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File 144072216743.png - (30.29KB , 800x600 , HALLDiscussion.png )
94495 No. 94495 ID: 979117

Talk about that one quest with the sad-looking cat here. Just try not to embarrass Andrew too much.
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No. 97577 ID: a23e8f

Now that I have time to work on HALL, and TGchan is back up and running I can get back into updating this quest daily!

No. 97637 ID: f97c4b

Woo! Good to hear. Andrew is adorkable.
No. 97662 ID: 59cf58

Were all of the characters designed to look so miserable?
Cinnamon's lesser quality sprite makes her eyebrows look like crying eyes, and paired with Andrew's whole "Man this day has been rough" look to him, it breaks my heart.
No. 97665 ID: 244bc1

Andrew is designed to look tired while Cinnamon is designed to look like she's nervous (and who wouldn't be in a place like that?). Then you've got your merchants: Malachite, and Cafetite; those guys are weird. They're just smiling all the damn time.
No. 97806 ID: f06a79

Woah what? Not only are they aware of the audience, they're aware of who the protagonist is?
This opens up a whole realms of possibilities. Have we, the audience, been a part of this world for a while? Is the legend about how we will select a protagonist and follow them throughout their existence?
My my my, this is a strange development
No. 98869 ID: 8cc125
File 145983495875.png - (9.35KB , 318x596 , GimmeSomeProsAndCons.png )

So, I'm genuinely curious... what do you guys like and dislike about this quest so far? I'd love to know what I can improve on.

(Also, have Andrew drawn in a different style.)
No. 98870 ID: f56624

geeze, from the thumb I thought he was jerkin it


as for the question, I got latched in initially ny the cartoony artstyle, though I'm in serious need of some catch-up.
No. 98871 ID: 8cc125

Heh, I wouldn't make Andrew do that at all. He's not big on sexual actions.

But I'd say it shouldn't take too long to catch up? Then again, that all depends on how many quests you're looking at... and the amount of time you have to spare... hm. I dunno then.
No. 98984 ID: ad05e9

Aww, that's pretty cute.

So far, I really like Andrew, partially because I always relate to the tired, world weary characters, and the creative ideas shown so far are pretty promising for later game. If there is any problem, it's jut that there doesn't really feel like there's a bigger goal than "leave this room nd go to the next one."
Still, I'm excited to see what weird, psychedelic visuals we'll see by the end of this. I hate to compare this to Ruby Quest because that seems too obvious, but with the two main characters in a surreal environment trying to make it out the best they can certainly draws similarities.
Also, this very much feels like an homage to Lovecraft. The protag being adverse to perversity and strong language seems to reflect H.P.L.'s own attitude to sexuality. Will we ever get an explanation for his comfortableness with sexuality or will that remain untold?
No. 98992 ID: d2b625

Cute! Andrew is pretty adorable.

As for critique, like >>98984 said, i think the quest needs to spice up the scenes a bit more, rather than being doing puzzle room 1 to go to puzzle room 2.
No. 99004 ID: 2a93b7

Alright, I'll try to keep that in mind as I update the quest.

Truth be told, I know very little about Lovecraft. I keep meaning to read some of his books but I'm easily distracted. More or less, HALL gets its inspiration from P.T., the Silent Hills demo. Down to the repeating hallway and all. As for Andrew's feelings towards sexuality? I've got no idea if it'll be explained later. A lot of this is unplanned, which might end up messy later on.
No. 99106 ID: dabcb7

> As for Andrew's feelings towards sexuality? I've got no idea if it'll be explained later.
Honestly i don't feel that this is something that really needs to be explored in depth. I like the idea of Andrew being rather awkward and/or shy when its something about sex though.

Maybe explain what his preference(s) is/are, and maybe throw him into one or two puzzles that may involve doing some embarrassing stuff (probably not explicit though).
No. 99348 ID: f9c17a
File 146130330186.png - (28.55KB , 800x1200 , IsAmericanYoke.png )

I'll keep that in mind as well


Anyways, I feel like I should post this "joke-panel". I'm always really tempted to put something stupid here and there, but usually, it ends up getting scrapped. This is one of those cases. And for a good reason.
No. 99349 ID: f02a77
File 146130490086.png - (44.99KB , 800x1200 , 146130330186 copy.png )

I dunno if anybody even knows what this is about, but I do, and I felt like it had to be done.
No. 99351 ID: f9c17a

As if my original version wasn't bad enough.

