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File 142914879176.png - (34.74KB , 1000x1000 , metadiscussion.png )
90316 No. 90316 ID: f63e0b

People in IRC were asking for a discussion thread.

BAM! Just call me the Metamyriad, 'cause your wish is granted, baby!

Discuss, plan out wishes, and consider your options. Silent moping is allowed.
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No. 90317 ID: 296917

Should we wish for more things? Money, power, ALL THE BITCHES?
No. 90318 ID: bd8b82

idea that may just work in keeping things from getting weird. wish one is that our parents touch the Metamyriad as in "i wish for my parents to touch the Metamyriad", wish two, "i wish Ayame was alive and healthy"
No. 90319 ID: 5db52c

Should we start brainstorming how to help patch Lily's wish?

"I wish I was born as a girl."

Wasn't sufficient. A potential patch might be:

"I wish that my being born a girl didn't significantly alter my relationships with my friends and family, nor my past decisions and choices, as compared to the world where I was born as a boy."

Only problem is that there's no way the change she wished for wouldn't alter those things in some way (unless no one noticed or could tell she was a girl, which isn't what she wants). That means we have to leave room for some change, and I'm leery letting Pendel judge 'significance'.

Which leaves us needing an appendix or footnote defining and clarifying the intent of our words. Which is a mess.

...well, that, or we spend enough time with him to get him to understand. Which is no small task for an ancient alien demigod we already offended.
No. 90320 ID: 296917

Do we even need that first wish? I mean, I was worried about Ikram's past two years changing which could separate him from his only friend, but apparently that won't happen since he's going to touch the metamyriad and she's already done so. The only possible issue is him not going to the same school.

Also he would probably have more friends, but I guess we can just deal with that.
No. 90329 ID: bd8b82

is a chance that in order for ayame to live we would need to die in that timeline, the real us would be safe but the other timeline has us as dead. we show up to our parents and they think we a are a ghost or something. it's basically easier for everyone if they know who we are forever.
No. 90332 ID: a19cd5

Favicon up.Love the concept for this, can't wait to see how bad a mess we make!
No. 90355 ID: 5db52c

Not sure this idea will work anymore, now that we've seen the Raven situation. It suddenly became a messy question if she does want certain preexisting relationships altered by her change, and how.
No. 90374 ID: f63e0b
File 142932728890.png - (90.07KB , 1000x1500 , lily's first morning.png )

>(The first time you used your new legs, you tripped and fell onto your face.)
No. 90386 ID: f63e0b
File 142939220165.png - (78.04KB , 1000x1000 , metasisters.png )

Lily's sister meets Ikram's sister for offscreen non-canon funtimes.
No. 90388 ID: 5db52c

"And to think I considered using my wish to bring you back."

So from her initial slip, and Pendel's comment, we know that pre-wish, Lilly's name started with a w.

I wanna guess it was William. (Willy -> Lilly).

(...although a certain persevere part of me wants it to have been Waldo, so that that now that he's disappeared their whole universe is effectively a game of where's Waldo).
No. 90389 ID: f63e0b


If you can guess her old name, I'll post a picture of what Lily used to look like.

Here's a hint: everyone in the Wilton family is named after a flower or a plant.
No. 90392 ID: f63e0b
File 142939617853.png - (41.85KB , 1000x1000 , auld lang syne.png )


Seven guessed it on IRC. Wow, that was fast.

Image is SFW, obviously, but I'm spoilerin' it so that if people still want to guess, they can.

: It's Wisteria, masculinized to Wister.
No. 90394 ID: 5db52c

The only male w- plant name I could think of was Wormwood. :P
No. 90486 ID: f63e0b
File 142974770616.png - (826.40KB , 1500x1500 , tiny mofos.png )

Just in case people needed help seeing how ridiculously tiny Orchid and Lily are.

Yes, that is Will Smith.
No. 90490 ID: 809713

>went from Fraternal to Identical twins
What this immediately made me think of was The End of Eternity. That's almost certainly the minimum necessary change to alter the timelines in the way Lily requested.

Question is, if you're working with absolute reality altering / recompiling wishes, and not time travel where you have a reason to try to limit unintended (or uncontrolled) consequences, what's the need for that kind of precision? It makes me wonder if there's some kind of conservation law in effect, or what's motivating the intelligence deciding how to implement the wishes.
No. 90505 ID: 296917

It's probably that the Metamyriad exists outside time, and chooses to change the smallest thing possible to achieve what a wisher wants.
No. 90515 ID: 809713

Well, sure. The interesting question is why it makes that choice.

In the case of the Eternals, it was part time travel practicality, half guilt that motivated as little interaction as necessary. Could there be some kind of resource or power constraint, here? Is the decision practical, moral, philosophical? Any insight we can glean into how the metamyraid works could be useful (although we need a larger data set than 1 to make meaningful guesses. It'll be interesting to see exactly how future wishes are implemented).
No. 90561 ID: f63e0b


I won't give any direct answers, but I will quote the main quest in response to questions!

