runs.
No. 94916 ID: ad936f

I love Mel, he's such an asshole. Will there come a time when this quest stops reminding me of homestuck?
No. 94919 ID: 8060d4

This is a really neato quest. I enjoyed most moments of it and Lonely is best character.

Never give up.
No. 94920 ID: 40596e


If you would like I can try to work on that. This Quest takes HEAVY inspiration from Homestuck, FNAF, and most other quests on TG Chan just cause I find them all to be very inspirational. However, I don't want it to become a complete carbon copy of Homestuck or anything like that, so if it ever gets to that point I may have to change the way I present things. (it may also be the four characters doing stupid shit motif XD)
No. 94921 ID: 2eeb65

I don't know, I'm ok with the Homestuck influence. Homestuck itself had a lot of references, so it kinda works.
No. 94922 ID: 3663d3

concept vs execution.
No. 94923 ID: a19cd5

I'd try to move away from it some. Nods here and there are alright, but if you start going "HEY GUYS LOOK AT THE REFERENCE" it winds up overwhelming the work you're doing it to and it comes off as trying to get by on them.

(Keep in mind, I'm an anal-retentive prick about writing. Most people probably aren't going to care much.)

TLDR do cut back a little but outright elimination of the references is unnecessary.
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