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File 143045982510.png - (242.12KB , 650x975 , QuestDiscussion.png )
90744 No. 90744 ID: ccf689

So I guess it's time for open discussion thread for my quests.

Sorry for a bit of an absence but I had problems to take care of IRL.
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No. 90752 ID: 05171d

Good to have you back!
No. 90755 ID: c57d78

No. 90757 ID: f4096e

Such grace! Hahahah!
No. 90761 ID: b3dd38

yeah that
No. 90762 ID: ccf689


When I start my Alien Quest-themed Patreon!

In all seriousness. Maybe I'll get back to it, I'm still not sure if I should be here or not. Want to wrap up Pink Dragon and maybe then... finish Alien Quest?
No. 90778 ID: 311774

I would be in support of bringing back Alien Quest. That was one of my favorite quests back in the day just because of how different it all looked.
No. 90782 ID: ccf689


Well the problem with AlienQuest is always tremendous amounts of work I put into it - I had to design puzzles, make rooms, make sprites and of course get ready for that odd pose I have to make. I have about 80% of the resources from Chapter II but I think I need to redo some of them. And more importantly rethink on how it should the chapter work.

I was joking about the Patreon. Despite what people think, most people are not in position to cut hours from the job that easily and replace their income with Patreon bucks. And holding update rates hostage for cash is stupid IMO. I work for a fixed monthly stipend so no amount money can really help me not work.

When I'll wrap up AlienQuest I'm thinking about making an adventure game based on it (Probably in AGS). A lot of the puzzles from the first part had alternative solutions to it that the suggesters never found out. Maybe that would be a good thing to throw money at (hiring help for pixelart for example).
No. 90847 ID: ccf689
File 143078725733.png - (582.05KB , 1000x800 , Verremar Returns 11 A.png )

Since I haven't posted it here (It was already on my FA and Tumblr).

Here's what Lockjaw looks under the clothes.
No. 91281 ID: ccf689

Sorry for such many delays. Got the chance of a lifetime at work right now and I'm working hard on scoring big.
No. 92260 ID: e60ab4
File 143518378375.png - (178.20KB , 750x1000 , Verremar 31.png )

Well that big thing happened and my future is safe again. Also I've hit 31 years old on 24th of June (it's still 24th in some places.), so here's some celebratory art of Verremar.

The quest should go back to updating next week..
No. 92423 ID: b88e47

No. 93235 ID: e60ab4

Hiatus is over. Resuming updates
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