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File 143018484601.jpg - (100.85KB , 551x720 , BUkAsLe.jpg )
90641 No. 90641 ID: 08202e

I was just on /tg/ and asked where I should go to host a sex based quest thread, and they pointed me here. Is it common to have these sorts of things on /quest/? What are the limits on literary content? What's normally accepted, and what pisses people off? This is the first time I've visited this sight and it seems like there's a whole lot of furry quests going on, with some devoted drawfags producing decent images. I don't exactly know what the house rules are, you know?
No. 90644 ID: bd8b82

start here http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/15880.html#90177 and read down, was just discussing that.
No. 90645 ID: 08202e

Hey, thanks! This is perfect!
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