>Pendel: "I’m just the Translator of Intent! The Metamyriad grants the wishes, and it grants them based on how it perceives wishes being granted."

>"The Metamyriad doesn’t change the past. Ha, not likely, not with all those potential paradoxes and temporal shenanigans, no, no… The Metamyriad is able to change anything for a single, brief instant. If it requires a momentary reordering of the laws of physics, well, that’s just part and parcel.” He taps his cheek, thinking. “How should I explain? You linear creatures are all so adorably difficult when it comes to this part. Basically, the ‘past’ is a part of the ‘present’, and both are a part of the Metamyriad. Change the Metamyriad, and you change them both.”
No. 90564 ID: e114bc

Doesn't that mean it changes the past?
No. 90565 ID: f63e0b


>You linear creatures are all so adorably difficult when it comes to this part.
No. 90570 ID: a19cd5

Basically, it runs on time being a trick of perception, with every moment happening all at once in actuality. It changes stuff based on that, meaning instead of traveling back to make a change and oaradox happens because you never thought to go back and make that change, the change just sort of... Becomes what always /was/.

That's my take on it.
No. 90571 ID: 2f4b71

Think of it this way: the 'past' is composed solely of effects measurable in the present (i.e. the car 'was' there only because it is now 'here' and has measurable momentum). Change the parameters of the present, and the 'past' is implicitly changed.
No. 90574 ID: 809713

That's kind of a matter of semantics, when you're dealing with the power to arbitrarily rewrite reality from the outside. Unless someone in-universe has the power to time travel, or directly observe the past, there's no way to distinguish someone changing the present by altering the past, or simply changing the present such that everyone remembers a different past.

Mechanically, it's the difference between loading an earlier save to change outcomes, or hacking your current save. The end result is the same.

When you can up-rev reality, or stop the play and hand out new scripts in the middle, you're not really bound by in-universe causality. (Except, curiously, the outside manipulator is taking requests from in-universe. So there is some small causal connection).

I fear I only confused this by making a reference to a time travel story. (I only wanted to bring up the asimovian concept of "minimum necessary change").
No. 90583 ID: f63e0b
File 143000566921.png - (245.92KB , 1000x1000 , auld lang syne 2.png )

Another character in his original world:

Pendelion Augustus Wormwood de Caesar

“They say that in the American Plutocracy, there is a man who can find anything. He is without house, but it is rumored that he is descended from Caesar himself. Regardless of that, his ‘awareness’ is almost superhuman. No secret is safe from him, no treasure well enough protected. If there is anyone who can free our Devil from his chains, it would be him.” Second Minister Catherine Votiel of the Canadian Coalition
No. 90585 ID: e114bc

Okay okay look. If there is no real "past" because everything is happening at once, but the things that we call in the "past" were changed by the metamyriad, then it changes the past. It doesn't matter what you CALL it or how it's supposed to really work. A linear perception of time means that there is a past and a present, and the metamyriad changes things which are considered to be part of the past. So from our perspective it DOES change the past, and no matter how you explain it, that will be true.
No. 90586 ID: 91cfcf

The point is our perspective isn't real.
No. 90587 ID: 809713

Pff. I gave him a last name by accident.

That's just dumb. A perspective can be wrong, but if you have it, it exists. At least to the extent that you do.
No. 90588 ID: e114bc

There is no "real" or "wrong" when it comes to how we observe the universe.
No. 90589 ID: 91cfcf

Sure there is.
No. 90591 ID: e114bc

No. If you observe something to be real, it is, hallucinations excepted.
No. 90601 ID: e114bc

Okay hang on maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way. I think I'm leaning towards this >>90574 explanation now. Honestly it's functionally identical to changing the past, except that you can just ignore paradoxes by deciding on an arbitrary result.
No. 90647 ID: f63e0b

Hey, everybody. I just wanted to apologize for the inconsistent artwork in the quest.

See, I'm bipolar. When I'm manic, I draw very well. When I'm depressive, I draw kind of poorly. This leads me to the choice of whether to abandon quests half the time, or to keep them at the bare minimum of what I can do, so I can update consistently.

For The Metamyriad, I'm trying to go with the lowest common denominator, but the quality still tends to fluctuate depending on whether I'm manic or depressive. So... yeah. Just a heads up.
No. 90651 ID: 809713

I dunno. I thought the manic art style kind of suits the whole frenzied emotional thing the plot's got going on. More mood expression than realism.
No. 90668 ID: f63e0b
File 143021632104.png - (152.73KB , 499x441 , scars of the past.png )

Let's just say there's a reason why Lily is used to brushing her hair in front of her right eye.

