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File 143665994567.png - (76.62KB , 417x262 , start.png )
93017 No. 93017 ID: 62f190

Hello. I found this place yesterday. Now I seem to be doing this thing: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/655078.html

I was originally making it as a Twine game, and I had a lot of it plotted/coded/drawn, but I hit some writer's block and ended up sitting on it forever. I figured doing something like this would kick me back into gear. Now I'm just excited to see how far DERAILED it'll get.

Get it, 'cause she's in a train graveyard

No. 93035 ID: a19cd5

this quest is p good, expect fanart at some point this week for being good.
Come into #tgchan so people can circlejerk how good you are over on irc. rizon.net
No. 93036 ID: 365006

Thank you. So I shall!
No. 93037 ID: ab7529

Rip Clover. Killed by impractical weapon greed.

Good thing we grabbed the infinite Clovers cheat. Long live Clover 2!
No. 93044 ID: 9ddf68

your welcome
No. 93079 ID: cf91e4

We keep going at this rate and we might run out of directions we can go to without stumbling on our bodies.
No. 93080 ID: 88960e

We'll escape by making a ramp of corpsequins over the fence.
No. 93160 ID: 62f190

I got busy over the week, but I'm going to sit down over the weekend and see if I can't blast us through the rest of the quest. Gauging pacing has been challenging, but it's a pretty short story, so I'm feeling optimistic.
No. 93443 ID: 62f190

I learned a life lesson about optimism and weekends.
No. 93447 ID: cf91e4

Sorry if it seems like I'm examining everything/jumping at shadows. It's a good enough quest to get me in "find all the things" mode, and I sometimes start running a chunk of ideas myself.(so we don't miss anything)
No. 93573 ID: ebeb46

Nah, I'm happy you're engaged with it!

I think it's probably obvious by my slowdown that we've moved to the area I didn't have drawn yet. I think that's a good and a bad thing, because it gives me a little room to add in more things. The format of the Twine game was basically a linear "DO A STUPID THING Y/N" and intended to be more fun the more you killed Clover. But of course people won't pay like that in freeform.

Right now I'm traveling abroad and don't have access to my scanner, so I want to use some of this time to think about what I'm doing and maybe hopefully take some down time to pre-draw some things.
No. 93574 ID: ab7529

>more fun the more you kill Clover
Hey, if making a ramp of corpse-mannequins over the fence is a viable exit strategy...

Seriously though, I think it's the discontinuity that gets me. There's apparently a little memory bleedover between the lives right now, but if she outright didn't lose memories, and was along for the ride with us, I'd probably feel more comfortable treating lives as disposable. Leading an unwitting charge to doom is very different from asking an informed ally to exploit groundhog day like mechanics.

Although if she remembered every death we'd be risking post traumatic stress from respawn torture. So that's not so great either.
No. 93651 ID: ebeb46

Yeah, that makes total sense.

The way the original game was structured was that most of the death traps were easy, but a few were completely counter-intuitive, with the idea that the player would accidentally kill her once or twice and get a "Normal End Try Again" type thing on a first playthrough. At that point they'd know how to navigate every trap and save her from everything, but that ends up becoming the Bad End. You could only get the True End if you killed her every time, which you would probably only learn after having gone through twice trying to save her.

Of course, there's no way that would make sense in a format like this. So for me the challenge is to combine the routes into something satisfying without trying to railroad poor Clover to hell and back.
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