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File 144149423506.png - (104.53KB , 840x600 , qdg.png )
94653 No. 94653 ID: defceb

So I realize with my growing love affair with short quests and collabs and all that jazz that I should probably have a collected quest-dis thread for all of them.

I hope y'all are enjoying reading them as much as I enjoy making them.
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No. 94654 ID: defceb
File 144149434687.png - (196.32KB , 1000x1000 , test.png )

Here's the first doodle I did for Treasure when I was trying to figure out what kind of look I wanted it to have.

For the actual quest I based most of the architecture off of Borobudur and Angkor Wat.
No. 94655 ID: 2eeb65

I liked the quest. Though I'm sad that it's apparently a one-shot. Would love more adventures of two cute kitties.
No. 94677 ID: c22069

I really dug this quest. The ICO like feels it gave off really did it for me.
No. 94680 ID: 41bd4b

This quest a cute! CUTE!
But seriously, more cute stuff can't hurt. No dialogues make it stand out more, in a Journey kind of way.
No. 94683 ID: 15fae4

will pay for rendamel/treasure crossover
No. 94698 ID: 2eeb65

What if the eyes on her skirt are her true eyes, and the "head" is just a decoy?..
No. 95306 ID: defceb
File 144398922928.png - (95.63KB , 1000x636 , mdis.png )

To be perfectly honest I started Monsters in the Night on complete whimsy. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out in the end, though.

Have a drawing of the monster going surfing.

Any preferences for my next little one-shot?
No. 95314 ID: ad936f

Something violent. Preferably Hotline Miami style.
No. 95315 ID: 0fc976

Hotline Miami, but with Punch and Judy style puppets.
No. 95318 ID: e0c754

more cute cats......
No. 95327 ID: 39f669

Hotline Miami, but with cute cat puppets?
No. 95329 ID: defceb

Hotline Meowmi
No. 95332 ID: defceb
File 144401474809.png - (41.51KB , 617x427 , cdis.png )

Ask and you shall receive.

I want to do more cute cats at some point in the future, too. But atm I don't have a good idea to run with. I like trying something new each time I run one of these one-shots as well, so doing the same thing twice as-is strikes me as being a little unpleasant.
No. 95335 ID: 0ed6e9

well I do kinda want to see a sequel to Monsters quest where the other monsters are out for revenge after we ruined what was going to be the biggest monster party of the year. As for why... I really just want to see what other monster ideas you got.
No. 95337 ID: 15fae4

Naw I want that Treasure sequel. More Indiana Jones Cat business.
No. 95347 ID: 9bba13

The Great War between kittens and puppies. Trenches, razor wire, gas attacks, artillery - the works. Recreate Gallipoli or something.
No. 95348 ID: b6eb03

Will post here that I will always want a tentacle monster follow up from Brief Quests.
No. 95494 ID: f56624
File 144480504201.gif - (701.15KB , 880x822 , woah.gif )

No. 95707 ID: a8b146

go'ran is my precious child
go'ran is my precious child probably bc my friend is named goran and his last name is.........please everyone guess what my last name is guess guESS GUESS YOULL NEVER GUESS, but there
No. 96042 ID: 15fae4
File 144740988558.png - (62.14KB , 1079x552 , 856954.png )

this looked a lot better in my head

anyway no better place to put this i guess
shout out to apollo for basically singlehandedly keeping ren alive
he is cool dude who make good suggestion and draw me great art which is basically my dream

he is the ultimate lifeform and my quests will be sustained for as long as he reigns
No. 96043 ID: defceb

Ahhhajfhlaksdjfh, thanks so much!
No. 96719 ID: defceb
File 145134424904.png - (682.08KB , 1000x1000 , hgf.png )

Here's a little sketch I did for an impromptu stream today. Toying around with the underdock mentioned in Vagrant, and showing off some of the city architecture.
No. 96723 ID: f56624

can confirm, apollo is ultimate life form
human race projected to achieve unity with Apollo project EST ~04-26-2045
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