Spoiler'd for minor gore.
No. 90692 ID: f63e0b
File 143031879981.png - (227.34KB , 1000x1500 , Fancy Lily Wilton.png )

I was working on designs for different outfits, and I ended up drawing a stylish-looking Lily.

I might draw one of these for each other character at some point, too.
No. 90845 ID: f63e0b
File 143078278959.png - (509.38KB , 1000x1500 , Fancy Ikram Himura.png )

I had the odd realization that, despite the fact that only one of the main characters is actually white, they all look like they're white 'cause of the art style.

How uncomfortable.
No. 90849 ID: a19cd5

I'm looking at that and thinking it looks like the thing from 2001: a space oddysey, and now I got the image of the cast so far all dressed up as cavemen ooking and eeking at it like in the opening scene.
No. 90851 ID: f63e0b
File 143079207389.png - (523.47KB , 1000x2000 , YOU GUYS ARE ASSHOLES.png )

No. 90864 ID: 0426fe

No. 90871 ID: c0351d

So, new wish plan something like:

Give Lily old body, and new body suddenly pops into existence for Wilber
No. 90879 ID: e114bc

Who the fuck's Wilber?
No. 91025 ID: 26e769
File 143124646965.png - (100.65KB , 500x1500 , LILY I'M SAD.png )

No. 91190 ID: 26e769
File 143194732545.png - (63.03KB , 326x815 , Girl-Ikram.png )

I gender-bent a few characters on IRC.

Girl Ikram.
No. 91191 ID: 26e769
File 143194741761.png - (146.26KB , 453x816 , Girl-Pendel.png )


Actually just what he used to look like, a looong time ago.
No. 91192 ID: 26e769
File 143194762144.png - (89.49KB , 612x785 , Boy-Orchid.png )

Boy Orchid.
No. 91193 ID: 26e769
File 143194786066.png - (151.99KB , 997x838 , loose canon.png )

>Arhra: I wonder if anyone's ever made a wish that's left the translator of intent just slackjawed in incomprehension
>Arhra: 'I wish for a balloon!'
>poppyseed: I wish Ikram was a giant ant
>IdiomAlpha: Pendel: “…eh, I’ve made crazier wishes than that"
>IdiomAlpha: *poof*
>IdiomAlpha: “Ikram you’re so personable today"
>IdiomAlpha: “what happened, did you have a good day"
>IdiomAlpha: “SKREEE”
>IdiomAlpha: “So conversational!"
>poppyseed: Lily x Giant Ant Ikram canon?
>IdiomAlpha: yes
No. 91208 ID: 26e769
File 143199786864.png - (157.01KB , 557x669 , Little Pendel.png )

Pendel from when he was an adorable small child.
No. 91243 ID: 26e769
File 143212217635.png - (119.14KB , 448x940 , Wister.png )

Wister, in a more realistic-ish art style.

Would folks prefer this kind of style for the Metamyriad?
No. 91249 ID: 88960e

I'm fine with the current style. It lends itself well to goofy or exaggerated expressions. And it fits the tone well- this is a literally uncertain world, where reality itself is malleable.

That said, it's certainly no game breaker if you wanted to experiment or mix that up.
No. 91307 ID: 26e769
File 143236649158.png - (380.74KB , 1329x1326 , ORC I'M SO SORRY.png )

>mageykun: We're totally gonna have to shout "sister's body" if and when she's ever in a situation where sex is likely.
>IdiomAlso: oh god
>Shifter55: pls
>Myconid: hahahaha
>Shifter55: pls no
>Shifter55: you'll turn her asexual from the thought
>IdiomAlso: “OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD ORCHID I’m SORRY” “uh what, Lily, what’s going on” “N-NOTHING”
>mageykun: Last straw, broken up with Raven forever.
>IdiomAlso: But yes that is something I never even thought of
>IdiomAlso: I’m-in-my-sister’s-body-how-can-I-have-sex problems
>Radial:idiom; masturbating would be fingering her sister
>IdiomAlso: Lily has a hard life ahead of her
>anon-on: truly idiom has the ultimate anime quest on >tgchan
>anon-on: gender bender lesbian twincest
No. 91308 ID: 26e769
File 143236651187.png - (420.72KB , 1331x1326 , LILY GO HAVE SEX AND LEAVE ME ALONE.png )

No. 91309 ID: 26e769
File 143236682922.png - (149.48KB , 842x981 , Ayame Himura.png )

Sneak peek at the current Ayame design.
No. 91365 ID: 26e769
File 143265826788.png - (298.77KB , 1000x1000 , hello i am an idiom.png )

Hey there, everybody.

I'm planning to start the next main Metamyriad thread pretty soon. Before I do, though, I'd like to know: what do you think of the quest so far?

