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File 142783414261.jpg - (36.98KB , 900x800 , image.jpg )
89961 No. 89961 ID: 7bb494

Quest: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/630823.html

Any questions, theories, feedback or comments go here.
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No. 89962 ID: 296917

So when they're transformed, do they have dog dicks?

It had to be asked.
No. 89966 ID: a19cd5

Did it
Did it really
No. 89968 ID: 0ee153

It really didn't.
No. 89969 ID: bb78f2

So are you saving this information for later or can you just spoil whether or not vampires, zombies, mages, changlings, or any other kind of mythological creature is real.

You spoiled white wolf, so maybe you would spoil that? I mean, maybe the weird, implied to-be-powerful nature of the skinner points to him being something else, but that's obviously the not-fun type of spoiler if you were to reveal it, and there's a chance the guy actually got a dose of gamma radiation and became a super villain or he's got voodoo powers or something, and I consider magic way different that confirmation of mythological creatures exist.

When Ulfric has an itchy butt does he scratch it with his hand or transform and skid it on carpet?
No. 89986 ID: 5db52c

>It had to be asked.
Eh, you could have just waited for the inevitable porn to be drawn.
No. 89990 ID: 76c67f

I wasn't planning on incorporating other supernatural things, no. Just werewolves! Wolves, wolves, wolves!
No. 90000 ID: bb78f2

You know, the more I see Michael interact with people, the more I think that he and Ulfric have a lot in common when it comes to personality.

Just looking at his various facial expressions throughout the quest, besides the one where he gets eaten in his dream at the beginning. He's aloof as much as Ulfric is.
No. 90029 ID: 76c67f


Who do you trust? Or do you not trust anyone yet?
No. 90031 ID: 946a53

No. 90032 ID: bb78f2

Not Ira.
No. 90033 ID: bb78f2

By the way guys, if it's not obvious, I'm trying to suggest my wait into turning this quest into a social commentary on werewolves trying to integrate into society and come out into the world, eventually turning Michael into a public figure and politician and start up a werewolf outreach program.

Public meetings

House of Cards with Werewolves.
No. 90035 ID: 5db52c

That's kind of a neat idea, actually. And it's a long term solution to the hunter- if werewolves are a part of society, then the mechanisms of society will protect them.

Although in the short to medium term, I think we're going to be rather preoccupied with survival.
No. 90037 ID: 330ce5

So a mad mess of survival, wit, and murder with politics? No one will come out of that unharmed, we are all doomed.
No. 90038 ID: 5db52c

>oh my god the horror movie murderer is after us, what do we do!
>We file a police report
I'm kind of amused that the contrary break the mold how dare you do that idea we came up with is the perfectly ordinary and boring thing to do.

Although, realistically, one police report for a creepy maybe threatening bloody basket isn't going to amount to much. We need a pattern of harassment or a clear threat for them to act, and the situation is likely to escalate to violence faster than we can get them involved.

At best, I figure if the cops know his description, he'll find it harder to move openly without being harassed. This is a delaying tactic.

...the best way to play it is probably if we pretend to be completely normal. He's the crazy stalker who babbles stuff about hunting wolves. You're just a waiter!
No. 90040 ID: 76c67f
File 142811945025.png - (282.55KB , 1000x900 , cut.png )

The Furcutter
No. 90042 ID: a0d907

That's got to be it. The fluff. The fluff makes him immortal.
No. 90044 ID: bb78f2

Yeah, the skinner is the huntsmen and that's ol' red right over there.
Taking vengeance against all werewolves.
No. 90047 ID: 82c018

So far Skinny doesn't seem particularly vengeful as much as murderously whimsical; so my guess would be that imitating fairytales amuses him.
No. 90050 ID: bf2af8

Oh yeah, that might be true.
Shame I don't know of any versions of lil red where the wolf wins.
No. 90051 ID: bb78f2

I think there's a porno where it happens or like, somethig pornographic.
I think there's also Hoodwinked, which is a parody.
Oooh, and I think the original written by Perrault actually just ends with Red dead, and the Grimm version is the more optimistic ending where the huntsmen skins the wolf at the end. Take that with a grain of salt since it's from TV tropes.

In the Grimm version, Red is the one that also kills the wolf by stuffing stones in his stomach so that he can't run away fast enough to take care of his open stomach wound, I think. The huntsmen just opens the wolf, then skins him after.

So, if we have ANY correlation here and why red's around the skinner, it's because she deals the killing blow while the skinner subdues the werewolf, and then skins it after. If red is a ghost, yeah, no, police can't do jack shit without the ghostbusters.

