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File 142699429718.png - (153.90KB , 800x1007 , Sketch12414034.png )
89730 No. 89730 ID: f75cf9

I don't know what is the etiquette for discussion threads so I'm making a discussion thread I guess.

I dunno advise me and stuff I guess!

(I promise I will not blow up and stop questing forever due to negative feedbacks.)

Oh uh
That's probably important
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No. 89762 ID: bd8b82

bluh, we need cards. like one with a rock, one with a person. and so on. gather samples of local materials and name them after similar earth materials. like instead of green grass like earth the grass card has a picture of their red grass.
No. 89788 ID: 5db52c

Okay, here's a list of dialog examples, context removed, too look for basic patterns.

Dool! Goa domen hoomon! Oboga ger!
Doog! Dar gonda-a vur! Oboga goa vul!
Vall! Ger oboa rol doog!
Dar yuva-a ziro vall... Dar yuvade zur doog dool!
Doog. Dar obomen gobol vur doog.
Dar obomen gobol rol! Dar domen hoomon!
Dar jorrea gobol vur doog!
Gobol budomen gevron rol! Gobol budomen hoomon vur!
Dool! Oboga ger vul!
Hoomon yodnamen gevron vur dool!
No. 89794 ID: f75cf9

So I fucked up more than a few times. I'll have this in the next update - and hopefully get a mod to change it in the original posts - but for now I'm putting a revised list with the corrected sentences.

Dool! Goa domo hoomon! Oboga ger!
Doog! Dar gonda-a buv! Oboga goa vul!
Bonrevol! Dar domen hoomon rol! Dar domen (screeching sound) vur!
Vall! Gor oboa rol doog!
Dar yuva-a ziro vall... Dar yuvade zur doog dool!
Doog. Dar obomo gobol vur doog.
Dar obomen gobol rol! Dar domen hoomon!
Dar jorrea gobol vur doog!
Gobol budomen gevron rol! Gobol budomen hoomon vur!
Dool! Oboga ger vul!
Hoomon yodnamen gevron vur dool!

I will try to check more carefully in the future so this at least happens less often!
No. 89803 ID: 5db52c

It occurs to me it must be kind of weird to make up a language / code for us to break, and then to try to portray a character making reasonable guesses based on our guesses without giving it away or letting your actual knowledge bleed through.
No. 89814 ID: f75cf9

It is a bit tricky, bit I imagine it's not much different than when any quest author has a puzzle or something.

I'm kind of trying to control my knowledge by not having her come up with theories much - hopefully it's not making her look stupid/incompetent!
No. 89849 ID: 602cd8

I've editted the posts requested from
Double check, please, to make sure I didn't just muck things up more, and also, do you want me to delete the posted corrections from the update or leave them as is?
No. 89855 ID: f75cf9

Weird, it's corrected when I highlight the links but not when I look at the posts in the page. Other than that though everything seems to be in order, so go ahead and remove the corrections. If that edit goes through for a particular user the rest should too, right?
No. 89856 ID: bd8b82

try CTRL-F5 to force refresh that page.
No. 89858 ID: 602cd8

Oh, until either /quest/ is rebuilt or someone posts in the thread (which rebuilds it), changes I make don't actually take hold, so I may have just forgotten to rebuild. It should eventually show up fine though if you saw the changes at all, if it hasn't already.

Sorry if I'm largely preaching to the choir, but Ctrl-F5 basically reloads the page without pulling anything from the cache, in other words, if the website wants to load image X, normal F5 may check and find out you already have image x in the temporary cache and load that, while ctrl-f5 will download the latest version (even if it's the one you already had). Since this is just text edit, though, I don't believe that most browsers would normally pull text from the cache since it's such a negligible thing to download; so no one should have to ctrl-f5. (If I were replacing images, though, then that may be different.) This was largely just an FYI; Ctrl-F5 was basically the first reasonable guess since it's not exactly intuitive that threads/boards have to be rebuilt for post edits to take hold.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong about this.
No. 89864 ID: f75cf9

Seems right to me. At least clearing the cache then reloading didn't change it but posting the next update did.

Anyway this is getting a bit off topic (if interesting) so how bout we stop now.
No. 91809 ID: 57d76a
File 143388382257.png - (94.90KB , 800x800 , Sketch920264.png )

Whoops, he's supposed to have rank pips.
No. 95146 ID: 99cfa8
File 144351276211.png - (94.78KB , 800x800 , Sketch920264.png )

HAHAHA RETCON because I developed their rank system more.

Hmm also can I just reply to it while it's in the graveyard? Or do I need to get a mood to pull it out? (I'm not ready yet anyway but I'm actually working on it again.)
No. 95147 ID: 3663d3

yeah, a mod needs to be told. and they will take it out.
No. 95148 ID: e114bc

You'll want to bug someone on IRC. Reporting the thread to be taken out of the graveyard MIGHT work on its own? IDK.
No. 95180 ID: 99cfa8

All right now, xenolinguistics quest is back on. B)
No. 95215 ID: 99cfa8

Actually am I overdoing the xenolinguistics? I mean it's kinda fun for me and xenolinguist was chosen at character creation, but people seem to be ignoring it entirely now. (Actually worry over people getting bored is a big part of why we jumped to Hao so soon after getting back, which probably was a mistake actually?)