Knuckles has become afraid of his inner-self.
No. 99358 ID: 35151f

i cant really reccomend his work honestly,
much like Freud is he's only really influential through the novelty of what he did

his writing is middling outside of monster descriprions and cthulhu got his shit wrecked by a danged tugboat, the least scary naval platform imagineable

he was also hilariously racist even by the standards of his time
No. 99362 ID: 0461fb

It's the little things like this that make a good quest great imo. I love when authors make little jokes like this.
No. 99544 ID: c99ad0

Heheh, daily updates? Of course, when I say that I get pelted again with work. I'm going to try to find a way to get this into my schedule the best I can, for now, I should be able to do either Saturdays or Sundays.


No promises, though. Sorry.
No. 100412 ID: 447408
File 146595032637.png - (98.89KB , 600x800 , hall_unlockable_01_andrew.png )

Now that I'm out of school, I figure it's time I leave a gift. Well, more like a reward for finding three (or more) mistakes of mine. More info and/or characters will be unlocked after certain requirements are met.

Card unlocked!

Name: Andrew
Age: 21
Zodiac sign: Leo
Sex: Male
Orientation: ???
Place of birth: ???
Likes: ???
Dislikes: Strong language, ???
Favorite food: ???
Favorite song: ???

Description: A tired cat who just wants to clean the HALL. He forgot why, though.
No. 100414 ID: 9f3729

o hey, canon colors! I can correct that fanart I did way back when now
No. 100415 ID: 447408

It's pretty much just a more saturated version of the colors you used before. :P The card is a little on the pink side due to the lighting, however.
No. 100461 ID: 9f3729

Are they? They look way different from the creams and browns I went with, but it has been a while!
No. 100462 ID: 447408

Most of the differences you might be seeing is in the clothing. Andrew's shirt is lighter than his jeans. Added, Andrew's shoes have a strange design on them. (Basically, I used the colors you used (albeit saturated, and some a color swap between the shirt and jeans) because I thought they fit Andrew pretty well) :3c
No. 100464 ID: 08c000

Nice. Andrew looking cute as always. Curious to see how the other characters will look like in the detailed versions.
No. 100467 ID: 9f3729

Found the piece, his fur color is definitely different than this!
I'll be reworking it regardless, it'll be good to revisit it and touch it up
No. 100647 ID: 447408
File 146658434401.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , ThreadOneStatus.png )

Thread one has been completed, here's how well you guys did. As graded by Andrew himself.
No. 100649 ID: 3663d3

needed more inappropriate suggestions.
No. 100651 ID: 398fe1

No. 100653 ID: 3e182c

Got it. So next time we need to pump swearing and inappropriate suggestions to the max, while maintaining or further increasing the discomfort level.
First we must desensitize the Andrew.
Then we can corrupt the Andrew.
No. 100657 ID: 447408
File 146662689913.png - (30.14KB , 278x304 , a_wall_of_weirdos.png )

No. 100663 ID: 15a025

How's it feel know that you're approaching the 1 year mark on hall?
No. 100664 ID: 973da8

But Prof! 3/4 is like 7.5! That has to be at least a B-...
No. 100665 ID: 447408

It certainly doesn't feel like it has been a year... I'll have to find something to do for the anniversary, maybe.
No. 100698 ID: 91ee5f

You can be concerned all you want, I'm going to be scared! In fact, please hold me until I stop feeling scared! :'-(
No. 100710 ID: cfa965

No. 100888 ID: d2ab81
File 146727038021.png - (199.30KB , 800x600 , HQThread2.png )

And now we have entered Thread 2. Congrats, you didn't die.
No. 100905 ID: 91ee5f

Hey, not to be rude or anything, but if Thread 1 is complete, you should report it as a completed thread to one of the mods.
No. 100910 ID: 00e507

Did that when I started Thread 2, I had nearly forgotten to do that, however.
No. 101683 ID: 3e182c

Hi Golde, Cursing guy here.
My suggestion was deleted by a mod.
If this was your doing, in the future do you want me to Tone Things Down or Cease and Desist?
No. 101684 ID: 57f1be

Huh? I actually had nothing to do with it, in fact, I got a chuckle out of it. Sad to hear that the suggestion got deleted, but I don't think I can really do much to get it back.

Perhaps it was seen as too excessive?
No. 101688 ID: 3e182c

lol I was actually banned for a day too. The only reason given was "Stop making bad posts"
I don't know what that really means :/.
I suppose I should ask on IRC. Ugh. IRC. I hate IRC.

