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File 142837400679.jpg - (27.85KB , 1000x763 , 2015-04-06 18_24_08.jpg )
90107 No. 90107 ID: 8fc68e

discussion thread for this derranged idea that I have been cooking for a while, it is not serious in the least but I hope to have fun with it, and while at it, keep fresh for my other main quest
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No. 90124 ID: 225ed3
File 142849899230.png - (560.87KB , 1280x800 , BI0105en.png )

It is the year 520 A.M. the world changed wen the greed for power of mankind manipulated life to create mewtwo, the first of many mockeries in the face of Arceus created by team Rocket, as it signaled the begining of humanity's downfall it is known by antros as year 0
No. 90125 ID: 225ed3
File 142849935721.png - (951.75KB , 1280x800 , BI0106en.png )

Raoul here learned this from a researcher living in cianwood island, when anthros where created about 20 years after mewtwo, they where weapons of war, soon the nations made their own anthros to counter the threat. The war was long and painful, but under mewtwo's guide eventually anthro and feral pokemon joined forces and put a permanent stop to humanity. The world began healing and human culture became taboo. Life was good and pure
No. 90126 ID: 225ed3
File 142849984611.png - (539.42KB , 1280x800 , BI0117.png )

It didnt took long however for the taboo to become myth and then just a bedtime story, some anthros started their own primitive societies, others stumbled across human city ruinsand quickly began emulating them. Such was the case for a group of anthros that uncovered the ruins of team rocket's abandoned warehouses and bases and realized the huge potential, their greed was awakened and as of now they have a well organized mafia bent in establishing commercial superiority for their own gain at any cost and trough any means
No. 90127 ID: bd8b82

so why were the anthros unstoppable death machines back then, but are now smart and weak now?
No. 90128 ID: 225ed3

shonen escalation!

feral pokemon are stronger than humans, give them tougher bodies and human intelligence and actual weapons and it's a disaster in the making, however they where originally very loyal

the problem came when humans started pushing them too much and both anthros and ferals realized the problem was humans causing so much conflict

at any rate, the world now is more peaceful, no fighting is required and anthros became lazy, however there are some like team rocket that remain organized and apt for fighting
No. 90134 ID: 296917

They must've been doing some really fucked up shit for genocide to be justified.
No. 90139 ID: 61d26b

war escalated to nuclear scale, of wich most ferals and a big number of anthros just shrugged off, but they realized the damage made to the environment was far too much, ferals had been forced to fight by humans far too long and anthros had been treated like less than ferals, of course there is way more to this than that, some cities accepted anthros in their societies and they integrated better, but the truth is, anthros had the purity of heart of ferals and humans always ended up cheating, lying or worse to them, all it took was the rallying of mewtwo to give the poke-kin the resolve to act for their own protection and the protection of the environment
No. 90434 ID: 225ed3
File 142955216521.jpg - (170.68KB , 1920x2560 , 2015-04-20 10_46_18.jpg )

so I go to the computer store to get some stuff for work, cashier is this shortish good looking girl,flirty too, nice red curly hair, since this is for work, I asked for a recipt, MFW I look at her name

would have snapped a pic of her if it wasn't so creepy |3

No. 90449 ID: 9297f4

Bruh, should have asked for her number.
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