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File 143107171423.jpg - (4.37MB , 3386x3386 , Men-vs-women.jpg )
90975 No. 90975 ID: a19cd5

Which do you prefer? Guys, gals, both?

This goes for fanart, quest protags, and tgchan characters. This is not a general preference thing.

So, to repeat: Do you want more males, more females, or do you like both equally? Or are you a fan of neither?
Answer below!

No. 90976 ID: b15ea4

No one really wants dong, y'all straight up lyin'.
No. 90978 ID: a19cd5

no lawdog
it is you who are lying
to yourself.
No. 90984 ID: 2a7417

I prefer gals, but I think we could expand our repertoire of dong. It feels like there's an imbalance of female to male protagonists. Perhaps I'm just not reading the right quests.
No. 90985 ID: 88960e

I think we can all agree we want more characters, and more fanart. Worrying overmuch about their genders is silly.
No. 90987 ID: 0426fe

Neither, please keep it in your pants and under your shirt: Ace for life.
No. 90995 ID: e607cd

More glorious robot thighs
No. 90997 ID: 09b7fb

I'm pretty neutral about stuff like gender in a character, so I guess I'll go with 'both'.
No. 91038 ID: a20e67

Why do you care? Are you one of those gender obsessers?
No. 91047 ID: a19cd5

I figure I should actually drop some context:
We've been having a drought of lewd quest dicks, and it's led to lawdog giving up drawing questdicks because "Nobody wants them" and this is an attempt at proving him wrong.
No. 91451 ID: f8b4f5

What /quest/ wants isn't what makes a good quest.
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