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File 143440037192.png - (20.52KB , 363x268 , Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 12_17_21 PM.png )
91969 No. 91969 ID: b19c9a

Here, because it was suggested.
No. 91971 ID: 696535

Yeah, that would be me who suggested it. I thought is was a good idea since quests like these die out easily without some discussion going and hints for when we're really stumped.
I also like what you're going for with the style of the adventure and I don't want to see it abandoned because we can't get out of the first room.
I'm thinking of drawing out what the room looks like to get a better understanding of where we are since I was never really good at remembering all the details in text. I'll post it later when I think it's accurate enough to what's been given if that helps anyone.
No. 91987 ID: c3a57c

Actually, I was assuming that the reason we didn't just pick it up and take a look at it automatically was because it was a trap. Why else would we not have done that automatically? Reading between the lines 100: The quest authors never give you choices to make that are both boring AND pointless.
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