Being on the other side of it in Rock makes me appreciate more how hard this is, though, and there we at least have cognates. So I guess I'm asking how much is it people not wanting to do xenolinguistics, and how much is it not having theories to put forward?
No. 95216 ID: 3663d3

problem is everyone is more worried about the GUNSHOT then what the alien is trying to say. triage.
No. 95217 ID: 99cfa8

Haha, yes, of course this is also a factor. But uh, feel free to let me know if it gets too linguistics-heavy.
No. 95218 ID: 88960e

Well, we might be ignoring it cause the quest just came back from the dead and we've forgotten what little we learned slash haven't got the notes back out yet. (And in my case, my notes aren't on my phone, and it would be a pain to try and crunch that on mobile anyways).

Also, I don't know about anyone else, but 'suggest an action' and 'codebreak this language' are completely different headspaces for me. The later takes more time, concentration, and the right mindset. That's not always there when I go to throw my two cents in on an update.
No. 95220 ID: 395c02

Geez how did I miss that there was a xenolinguistics quest
No. 95225 ID: 2eeb65

>Actually am I overdoing the xenolinguistics?
I can't speak for everyone, but I love it! I like when quests involve puzzle elements like that, even if they aren't easily solvable
No. 95234 ID: 99cfa8

So it seems the answer to my question is 100% THE LATTER.

Right then! Xenolinguistics, HO!
No. 95292 ID: 99cfa8

Oh hey, also: I have a file I've been keeping that indicates what Aeris knows/thinks about the alien language. Should I make a copy of that publicly available somewhere (the wiki, maybe)?
No. 95293 ID: 149da0

A public copy of all the words we know (and maybe the example dialog we've seen so far to pour over) online would probably be a good idea. The wiki works, or you could do a google doc or something if you wanted something that doesn't require a login.
No. 95298 ID: 99cfa8

It's on the wiki now.
No. 104186 ID: 16bb01

Beep boop testing colors don't mind me
No. 104187 ID: 16bb01

Okay so that one sucks is this better?
>comparison purposes
No. 104188 ID: 16bb01

Okay that is literally the same color maybe this will be better? or this
No. 105559 ID: fd255b

So wild guessing on the translations goes here, right?
I have no idea what I'm doing really, but here goes.

My main thought, was that I noticed the Gevrons never seem to ask any questions. Possibly a) their language uses different inflection from english that Aeris doesn’t recognize or b) their language doesn’t use inflection to indicate questions. Doog as an interrogative has pretty much been nailed down as confusion, and when its not an interrogative so far its been the last or second to last word in the sentence. So I'm thinking that doog might be a word used to indicate that the sentence is a question.

That one I have a stronger feeling about, but here's some other stuff which is basically just guesses.

>Goa domo hoomon! / Dar domo joom zog! / Gevron domo hoomon
>Dar domen hoomon! / Hoomon domen Xrionan vur.

Taking the theory that the prefixes of verbs are the base, and therefore do- words are conjugations of the same verb (which granted, could be totally wrong), I think domo is probably third person singular (used with proper noun Goa). Domen is then used with "human(s)," which is likely to be referring to the collective, so third person plural. Interestingly (if all the previous stuff is true), dar is used with both domo and domen. That suggests that Gevron nouns may not use declension, or at least not for plurals, and whether a noun is plural or singular is determined by the conjugation of the verb in context.

> the 'princess' speaks for the first time. "Bonrevol! Dar domen hoomon rol! Dar domen [Xrionan
] vur!"
>For "dar" Goa drew [a Xrionan] and a human

This makes me think that vur and rol[i] aren't yes/no at all, and assuming they are opposites because of one instance of parallel sentence structure seems like wishful thinking. I like the theory that [i]do- words mean "to be"/"to imitate"/something similar though if that’s wrong this observation doesn't mean much. But yeah, Goa saying "dar are/aren't human; dar aren't/are xrionan" and then later drawing both for dar doesn’t make sense. 'Oboga dablid vur.' makes me want to say that vur actually means "me" or "not" since that would make that sentence make sense as "Give the tablet to me" or "Don't take the tablet". 'Hoomon domen Xrionan vur' makes "not" seem more likely ("Humans aren't Xrionans")


Thinking these might be pronouns. Gendered third person singulars? Second person singular and third person singular?

>Oboga goa vul! / Oboga ger vul!

Vul seems to be an adverb. "Take Goa ???" / "Take them ???" Now? Quickly? Could also be "you" (plural or singular), I guess. "You take Goa!"


Because of how Goa first used joom to refer to the blank tablet, my thought was that it meant something like nothing/blank/empty. The square they drew could represent a perimeter with nothing inside, like a blank piece of paper or an empty box. No real evidence for that though.

Also I got the impression that Goa’s last words to Aeris before the debreif were begging her not to leave them alone, just because of how miserable they look in the quarantine room. :C You follow the alien you’ve been bonding with onto their alien ship, where they lock you up alone and go off who knows where leaving you with a bunch of strangers who can’t even understand the small amount of your language that Aeris was able to figure out in one day... Yeah that would suck, even if they weren’t hungry and exposed to potentially lethal microbes.
No. 109577 ID: 343609

I'm just gonna go ahead and say this gets related next time we're with Aeris. Too good of spec to force you to relay it.

Plus having to relay is dumb anyway so I'm making that official policy from now on.

In completely unrelated news, BLUH BLUH MY FILENAMES ARE THE WORST
No. 109578 ID: 343609

This post exists solely to provide a wiki link for easier navigation.

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