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File 143448514535.gif - (3.21KB , 224x200 , AMYTHEST LOWL.gif )
92004 No. 92004 ID: cfb12a

I'm sure some people have the people who read this quest got some questions.

I'm also doing this for reactions.
No. 92006 ID: 2a7417

Why'd you end the thread so early, rather than just pausing the quest?
No. 92007 ID: cfb12a

you guys did move off the original direction that I had setup. Amethyst was suppose to check the locker for the green wire for the circuit box. So I ended it early so I have more time to drawn more areas.
No. 92013 ID: c089a1

so it was a pause then?
No. 92014 ID: cfb12a

Hmm I guess so
No. 92024 ID: 9297f4

So this takes place in the Rubyverse?
No. 92067 ID: dcd949

yes it does
No. 92068 ID: e114bc

Do you have permission from Weaver to do that?
No. 92087 ID: dcd949

No, Hell i didn't want to do this. My Friend came up to me and begged me to do this. I'm just doing it so my friend shuts the fuck up. that's also why i stopped it so early so i can give my brain a rest.
(i am however going to focus on M.I.Q.E, i'm surprised that's doing so well)
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