What are you enjoying about it? What do you hate about it? What do you want to see explored? What moments have you enjoyed most? What moments have you enjoyed least?

Just checking in, seeing how the quest is being received. You can also point out things for my other quests, too, if you'd like. I'll answer any questions regarding my quests as long as they're not explicitly spoiler questions.

I will also answer any questions about myself, how I draw stuff (or why I draw things badly), how I write, or whatever. Seriously, I have no secrets, and I'm not exaggerating there. Ask away.

Thank you for any input you choose to give~
No. 91369 ID: 164c83

Oh, uh, any questions she says, hmm. "How do I shot web?"

Seriously, if you want specific criticism/feedback ask specific questions. I'm enjoying what you've done so far and I'm amused that you've had Ikram use some of my bad jokes word for word as things he says. Also, congratulations on reminding me of most things I hated about being a teenager. That's actually a positive in the sense of the word, "verisimilitude," I'd say. You do have an awful lot of non-cis-gendered, non-heteronormative characters in your main cast but that's an author's choice I guess and I don't aim to kill your muse by 'calling that out.' Keep it up.
No. 91384 ID: 78a595

Well, I'll say I've really enjoyed the quest so far. Not sure it's been established long enough for me to have the perspective to do real criticism though.

I suppose one thing I might like was if the characters had a little more space to play off each other in between crises / freakouts? Then again, I'm not sure toning down the frantic pace would be to the quest's betterment.

The dialog / banter and the silly faces are fantastic.

One weakness seems to be that we run into a lot of social situations that require a lot of finesse to navigate. The drawback is the character is frequently unable to execute with finesse (I'm looking at you, Lily), or defaults to executing conflicting ideas. It adds another meta-layer of difficulty on social puzzles. Not that portraying characters as true to themselves and forcing us to work within their limitation is a bad thing, per se. It's just a complication we need to keep aware of when playing, and that I hope factors into the situations you set up for us.

(Not that we should necessarily 'win' every conversation, by any means).

I do love it when the stupidest little thing turns out to be what wins someone
over or cheers a character up, though. The unrefined chaos can work to our advantage too.

One observation would be that in the tighter interpersonal spots, we seem to do better with emotional appeals than logical ones. (Teenagers)! I think on the suggester end we need to be better on capitalizing on that- we're often too slanted towards expecting people to get it if we just explain / tell it too them.

>current Ayame
That doesn't look like a skeleton.
No. 91528 ID: 0ee153

What's with the constant deletion of threads?
No. 91531 ID: 26e769
File 143321539911.png - (211.77KB , 1000x1000 , lily dressed as a giant burger.png )


There were some glitches with images uploading, so I had to do it over. Sorry!

While I'm here, I'll post this, from IRC:

>Boxdog: weaver's power to completely reinvigorate the room and unite everyone to talking about one thing is mesmerizing
>IdiomAlpha: well I mean I could always be a rebel and try to force people to talk about my dumb small quests
>IdiomAlpha: >Weaver: “So yeah, nobody seems to have guessed that Rubyquest and Nanquest are connected by-“ Idiom: “HEY EVERYBODY HERE’S A PICTURE OF LILY DRESSED LIKE A GIANT BURGER”
>IdiomAlpha: >Idiom: “GUYS ARE YOU LISTENING"
>poppyseed: idiom that sounds more interesting
>poppyseed: please give me a picture of lily dressed like a giant burger
>IdiomAlpha: Okay!
>poppyseed: good work, Pendel
No. 91532 ID: 8e0b6a

>how could you possibly misrepresent my wish to mean this
Look, "born a girl" "worn a grill". How was I supposed to know you weren't into cookout cosplay. It's not like I read minds or I care enough to bother, and I've seen weirder, before.

If you're not happy, I advise you not to check your wardrobe.
No. 91538 ID: 26e769
File 143323167588.png - (527.42KB , 2000x1000 , a good happy.png )

mageykun requested a picture of all of the main characters being happy, since there aren’t as many smiles as there could be in the main quest.

>Oh, uh, any questions she says, hmm. "How do I shot web?"

With a gun.

>Also, congratulations on reminding me of most things I hated about being a teenager. That's actually a positive in the sense of the word, "verisimilitude," I'd say.

I’m glad! I’m trying to realistically portray teenagers as best I can. Part of the story is deconstructing how actual teenagers would react to gaining access to supernatural abilities.

>You do have an awful lot of non-cis-gendered, non-heteronormative characters in your main cast

There’s a reason for that! Lily, especially, regarding her being transgender. One of the biggest themes of the Metamyriad is an exploration of desire. For Lily, being a girl was a desire so strong that when she came to the conclusion that it was ‘impossible’, she was going to kill herself.