I REALLY hope this is NYC and also takes place in the Ghostbuster's universe. I know Orion confirmed no other supernatural beings, but that's clearly a lie when it comes to the Skinner and Red unless they are also werewolves. So, yeah, we need to call the ghostbusters AND work with the police.
No. 90053 ID: b43273

did anyone expect this
fucking game of werewolves shit
did aNYONE expect this because i didnt but i am SO DOWN FOR THIS
(wow, orion, does this nuke your quest?)
No. 90054 ID: 5db52c

Well, yeah. 'Werewolf' what I expected from the first dream. Especially with the title.
No. 90055 ID: b43273

no, i meant game of werewolves as in game of thrones, did anyone expect us to try to make michael into some sorta woof politician?
No. 90056 ID: bb78f2

We haven't gotten to game of thrones or house of cards with werewolves yet.
Right now we're playing modern red riding hood with a twist that the wolf is the protaginist and red and the woodsmen/hunstmen being the villain and seeking the wolf out.
No. 90064 ID: bb78f2

I have to say, if we go through with the police plan, I really am looking forward to seeing the surprise on Cutter's face.

It is the legit LAST thing he would expect a werewolf to do.
No. 90079 ID: 8f01e8

>We need a pattern of harassment or a clear threat for them to act,

>What fun is there in simply killing you?

Sounds pretty clear to me! Some of it is left to context and implication, but there is really no reasonable interpretation of this note other than a death threat, and he was even kind enough to specify where the stakeout needs to be set up. And, if the patrol cars and SWAT team and whatever are all busy with something more obviously urgent?

>I'll wait for you. Take your time...

Most of the stuff cops do day-to-day is tedious paperwork and ticketing people for speeding or DUI and 'domestic disturbances' which is basically the worst parts of babysitting, but for people who are legally adults. Their job is to protect good citizens from criminal scum, but telling those apart is difficult and boring and even once you've caught somebody, most of the time you're not supposed to shoot them! This should be a dream come true for the cops, like that one movie where the protagonist jumps into a taxi and shouts "follow that car!" and the driver says "All my life I've been waiting for somebody to say that." Obvious bad guy, fixed location, armed and dangerous, gruesome trophy to wave at the press if they start asking dumb questions about 'excessive force.' Bust out the tactical gear and let's roll.
No. 90080 ID: bb78f2

We should also clarify that they guy had sent actual wolf pelts that CSI guys can analyze. I mean, it's werewolf fur technically, but it's real fur and PROBABLY genetically identical to wolves.

There's also a chance the blood on those clothes could match up with several missing person's cases throughout the country if the cops have their DNA in the system. It's going to be weird when it's wolf DNA AND somehow a match-up for one to several missing persons.

It's going to be a WEIRD day for the lab guys. Which is why I want to go this route. I want to see the police go all Jackie Chan "My mind is full of fuck" when we give them that basket.

Wolf fur is illegal, right? We can AT LEAST get him on that. Or Michael will get arrested for poaching wolf fur. I don't know. It looks like a fresh enough kill and skin to get somebody on a poaching count and isn't some hand-me-down heirloom.

Orion, since I'm not sure IF you're gonna agree to write this route or display the science behind werewolf blood actually in quest, can you explain what will happen if werewolf blood is analyzed by a crime scene professional if the werewolf in question is fully transformed? Say the DNA IS in the crime system AND someone performs a check to look for wolf blood at the same time. Will the forensic investigation BOTH identify the human victim while also identifying that wolves are a genetic cousin to the werewolf?
No. 90081 ID: 296917

Personally I think the most important thing is how opposed to this route Orion is. Is being reasonable and going to the cops going to fuck up the planned story?
No. 90082 ID: bb78f2

Another idea (got it from bugs bunny marathon last night)

Have Michael crossdress and seduce the skinner like he was Elmer Fudd. It also goes with the Red Riding Hood parable since the big bad wolf also crossdresses in that one.

Because, let's be honest here, if ganging up on him would work, if shooting him or blowing him up wouldn't work, if reporting him to the police wouldn't work (we haven't proven that but whatever), we just Bugs Bunny the shit out of him. Not even just the corss dressing. I'm talking "Rabbit Season, Duck Season, Rabbit Season Rabbit Season, Duck Season,", disguises, poking his eyes, the works.

Michael has long hair, would be REALLY easy to make him look like a girl.
No. 90083 ID: 8c4ca8

the skinner knew michael was a wolf before michael knew michael was a wolf
i seriously doubt this would work
No. 90084 ID: 5db52c

>police show up right at our door while we're fighting about it
>office Hunter
...Onion, you're just trolling us now, aren't you.
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