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File 143432437701.png - (541.22KB , 3000x3000 , discussion.png )
91953 No. 91953 ID: b84ca1

for dicussion/thoughts/critiques/whatever!
No. 91954 ID: b84ca1

so I get the feeling y'all are stuck.
to be fair, yeah, you don't really have a whole lot to go on, and thats kinda my bad in setting the quest up that way (w/ a forgetful protag and vague situation). sorry. but
a.) im not withholding any information that you need at the moment. you don't rly need to know what the meeting is, only that you need to get into it. (also: don't worry about trying to buy items you think you'll need later. you won't need anything that you don't already have once you get in.)
b.) you currently have the tool(s) at your disposal to go on to the next step. you just need to figure it out. i'd be willing to give you a clue, but im wary of doing that b/c id be afraid i would make it too obvious, which kinda takes the fun out of figuring it out? but if this goes on for too long, the fun's out anyways, so if you would like the clue, ask and ye shall recieve.

there's also a couple things i have in mind that you can do before figuring out how to get into the meeting. they wont help you get in, and they're not neccesary for stuff down the road, but if you just want something to do while youre figuring it out, i can go ahead and tell you what they are and you can decide whether or not you'd like to do them.
No. 91955 ID: 164c83

Well, wait for other people to participate: They might figure it out, where I haven't managed to. But if you haven't quested much before I'd suggest being careful that your, "obvious puzzle," isn't instead, "Roberta Williams moon-logic," that nobody will get because they aren't working with the exact same cultural reference knowledge you are.
No. 91961 ID: a19cd5

There, puzzle solved! Blam.
No. 91963 ID: 164c83

I like your solution, but I had to suggest against it because I'm cowardly like that. Please get other people to support it so we aren't hampered by my cowardice.
No. 91965 ID: 02d9ae

There, took my shot at really figuring out the solution. Up until now I'd thought that the way to get in was more of an exploratory thing--that is, look around and mess with things and you'll eventually stumble upon the way to get in.

But the way you explain it makes it seem more like the puzzle is more like one of those in classic LucasArts/Sierra-style adventure games, i.e. "you have some items, try using them on stuff until something happens". Of course, the downside to those kinds of puzzles is that they can seem obscure or incoherent to players who don't think about the situation in the same way the author does--to which the antidote is to try to make puzzles seem logical rather than being some kind of absurd coincidence. King's Quest V's Yeti + pie puzzle comes to mind: even though the solution and result are hilarious and ridiculous, it's not the sort of thing most people would expect since they're trying to think of ways to defeat the Yeti, not to create a slapstick situation.

I'm going by the assumption that the puzzle here, in this case, is of the more logical type--that whatever the protagonist needs to do will make sense within the context of the situation.

Also, for what it's worth, I think this is a pretty interesting quest so far, the whole dilemma of being stumped aside. I especially like the art style.
No. 91982 ID: b84ca1

okay, good thoughts, thank you!
i'm...i don't know. i'm unsure about this now. i didn't think the solution would be so obscure, but, i guess, yeah, since i already know what it is, it would be hard to tell from the inside.
thinking about it, i think you guys are definitely missing a piece of information that i should have stuck in somehow -- but at the time, didn't know how without someone asking for it, specifically. i was kind of banking on a certain interaction that no one's suggested yet, which probs wasn't the best way to go about things.
in hindsight, i would have done a few things differently. but! thats why this is a test run, i guess! Experiential Learning, hell yeah!

So, anyways, yeah. update forthcoming, and im gonna try and fix my errs, and hopefully it gets y'all on the right path!
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