In any case. I Suppose I will carry on then. I don't know why it would have been too excessive. It's not like I'm promoting illegal acts or spewing racial slurs.
Maybe I'll post a watered down version of it. I dunno.
As long as my shenanigans don't bother you, the author... I don't see the fuckin' problem. :p
Anyway thank you for clearing that up kind sir. :)
No. 101689 ID: 595d54

If you got banned for posting a specific sort of thing and you explicitly got told to stop doing that, it means the mod wants you to stop doing that. I don't see how that's at all unclear. Might still be worth asking on IRC and seeing if you can defend yourself, point out the author doesn't mind.
No. 101692 ID: 3e182c

Probably what I'll end up doing. Issue is the word "bad" is vague at best and totally subjective at worst.
What about the post was bad? Was it the deleted post or a an unrelated one somewhere else that I missed or forgot? Was it was a pattern across threads? What constitutes bad? Did I break a rule or is this an unwritten thing? Is this the opinion of one mod or a consensus?
It's unclear because I literally don't know what it was that they want me to correct. I have a vague idea, but no certainties. In order to reliably comply I'd literally have to just not post anything at all.
No. 101693 ID: 9f3729

this kind of stuff's been pretty common lately. they see most of the posts hete, so hete's to those mods:
stop that.
be specific so people can do better, and if you aren't getting author or user complaints evaluate if it's a good moderation choice or personal bias.
No. 101950 ID: b77564
File 146946717819.png - (36.15KB , 800x600 , HappyBirthdayHALLquest.png )

HALL turns a year old tomorrow! Thanks for sticking around for this long!
No. 101952 ID: 903555

Woo! Congratulations, man. To you, and for our two heroes for managing to stay sane so far.

Time flies when you are in a bizarre interdimensional world.
No. 101985 ID: e164c6

Happy birthday, Andrew
No. 102001 ID: 91ee5f

*pulls out a party blower and blows into it*
Happy Birthday to this quest!
No. 102052 ID: 2ec50f

Happy birthday HAll! Sorry for late one day.
No. 102116 ID: 852a83

Thank you guys for hangin' around this long!

'Tis perfectly fine. It's the thought that counts, after all!


Anyways, I won't be updating today. The heat is unbearable right now, I can feel myself melting away as I type this out! Haha
The latest the next update could show up is on Sunday. Take care, everyone!
No. 103571 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147375027556.png - (73.22KB , 516x422 , ANDREW_RB_concept.png )

So I've actually started to do some HALL concepts. Probably will drop more as progressive unlockables.
No. 103574 ID: 398fe1

No. 103576 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147375996232.png - (10.81KB , 505x592 , ded.png )

No. 103747 ID: 8ecc1b
File 147427600294.png - (21.00KB , 528x808 , HQ_side_profiles_and_the_artists_struggles.png )

This is an issue I ran into a lot with some updates for HALL.
The paper-thin style is pretty heavily inspired by PaRappa the Rapper, but it also has a bit of inspiration from some things I used to do with paper when I was tiny, and using this style has made it a bit hard to work with at times (Mostly with moments a character should be looking to the side). At least I have fun with it, I guess.
No. 103980 ID: 6e8921
File 147522698985.png - (57.22KB , 366x492 , 9-30-16+Andrew+.png )

Sorry for the lack of updates. Trying to figure out how to get this all working right now. I'll update as soon as I figure out how.
No. 103988 ID: 9f3729

wow, I keep forgetting how hippy andrew is
damn boy
No. 105216 ID: 047a7b
File 147792281703.png - (12.93KB , 401x527 , HalloweenieCostume2016.png )

Happy Halloween!
No. 105218 ID: ca0e20

Really neat!
No. 105219 ID: 94f190

Cool drawing! Andrew is really rockin' that outfit.
No. 105221 ID: 91ee5f

It's Jibanyan from Yo-kai Watch!
No. 105638 ID: ac2e95

Sorry about this, but one of my dogs had a seizure today and I want to keep a close eye on her to make sure everything is okay.

Ya'll take care of yourself, alright?
No. 105702 ID: 188451

Hope she's alright.
No. 105703 ID: ac2e95

She's doing fine, luckily. I'm still keepin' an eye on her to make sure it stays that way. Probably going to set up a visit to the vet, just in case.
No. 105708 ID: ed6b2f

Setting up a visit to the vet is a good idea, even if its just a checkup.

