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File 142629950617.png - (264.04KB , 749x749 , WreckedDiscuss.png )
89627 No. 89627 ID: 9dd1ee

Lucid gave me permission to make a discussion thread for his awesome new Quest "shipwrecked"

He'll be happy to answer any questions about Eilin the ploverlor, the quest or the setting! or anything else for that matter

so ask away!
No. 89631 ID: 9ddf68

how many races are in this world and what do they look like? Asking because whenever they come up in quest they're told to us like we already know. Like when we asked about the ship's crew.
No. 89633 ID: 69994e


No. 89634 ID: 9ddf68

So that's why it looked so damn familiar, thanks
No. 89822 ID: 9dd1ee

How much Spell casting can Eilin do? is there a limit or will she run out of magic juice?
No. 89828 ID: 69994e

Eilin has a number of spell points that she can spend to cast her spells. The Spell points replenish after time so she can never completely run out, but she can deplete her reserve for a certain amount of time.
No. 89829 ID: 9dd1ee

Is Eilin aware of how much spell power she has left? or will she only realize she's out of magic when no more spells will work?
No. 89832 ID: 69994e

she knows how much she can do. In a situation where it's more important, such as a combat situation or something, she'll let /quest/ know
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