Another reason is that, being a transgender lesbian girl, I’ve made a lot of lgbt friends, so I can write lgbt people fairly realistically.
No. 91539 ID: 26e769
File 143323169438.png - (202.78KB , 1000x1000 , kind of groooss.png )

No. 91543 ID: 88960e

I look forward to Orc being the anti-Lily. Confident, and with things actually working out for her!
No. 91561 ID: 8e0b6a
File 143329174199.png - (200.40KB , 1344x1000 , happiest birthday.png )

The work in progress was unintentionally hilarious.

<mageykun>>asks for happy picture >no one shows up to Lily's birthday | Goodness, idiom.
No. 91564 ID: 15fae4


lmfao who dat sexy ass boxdog bitch

oh wait

dat me
No. 91584 ID: 26e769
File 143336729829.png - (272.17KB , 1000x1000 , Lily, Princess-Queen of the Moon.png )

>IdiomAlpha: I love that, because of how Orchid worded her bid for dictatorship, she would be the ELECTED ruler of the world for life
>IdiomAlpha: So everyone would be like “Why did we elect a 17-year-old to rule the world forever”
>IdiomAlpha: “Oh well"
>IdiomAlpha: “Guess I’ll go back to my life of doing Final Fight remixes with Blue Oyster Cult"
>IdiomAlpha: ORCHIDIA: the best world
>mageykun:Hmm.  So in Orchid world, Mercy is obviously in the harem.  Iks is probably similarly enslaved.  Lily would be... the mortified advisor, I suppose.
>IdiomAlpha: Lily would be the queen of the moon
>poppyseed: Idiom she can't be queen of the moon I'm moon emperor.
>IdiomAlpha: Not in Orchid World
>mageykun: Queen of the moon means she gets a ridiculous silly costume.  Lily would like that, at least.
>IdiomAlpha: And she would have it be really fancy and queen-y
>Shifter55: maybe it's spaceworthy too mageykun
>Shifter55: fun for about 30minutes
>mageykun: That is perfect, idiom.  She's a magical girl for sure, now.
No. 91835 ID: 88960e

>What am I? I’m just a bunch of memories, at this point. That’s all I am. If you put another set of memories into me, who’s to say that wouldn’t kill me?
>Why are you calling me Lily?
Rip, Lily. Her worst fear came to pass. Well, one of them, anyways.
No. 91861 ID: fbc59e

I'm gonna go ahead and guess Lily blew a wish token on swapping herself with Veronica for a bit. Presumably she's going to do something she'd be well suited for while Ronnie chills out in her body, I think.
No. 91862 ID: 88960e

Ronnie did verbatim say "I wish I was you" at the end of the last thread when yelling at Lily.

My guess is there's another genie in the picture. One who's more immoral than Pendel, and doesn't make people earn credit for wishes. Or even tell the wisher what they're doing, much less give them a choice.
No. 91888 ID: fbc59e

Oh this won't end well I think.
IDK what this other guy wants but with him getting people to make wishes that will force more wishes on our guys...Well.
I dunno what happens when the Metamyriad gets attached to people but I wager there's a reason Pendy warned us against that.
No. 92027 ID: 26e769

Sorry for the slower updating schedule. I'm sick and going through a really nasty depression, so it is very difficult to focus on art (or get out of bed at all).

I wanna thank Apollo again for being the coolest person ever and for helping me out with updates. Apollo, you're the best!
No. 92035 ID: c3a57c

"Have you updated within the last 48 hours, Y/N?"
If the answer isn't no then you're doing much better than many.

Also, thank you Apollo.
No. 92196 ID: 26e769
File 143496573341.png - (93.74KB , 1000x1000 , Girl-Wister.png )

>IdiomAlpha ended up drawing Girl-Wister
>IdiomAlpha: aka the result of Lily actually being just gender-swapped
>IdiomAlpha: instead of twinnified
>Arhra: What's the difference?
>Arhra: She's more aerodynamic?
>Arhra: Three times as fast?
>Arhra: Bigger ears?
>IdiomAlpha: [link] Girl-Wister
>Arhra: D:
>IdiomAlpha: Lily pre-metamyriad had a hard time
>Arhra: I think I see why she opted for a reset
>Inugami: Fin stablized, armor piercing.
>Shifter55: She can penetrate a foot of rolled steel plate at 8.5 kilometers
>IdiomAlpha: Girl-Wister: when you absolutely, positively need to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes
No. 92238 ID: 37adba

Good job making my skin crawl, the personal space issues with this OCD manifestation are kinda... not too far off from rape. :(
No. 92241 ID: a19cd5

No. 92243 ID: 37adba

Touching someone's clothes without consent, apparently unable to stop. As someone that understands why some people just don't like to be touched at all I get how that can feel like... an assault. Yeah, she isn't grabbing his crotch but it's still uninvited intimacy.
No. 92254 ID: e114bc

That's ridiculous. That's like saying flicking someone's ear is not too far off from beating them half to death.
No. 92256 ID: a19cd5

I'm with this guy, this seems like
y'all miiiiight be reading too far into things :v
No. 92271 ID: 0ee153

When I scrolled down I saw this post even though I didn't want to. You forced my eyes to process a post without my consent. Your words were implanted into my visual cortex with no permission. You violated my linguistic sanctuary. This is not far off from you raping me. Please never post again.
No. 92724 ID: ab7529

Replying in dis because this isn't a suggestion and Ronnie doesn't know any of this anyways.

