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File 143368693050.png - (133.28KB , 700x600 , discussionimg.png )
91742 No. 91742 ID: f34ceb

Why not? Comments, questions, all that stuff. Also feel free to critique.
No. 91758 ID: 587000

I love this Quest!!! The theme is so creative and the characters are wonderful! :D Simple but extremely amazing!!!
No. 91759 ID: 070c43

So is everything inside the walls black and white? Other than like one thing on each character? Is this like The Giver?
No. 91760 ID: f34ceb

Not exactly like the Giver. Yes, things confined inside The Wall are all black and white, and each character has something colored on them. Things that are important or may be later on are usually colored, too.
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