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File 126334710424.gif - (76.83KB , 600x600 , disc.gif )
8991 No. 8991 ID: 426169

Premature thread is premature.

I'll be using this thread to post background info later, and answer questions.

So hit it.
No. 8992 ID: dac8d0

I am intrigued...
No. 8994 ID: b13160

if the protagonist is a fairy that keeps screaming HEY LISTEN! i sure hope she can ressurect herself.
No. 9006 ID: 8ecfd4

It seems like it could be an interesting quest. I like the art style. But it's a bit early to say how big a succes it might be.

I'm also a bit intrigued by the lore. It seems to me that the fairies are very small and by extension the trolls as well. You also seem to have used Scandinavian trolls as the inspiration for yours.

So where did you get the inspiration for the lore?
No. 9007 ID: 426169

The Fae? Inspired by faery tales to some extent, some more by Pratchett's elves (which are in turn based on old faery tales), a lot of it is my own brainchild.

I've taken inspiration from a lot of sources, all told. If you want to know the specific origin of something, ask and I'll answer, as long as it's not too plot-critical.

The dusker's a dude.
No. 9008 ID: 8ecfd4

It just reminds me of some old childrens books from late 19th centuary and early 20th centuary. The main characters were very small forest fairies gnomes. No wings anyway and not alot of magic.

Anyway there were alot of sentient humanlike animals running around, alot like your mice living in the tree stump.

Then it's a bit refreshing to see more old school trolls. I have always liked the old scandinavian troll as it's not completly moronic and it's something more than a hungry beast lurking in dank caves. They can actually be really nice and helpful at times, the opposite is of course also true.
No. 9140 ID: e2020c

why is it so violent?!
No. 9150 ID: 426169

Why ISN'T it violent?
No. 9152 ID: 426169

Actually, I had a slight derp in the storytelling. I had intended for the players to be just the dusker's inner thoughts, but I wrote some of the updates as an external dialogue. Whoops.

No. 9162 ID: 632862

Inspired by Pratchett's elves? No wonder the guy is more focused on pride than peace.
No. 9450 ID: e2020c

Well, violence. Just to see myself calibrate subconsciously into zen-like shooting virtual arrows through heads of mountain bandits, forest bandits and khergit robbers in just one night makes me consider about all the other possibilities of virtual realities and their link to our daily lives. Combining this idea with experiences of yearning "earth", "land under the feet" as my dear friend calls it, I start to see why so many people feel more or less unconsciously really traumatised or insecure, as of speaking about meditation and different productive states of mind. As of speaking about meditation and different states of mind, actually one state of mind in slow change, it isn't that unproductive to be afraid. Actually in many cases fear makes working faster and with more accuracy which can probably be explained many ways. I also don't see why we shouldn't be afraid, it's hell of a world out there, but I also suggest, that we could be less afraid, unconsciously. Maybe, it's also a very great way to relax by seeing some bloody action. Wha...

...however, i was just pointing out that everyone on tgchan might not prefer extra violence, but as there are little other violent quests I don't object.
No. 9451 ID: e2020c

sorry about the obscure English, just don't know where it comes from, but it's not my grammar that's lacking, more like consciousness of writing English.
No. 9454 ID: 2cbe3e


I love the way Elves are done in Discworld.
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