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File 143727612713.png - (120.43KB , 500x583 , discuss.png )
93206 No. 93206 ID: 3e2cae

A quest idea I thought was fun and that wouldn't leave me alone until I made it.
No. 93207 ID: bd8b82

mega monster mammaries

anyway, interesting so far. hopefully has more then "kill/eat everything"
No. 93209 ID: cea93d

Are you a ravenous monster out to kill/eat/impregnate every living thing you come across, or are you a friendly alien protector who just got off to a bad start? It's up to YOU!
No. 93211 ID: e114bc

>friendly alien protector
>You come from a race of terrible conquerors. A plague upon the stars that has been hated and hunted for a million generations.

No. 93212 ID: defceb

Just because it's in our genes and will be the thrumming primal voice in our hearts for the rest of our long lives doesn't mean we have to bow down to it.

We're more civilized than that.

No. 93213 ID: eef211

Or you could take a middle ground, becoming the lord of the land and killing all who oppose you~
No. 93214 ID: ab7529

Hey, proctors can be hated. Who likes it when the space police buzzkills show up and ruin everything. Trying to impose their rules, taking away our freedoms to blow ourselves up.

No one likes you, Gort!
No. 93216 ID: aef8a4

We are currently alien woman, it would make more sense to get impregnated by all of the boys and leave each of them with the eggs to raise their hybrid children. It's also far easier to do than impregnating all the ladies.
No. 93218 ID: bd8b82

for now. we can easily turn into the hottest male once we have an idea of what beauty standards are on this planet.
No. 93787 ID: 2eeb65

>We are currently alien woman, it would make more sense to impregnate all of the boys and all of the girls
fix'd that for you
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