Except there's magic involved.

The metamyriad is bound to not alter whatever it considers to make up wisher's mind. So, logically, whatever it considers to be Lily and Ronnie's minds were exchanged (because to do otherwise would be to alter one or both of them).

We know it's understanding / definition of what a mind is predates today's biology. (For instance- we know people didn't used to have noses before someone wished for them, so the brain would be wired a little differently then. We know death didn't exist until someone wished for it, which would have make biology really different).

Which means we can't rely on a current-biology definition of self, unfortunately. Obviously, the metamyriad considers there to be continuity of consciousness across changes or swaps in biology. (Or else it couldn't have been able to follow its edict to preserve the wisher when granting Lily's wish, Ronnie's wish, the nose-adding wish, the death-adding wish, or Pendel's wish, either). Unfortunately, there's no way to know how far that goes without further data.

Subjecting Lily to a mind-altering drug didn't violate the rules, subjecting Ronnie to a different bath of hormones might not either.

>if you react as you would react
The thing is, I don't think you can take that as a given. That's exactly the thing being called into question- if she will react as she has reacted in the past.
No. 92731 ID: 6b0329

I'm pretty sure this is not supposed to be a quest about neurology, biophysics, biochemistry and neurochemistry. I think there's a simpler interpretation of what's going on here: The quest author's world obeys the notion of mind-body dualism, probably something close to Cartesian dualism.
In this world the mind is not an emergent property of human biology. So therefore in this particular fictional world it is possible for a person's body to have 'the wrong mind' in it, or a mind to be 'in the wrong body.' Yeah, I know this is different from the real world. Yeah, I know that if the mind isn't a physical construct it couldn't be altered by drugs. This is their fictional world though, and it's pretty obvious you can't apply what we know to be true about hormone effects and chemistry in the real world inside it, judging by the phenomena in evidence (a mind swap being possible without at least a full head transplant).
No. 92735 ID: 26e769

>The quest author's world obeys the notion of mind-body dualism, probably something close to Cartesian dualism.

Cartesian dualism is indefensible and I do not believe in it.

>I'm pretty sure this is not supposed to be a quest about neurology, biophysics, biochemistry and neurochemistry

No, but I do take those things into account.

>Except there's magic involved.
>In this world the mind is not an emergent property of human biology. So therefore in this particular fictional world it is possible for a person's body to have 'the wrong mind' in it, or a mind to be 'in the wrong body.' Yeah, I know this is different from the real world. Yeah, I know that if the mind isn't a physical construct it couldn't be altered by drugs. This is their fictional world though, and it's pretty obvious you can't apply what we know to be true about hormone effects and chemistry in the real world inside it, judging by the phenomena in evidence (a mind swap being possible without at least a full head transplant).

The Metamyriad generally operates within the laws of physics to grant wishes. If the laws of physics do not allow for a wish to be granted, then it will (either retroactively or temporarily) change those laws to allow for exceptions. However, it's not entirely clear how Lily and Veronica were switched around, or what exactly it was that the Metamyriad switched, so for the moment it's not clear whether it changed the laws of reality or not. This is part of the reason that Pendel suggested waiting before changing them back: because he's not sure what the original wish actually did.
No. 92745 ID: 6b0329

Apologies, didn't mean to step on your beliefs or imply anything about what you personally think: Many of us who write fiction use it for exploring ideas, and it seemed like you were doing exactly that in this quest.
What I've read about how heroin acts on the body is through absorption into the brain. That's interesting when you consider that Veronica-in-Lily wasn't high when she manifested in Lily's body, and says something spooky about what that magic did.
No. 92748 ID: 742b4a

The wish probably shoved the heroin into Lily's brain and took it out of Ronnie's.

The bloodstream is also not affected, and there was heroin in Ronnie's veins.
No. 92778 ID: 26e769

>Apologies, didn't mean to step on your beliefs or imply anything about what you personally think

No worries! I wasn't offended or anything. I just wanted to clear things up.

>Many of us who write fiction use it for exploring ideas, and it seemed like you were doing exactly that in this quest.

