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File 142847705645.gif - (30.28KB , 800x600 , party.gif )
90120 No. 90120 ID: bf3c2f

i'd like to formally apologize in advance for both the quality & content of this quest.

more seriously, i haven't written or attempted a quest in 85 years, so we're looking at a rocky start. middle. whole-- whatever-- in an effort to de-rockify this whole experience, feedback'd be greeeeeeeeeatly appreciated.

otherwise? regular-- if a little premature-- disc thread, go.
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No. 90121 ID: defceb

I like it!
No. 90122 ID: 296917

You attempted a quest 85 years ago?
No. 90123 ID: bf3c2f

yeah dude. like, on a cave wall with some buddies. cavemen were around up until 84 years ago, you know? don't let anyone tell you otherwise. trust me. i am not only a caveman, but a science.

thanks, man. like not in a stuffy, i have to say thanks or i'm rude kinda way, but genuinely thanks. i'm nervous abt this shit in ways i absolutely should not be, so that's?? v nice to hear.

k...kis..kisses y...ou...? that feels right. i'm not gonna fight it. you're kissed.
No. 90135 ID: a19cd5

This is pretty rad so far, looking forward to seein' where you go with this.
No. 90143 ID: bf3c2f

a quick word of warning: my computer has stopped taking a charge. I'm trying to get the battery replaced-- it's holding out at 97% right now, just as long as it's plugged in-- but i don't know WHEN i'll actually have it fixed.

if the charge starts running down, i won't be able to fix it until i get that replacement, and i'll have a pretty paperweight that used to be a laptop. hopefully everything goes smoothly & this warning'll be moot. only time'll tell. :/
No. 90145 ID: bf3c2f

false alarm. tech support's informed me that the charge delay is actually a feature to save battery life.

boy howdy do i have a serious case egg-face.

i'm sorely disappointed that the thumbs up emoji won't show up on chrome because i would be all OVER that. here's hopin the rad holds out.
No. 90152 ID: 647041

Just a nitpick: Debtors are the ones who owe YOU something. The ones you actually have to fear are your creditors.
No. 90153 ID: bf3c2f

oooooph. should've double checked before running with it. that's one of my pet peeves & now... i've become what i hated most. truly the abyss something gaze whatever etc. etc..

i think i've got a fix in mind-- not quite a retcon-- but debtors is gonna stick around for awhile.

thanks for pointing that shit out-- me noticing any later than this & i'd be pretty fucked.
No. 90331 ID: bf3c2f

WELL DAMN THAT FIRST YELLOW'S IMPOSSIBLE TO READ. sorry about that. i'll try to make sure colors in the future aren't EYE SEARING.
No. 90334 ID: bf3c2f

i think i had to delete those posts 4 or 5 separate times before i finally got everything right. holy shit. okay. everything should be fixed now, and i should have learned how to format and double check my coding. fucking christ.
No. 90336 ID: 296917

u can do it
No. 90345 ID: 58aee2

i believe in u regret
No. 90509 ID: bf3c2f
File 142977196513.png - (875.60KB , 2818x1615 , i-draw-huge.png )

here's the 3 before they got sized down & fucked w/ green glowy shit. why? why not.
No. 90518 ID: 7656df

huh. i thought jo the croc had pink hair in the thread picture. also does lettice have an eyepatch?
No. 90519 ID: bf3c2f

yea jo's very, very blond, so his hair got the worst of the shit i do for lighting.

& yup, she does indeed.
No. 90523 ID: 809713

This is a weird choice. You're not shooting for the person you might find interesting, because you'd prefer not to shoot them.
No. 90637 ID: 72883a

So, is this one of the "nobody here is a good person" settings or it is within our power to redeem Lavalines (if such a term may be applied)? What overall tone are you gunning for with this quest?
No. 90657 ID: bf3c2f

i wouldn't say "redemption" is the PERFECT word for lavalines, but something like it is 100% "within your power".

the eaves & huast have plenty of "good" people running around; how many of them lavalines'll meet/recognize as being "good" is up to ya'll.

tone-wise? it's a little early to think about that for me. i don't have a definitive tone in mind for gauche.

i know more what i don't want than what i do. my worst nightmare is the quest reading like a tumblr blog w/ the heading "welcome to my twisted mind". i'll hesitantly say smth like a tonal noir-lite: none of the fatalism, half the cynicism, same great morally ambiguous taste.
No. 90678 ID: 409b75

That's cool.

It wasn't an idle question, though. It'd suck if we tried to develop the protagonist into a person that doesn't fit into the world.

Not sure why, but reading the quest thread made me think of a mix between "Sin City" and "Lucky Number Slevin".
No. 90738 ID: bf3c2f
File 143043913033.png - (635.68KB , 798x1164 , quote ref unquote yeah sure.png )

introducing protag-kun. 100% less oversized jacket & genitalia, or your money back. wish i had something more to say here; it's a ref. lavalines is always glowing. always. fight anyone who tries to say otherwise. destroy them.
No. 91781 ID: a19cd5
File 143381725773.png - (1.25KB , 64x64 , fevix.png )

>Posts overdue fanart in vague hope quest resumes
>Hasn't drawn in a week due to tech shenanigans
>It comes out garbage


(also, as an aside, are you ok man? I haven't been able to get in contact with you for a month now and I'm gettin worried, what happen?)
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