I hope she gets better soon.
No. 106354 ID: 516b7d
File 148135602993.png - (82.45KB , 550x380 , HALL_konoe_early_design.png )

Congrats! You've found a Coin! The one you picked up, the coin of knowledge, offers a peek into some earlier concepts, ideas, or scrapped events!

The coin you nabbed this time has given you
a look into the earlier design of Konoe!
No. 106832 ID: a1345a
File 148261499187.png - (50.60KB , 800x600 , Happy_HALLidays.png )

I won't be updating this week, sorry. But I'll do two updates next week. Monday and Thursday will probably work.

Take care, everyone!
No. 107013 ID: 21895e

Best present!

Kinda late, but i hope you had a happy christmas and you have a good new year!
No. 107733 ID: 959a5d
File 148447076935.png - (138.52KB , 671x598 , HALLslowdown.png )

Looks like this week's update is going to take a bit longer than usual. Should pop up next Thursday at least!

Hopefully, it'll be worth the wait.
No. 107824 ID: 70842c

>Worth the wait
Dude, I'm just glad that you at least update more than once a year, but even if you didn't, your story is interesting enough that I'd wait for it anyway.
Besides: Andrew is cute.
No. 108257 ID: 7281aa
File 148583247678.png - (22.39KB , 800x600 , HALLisDelayedSomeMoreBecauseImBadwithSoftware.png )

Things might be delayed for a while longer than I had initially thought. The last two updates were essentially there to cut off some workload really quick.

It'll be slow for a while as I try to get every frame set-up to work with the song (it's going to be an animation, only because I felt it's the best choice for the scene I have planned out.) If you guys would prefer to have HALL just stick to the current PNGs and occasional GIF format, I can do that as well, but part of me is curious how this'll turn out.

[Image uses a picture of my cat Turtle as a reference]
No. 109781 ID: e3f730
File 148978247210.png - (61.63KB , 449x526 , HALLUpdate.png )

Back again, sorry for the weird pacing.

But things should go smoother now as I'm back to working with SAI and Aseprite.
No. 109795 ID: 143250

Welcome back :D
No. 112097 ID: bc6bbb
File 149635448660.png - (83.13KB , 437x557 , 6-1-17+Andrew_Depart+.png )

And with that, a month long hiatus kind of thing. I'll be on vacation with my family for a while. Take care, ya'll!
No. 113798 ID: 45123e
File 150070539641.png - (17.98KB , 572x433 , ChestDay_HALL_(Paper_vs_Flesh)(SFW_version).png )

SFW version for the Chest Day entry.
No. 113802 ID: 143250

I'm sure if Konoe caught Andrew staring in the nsfw version, Andrew would be in for a world of pain.
No. 115223 ID: 787940
File 150450972083.png - (27.22KB , 800x600 , BANG_BANG_MOTIVATION.png )

Surprise! Lotta motivation today, so I guess you guys get two updates this week!
No. 116257 ID: 670558

Tonight I'm feeling a bit drained. The update should roll out tomorrow, however!
No. 116478 ID: af2e45
File 150725960201.png - (28.88KB , 800x600 , Spooktober.png )

First update of October! And (mostly) on time too! Try not to get too spooked this month; your heart can only take so much!
No. 116841 ID: 16dab1
File 150846401172.png - (6.99KB , 401x389 , updates+10-19-17+.png )

Just a little forewarning, I might go on a month-long hiatus in November. It really depends on how things turn out in life. Should that hiatus come up, I suppose I could use it to work on making some little side comics for HALL? What do you guys think?
No. 116910 ID: fd306a

Full support on the comic idea
No. 116911 ID: 5073b3

I think yes.
No. 117868 ID: c0739d
File 151089019339.png - (8.21KB , 291x437 , HALLKonoe_Whats_what.png )

Alright, so about the month-long hiatus. It's still a possibility, but if it is to happen, it'll crop up during December instead. Basically, I'm staying at a family member's house and taking care of their animals and I'm also going to a short class while doing so, and I'm not sure how drained I'll feel while I'm doing all that.

If I do go on hiatus is there any particular types of HALL comics you guys would like to see?
No. 117878 ID: d0bb53

No. 117879 ID: ae9b99

Some kind of prequel, either for Andrew, or Konoe, or whomever you want.
No. 117882 ID: d86ba0

I agree. Some lil comic about Andrew or Konoe’s life before... whatever caused all of this to happen would be really cool.
No. 118183 ID: 245a0f
File 151173290858.png - (155.24KB , 474x1387 , 11-26-17+Konoe+.png )

Hmm, I'd prefer not to, really. I don't see it working with the established characters. Perhaps later.

