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File 142584668576.png - (158.32KB , 700x500 , Butt Talk.png )
89554 No. 89554 ID: 189a54

Discuss and/or critique the thing here if you want :P
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No. 89555 ID: bd8b82

we gonna get any waifus like in Enemy quest?
No. 89558 ID: 189a54

Hrrmmmmm. I dunno, X-Com baddies are all genderless and all want to kill you so chances getting some alien poon and/or dick are slim. Human waifus might be had if you want, although there's a chance they may die xD
No. 89560 ID: a19cd5

I mean, engineering's cute
No. 89564 ID: 350a50

>getting some alien poon and/or dick are slim
That's what Gene Mods are for, silly. If those are even an option. Not sure whether this is more Old School X-Com or EU/EW. That OP pic suggests the former though.
No. 89565 ID: 189a54

Yeah, basing it off of the old one. I started the quest after coming off a particularly heavy OpenXcom binge xD
No. 90026 ID: d48d62

And I was introduced to X-Com (and quickly switched to OpenXCom) like a month ago. Lost ten dudes in my first Terror mission.

This quest promises to be fun.
No. 91057 ID: 1d1817

Should probs mention I may be deader than usual for a while, my laptop fell apart so nothing to draw updates on :( Maybe I'll try something in my sketchbook in the meantime, I dunno xD
No. 91060 ID: a19cd5

Oh damn dude, hope it gets better soon! I miss your quests
No. 106121 ID: a1bbe2
File 148057279930.gif - (9.01MB , 480x1102 , this is okay.gif )

So it took over a year but I now have a new, stronger laptop, fixing to get this going again in between uni shit. Should be fun
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