Oh, I am trying to explore ideas (mainly about desire and the use of incredible power, as well as deconstructing things like the 'teenagers with superpowers' and 'trickster genie' genres), but Cartesian dualism is utterly worthless, as is most of Descartes' psuedo-philosophical nonsense. The mind and body are intrinsically tied together. Even Descartes couldn't justify his position in any meaningful way - just look up the 'pineal gland' in reference to his philosophical ramblings.

For a quest of mine that does explore the semi-dualism of the mind and body (in a science-fiction world where people have mapped the formation of memory in the central nervous system and can more or less replicate one person's identity in another person's body) Memoriam is based heavily on those concepts.

>What I've read about how heroin acts on the body is through absorption into the brain. That's interesting when you consider that Veronica-in-Lily wasn't high when she manifested in Lily's body, and says something spooky about what that magic did.

That is interesting, isn't it?
No. 93019 ID: 26e769
File 143666184170.png - (248.86KB , 1000x1000 , Lily vs_ Wister.png )

>Riotmundy: draw lily doing a powerbomb onto wister
>IdiomAlpha: Riot I am just going to draw post-powerbomb Lily and Wister
>IdiomAlpha: Past self beatdowns: the harshest
>Arhra: It’s the way of the future.
No. 93020 ID: 26e769
File 143666205829.png - (234.74KB , 1000x2000 , Blue Wisteria 1.png )

>IdiomAlpha: I should probably get to work on the prequel quest
>IdiomAlpha: So we can get around to sad Wister funtimes
>Arhra: Making a flower cry
>Myconid: really?  I'm not sure what we'd wind up doing in it...
>Arhra: Yeah it might be kind of like the Star Wars prequels
>Arhra: you don't want pre-Ikram to become Jar-Jar, do you?!
>Arhra: Do you?!?!
>IdiomAlpha: Well, it’s still not clear how she got her wish, or what the world was like when she left it
>IdiomAlpha: I guess I could just make it a prequel comic
>IdiomAlpha: yeah, I’ll do that
>Riotmundy: comic might be wise ye
No. 93021 ID: 26e769
File 143666217694.png - (332.39KB , 1000x2000 , Blue Wisteria 2.png )

>_Apollo_: Idiom please tell me page three is the powerbomb
>Arhra: Ahahahaha
>Brom: it betta be
>IdiomAlpha: APOLLO
>IdiomAlpha dies of laughter
>Shifter55: Sounds like one way to give a wish
>Shifter55: powerbomb someone into another dimension
>_Apollo_: I've figured it out
>_Apollo_: The MetaMyriad works by powerbombing people into their preferred reality
No. 93022 ID: 26e769
File 143666224065.png - (322.96KB , 1000x2000 , Blue Wisteria 3.png )

>_Apollo_: "I want to get powerbombed off this bridge and land knockers first into an alternate reality where I'm a girl and haven't thought through the consequences of this request"
>IdiomAlpha: pfft
No. 93024 ID: 26e769
File 143666240826.png - (370.70KB , 1000x2000 , Blue Wisteria 4.png )

>IdiomAlpha: In the back of my brain, I feel like this dialogue has been used somewhere else
>IdiomAlpha: But if it has, I can’t for the life of me remember where
>Shifter55: feels like something out of a comic, so go figure...
>Ashe: Despite his assurances, Latias wasn't so certain. "A-are you the devil?" she asked.
>Ashe: The creature looked amused. "Me? No, though I have been called by that name on some occasions."
>Ashe: Latias recalled Vincentio had also once mentioned the Devil's opposite, an omnipotent being that had created the world. "Then are you God?"
>Ashe: Idiom have you read latias fanfiction lately
>Ashe: That is what google tells me it may be from
>IdiomAlpha: no
>IdiomAlpha: So I’m not a thief!
>IdiomAlpha: I’m just on the level of pokemon fanfiction :|
No. 93025 ID: 26e769
File 143666253093.png - (301.64KB , 1000x2000 , Blue Wisteria 5.png )

>Shifter55: Yay prologues!
>Hatticus_Finch: ophidian, why are you bothering this fellow
>IdiomAlpha: h-huh?
>IdiomAlpha: Eh, Ophidian is way more ratty
>IdiomAlpha: he is tho
No. 93026 ID: ab7529

Geeze, no wonder Lily thought Pendel was a jerk if he pulled the mysterious asshole shtick with her. Why is he cosplaying Odiphan, anyways.
No. 93138 ID: 26e769
File 143706892227.png - (376.45KB , 1000x1000 , the true face of ikram himura.png )

No. 93143 ID: ab7529

>I’m an immortal speed wizard
And then Pendel was Sonic.
No. 93150 ID: aef8a4

Is Orchid really that much of a filthy, spewing asshole?
No. 93152 ID: 0ee153

Probably, yes.
No. 94911 ID: 3bc92d
File 144260080103.png - (32.36KB , 802x601 , wister? i hardly know 'er.png )

I figure I might as well post the Quantum Refraction character designs here.
No. 94912 ID: 3bc92d
File 144260100918.png - (36.19KB , 799x601 , to be orc not to be.png )

Originally, in the first Metamyriad thread, I'd started off with the intent to have a minor gothic and/or punk design theme for each character.
No. 94913 ID: 3bc92d
File 144260117985.png - (53.78KB , 801x600 , actually has raven hair now.png )

I sort of lost that original design theme as I struggled more with mental illness and school. Really, the art style for the Metamyriad has been decidedly inconsistent in general.