Got it, should I get to doing comics, I'll do that (heck, might even do at least one even if I go with the updates)

Still getting used to this set-up I’ve got over at my grandma’s place.

So for now, have a Konoe bringing home some groceries. No comics or updates yet (though, I've got some plans set up for either situation), I'll be figuring out how things go tomorrow it looks like.
No. 118227 ID: 245a0f

It's definitely gon' be comics.
No. 118236 ID: ae9b99

sounds good.
No. 119536 ID: 245a0f

Believe it or not, I've been working on the HALL comic a lot. Though unfortunately, most of the time was spent on a script (most of which cannot be shown yet as to prevent spoiling my own story) and I've only semi-recently gotten to drawing out the first page(s?). So yeah, turns out I'm bad with comics. Bear with me while I learn how to get good with comics! (I'm estimating it should be released at least in two weeks. We shall see. In the meantime, I'll get back to updating HALL again.)
No. 119538 ID: ae9b99

take as much time as you need.
No. 124022 ID: d03d44
File 153082378805.png - (231.23KB , 845x978 , 7-5-18+HALL_returns+.png )

And we're back! Yeah, turns out I'm not all too fast adjusting to changes in life. I'll work on that. But yeah, sorry for the lack of transparency as well as the sudden slowdown (with both the comic and quest itself).

I'm having troubles creating a script that I actually like for the comic, but I think I'm on to something now. No promises though, as I really can't deliver on them at the moment with life kinda being all over the place.
No. 125927 ID: d03d44

Alright, I know I do this crap a lot, but I'm sorry I haven't been updating much lately. Though in most cases it's life based, this one is more-so motivation.

I've sorta been feeling like I've been doing quite poorly on HALL lately and I've been trying to fix that up. The current puzzle is poorly explained and that's something I'm making an effort to learn from.

As for the HALL comic, I'm still working on it, I'm just struggling to get it to a point where I'm satisfied with it as I'm unfamiliar with drawing comics.

I'll continue working on HALL until the end as I'd like to at least have one completed quest (I've a nasty habit of just quitting when things go wrong) but it'll be slow for a bit while I try to figure everything out here.
No. 125932 ID: 7c96ce

Sorry to hear you are feeling burnt out. Take your time. I am glad you are still posting on the draw thread.
No. 128496 ID: d03d44

Hey there, audience! Another long wait again, sure none of you are surprised by this point. I'll be trying to update HALL tomorrow as soon as I got time. I got a job semi-recently and have been just tryin' to figure out my schedule and all that.

There's a chance all updates will be pretty slow for the time being though, thanks to there being an awful lot up in the air right now. It's also possible for them to be really fast, but that depends on the energy I have when I get home from work (which at the moment? Very little haha)

Don't worry, Andrew and Konoe are still goin' down that... chute... thing...with the weird gravity. I'll make sure I get *something* done with it at least.
No. 129437 ID: d03d44

I'm sorry to say this, but I don't think I'll be updating HALL anymore. Or really working on Quests either. I dunno if I'd call it an indefinite hiatus or just a dead quest, but I've not been feeling great lately and have had no energy to continue working on this.

Perhaps when I'm feeling better and more motivated I'll continue, but for now, I really don't think I can manage that. I might also just do some small quests before I get back into HALL should I get the urge to do Quests again.

Sorry to anyone who might've been interested in my works, or was patiently waiting for the next update. I'll start to get more active on my drawthread again though, hopefully that'll at least sort of make up for it at least.
No. 129439 ID: 891b91

I'm sorry you've been feeling lousy lately, and I hope you manage to recover from it and feel better soon. The most important thing is that you do what's best for your own well-being; if that means putting HALL on indefinite and perhaps permanent hiatus, then so be it. I'll miss it, since I thought it was a pretty cool quest; but questing should be fun for everyone involved, and if you aren't having a good time with it anymore then I wholly agree with your decision to stop updating it.
No. 129450 ID: e51896

Sorry to hear you're not feeling up to making quests anymore. It was a fun ride while it lasted, but in the end, you have to do what is best for yourself.

I remember participating in your quests since AvatarPace back in... wow! 2015. Those were fun memories.

Whatever future endeavors you pursue at this point, you'll have our support. In any case, I hope you feel better
No. 129452 ID: b1b4f3

It's a lot easier to keep interest in small quests long enough to finish them, so that's a good idea.
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