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File 143788065809.jpg - (628.36KB , 1000x1415 , https%3A%2F%2F40_media_tumblr_com%2Fd2a4cb5fd16919.jpg )
93494 No. 93494 ID: 4b438d

Was thinking of running a quest here, would anyone be interested in one of these: 

>cyberpunk agent quest 
>armored core quest 
>battlemage quest 
>scifi grunt quest 
>Super Soldier Quest 
>Mage Quest 
>A smut quest version of the above 
>Write in(preferably something action heavy and/or fantasy, I do those best)
No. 93495 ID: 5c9255

Yes. I am sorry, I can't be more specific. Those all sound like they could be fun.
No. 93496 ID: ab7529

Yes, yes, yes, yes, kind of generic but yes, yes although there's been an awful lot of those, yes.
No. 93497 ID: a9193a

Yes to which one? Or should I do a fusion?
No. 93498 ID: a9193a

Alright lets see. What would you want in cyberpunk agent or battlemage quest?
No. 93500 ID: 3c17ca

Fusion to all of the above. Go for a Magitek world. Smaller mechs, powered by hmm...nuclear magic. People can do magic, but using it in a scientific application can grant much greater results than a common fireball.

Take a bullet, and manipulate the explosion from the gunpowder to be more powerful, the bullet to hit harder and the explosive in it to release its energy at a much higher percent than normal.

Magical repair techs, etc. Might be cool. Magically boosted nuclear explosion anyone?
No. 93501 ID: 6d4595

I'd like to see a cyberpunk setting where magic is starting to reappear. Something like Shadowrun's Awakening, although probably not specifically a Shadowrun-based quest.
No. 93503 ID: ab7529

If we're working in some kind of syndicate or military organization, I'd like it if they weren't portrayed as the bad guys we need to betray at the first opportunity. I'm a little bored of that trope.

In either options, the first thing I'd probably be interested in where magic / tech options to play around with.
No. 93504 ID: bd8b82

any sound fine. just try something and if it falls through try again.
No. 93505 ID: a9193a

Mmhm so a cyberpunk agent quest with magical elements but not too cyberpunk. Alright pick one:

>magic is just appearing
>magic has suddenly appeared
>magic has been around for a while
>Its magic, I aint gotta explain shit(this is my personal choice)
No. 93506 ID: a9193a

Also is it...smutty or no?
No. 93507 ID: 5c9255

I'd say somewhere between 'is just appearing' and 'has been around for a while'. It's still new and largely unknown, but there's been some inroads into making use of the stuff. I always felt it was a huge shame in Shadowrun that there's virtually no interaction between the magic and technology sides.
I am entirely indifferent to smut.
No. 93508 ID: 0ee153

Been around for a while. I like seeing how magic interacts with worldbuilding. Mild preference against smut, but not strong enough to object.
No. 93510 ID: ab7529

I would prefer existing magic. World building over new discovery.

Smut, whatevs. Obviously it changes the tone of things, so go with what fits the tone you want, or you're comfortable with.
No. 93512 ID: bd8b82

magic has always been around, but it's just been discovered how to use it/awaken it.
No. 93533 ID: a9193a

Alright all this seems good. Ill go get it started soon.
No. 93536 ID: c0fe75

An armored core quest would be pretty cool, assuming you're referring to the video game franchise.

Or maybe a smut version of an armored core quest, but only in the sense that the mechs have a bizarre tendency to dry hump each other when nobody's around.
No. 93546 ID: 53f0df

Alright its up: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/658235.html
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