Sorry about that.
No. 94914 ID: 3bc92d
File 144260134444.png - (33.50KB , 801x602 , eh, not as cool as goldio.png )

Still, I'm trying to revive that gothic/punk theming for Quantum Refraction. I think that styling fits this version of the Metamyriad more easily, since it's a bit darker in tone anyway.
No. 94915 ID: 3bc92d
File 144260154045.png - (27.77KB , 800x601 , slickram.png )

I'm going to do my best to keep the art style consistent this time around.

Here's hoping that works out.
No. 94949 ID: 3bc92d
File 144272624111.png - (116.08KB , 881x662 , heck of a hangover.png )

Allow me to present to you:

The Continuing Adventures of Alternate-Universe Trans-Man Wisteria Wilton!

When last we saw our hero, he was being forcibly removed from his own body (a body which did, in fact, happen to be a little too female for his tastes anyway).
No. 94950 ID: 3bc92d
File 144272634536.png - (99.36KB , 882x662 , a notable lack of bounce.png )

No. 94951 ID: 3bc92d
File 144272649788.png - (169.31KB , 882x661 , the best idea in the world.png )

Could this be the end for our hero?!

Tune in next time for another installment of:

The Continuing Adventures of Alternate-Universe Trans-Man Wisteria Wilton!
No. 94952 ID: e114bc

Idiom this is a side-story to a side story
No. 94953 ID: 7a6915

>Idiom this is a side-story to a side story
So you're saying that it needs its own side-story now? Possibly about how that universe's Silvio wants to make everybody have a nice day... or else?
No. 94954 ID: defceb

How many side stories until we're back to the main metamyriad?
No. 94957 ID: fede3c

Until we get to what the main Ikram did without Wisteria's friendship, I guess.
No. 95024 ID: 3bc92d
File 144307609374.png - (52.19KB , 801x601 , the monkey's p_a_w_.png )

I ended up slightly changing this design in the time between when I made the concept art (before Quantum Refraction began) and his first appearance in the quest.
No. 95026 ID: 7a6915

What happened, Pendelion's got a nose in this version now?
No. 95794 ID: 3bc92d
File 144589765531.png - (86.92KB , 880x662 , ikram, youkram, we all kram for ikram.png )


The originally-posted character design for Ikram was always a complete lie.

hehehehhe i fool'd u

This is Ikram's real concept art for Quantum Refraction. Attentive readers may have already spotted this version of Ikram on Wisteria's facebook page.

The design has mostly stayed the same. In the quest proper, I've decided to try rendering his actual skin tone, but who knows how long that will last.
No. 96443 ID: 251089


I wrote this 3-4 months ago as part of Wister's prequel story, but then I got distracted and haven't gotten around to finishing it.

Canon backstory for both OG Metamyriad and Quantum Refraction.
No. 96510 ID: 3bc92d
File 145021432814.png - (35.09KB , 800x600 , Vherionica.png )

Veronica's design is slightly cleaner and more put-together than OG Metamyriad's Veronica.

Turns out working to throw off addiction, living in a permanent home, and having a loving girlfriend helps with personal hygiene! Who knew?
No. 96755 ID: 3bc92d
File 145153929034.png - (257.80KB , 746x1030 , artsy wister.png )

I've been playing around with a different art style.

I figured I could draw a Wister. So I did! Yay!
No. 96756 ID: 3bc92d
File 145153937420.png - (203.18KB , 1274x607 , an offscreen child saw wister's eye and cried.png )

>IdiomAlpha: Wister face drawins
>Shifter55: IdiomAlpha: Hairband!
>Shifter55: or a bandanna
No. 96757 ID: 3bc92d
File 145153947111.png - (148.88KB , 727x607 , metamyriad gear solid.png )

>Riotmode: idiomalpha, cool shit, but consider: punished wister
>Riotmode: idiomalpha hang on I gotta do it
>Riotmode: I put actual work in making it game-accurate scars
No. 96758 ID: 3bc92d
File 145153952432.png - (200.59KB , 1190x894 , the basics of WishToBe.png )

>Riotmode: idiom amazing
>IdiomAlpha: :)
No. 106529 ID: 594c18

So I'm pretty sure I found an Idiom character cameoing in EGS.


Okay, not really, obviously, but something about her expression in panel five just made me think of you.
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