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File 142465960289.png - (12.08KB , 800x600 , 5.png )
89318 No. 89318 ID: ec63c1

Because its not like people will make one on their own
Expand all images
No. 89332 ID: a19cd5

No. 89337 ID: 8df9ed

Whatever do you mean?
No. 89338 ID: ea0ad9

"Hue" is a weird way of saying "Hah," but it's also a term used in colors.
No. 89341 ID: 8df9ed

Well, I will be replying in this thread.
I will use it as a way to clear up any misunderstandings, or give info for the Wiki page for CQ. Nobody seems to want to give me access to edit the wiki. -.-

Questions, comments, fanservice?
No. 89347 ID: 1324fc

>Nobody seems to want to give me access to edit the wiki. -.-
Sorry about that, the little thing that used to pop up and tell me there's a new user account waiting approval doesn't seem to be working. I have to actually remember to manually check now, and sometimes I fall behind.

You should be good to go now!
No. 89350 ID: d179f9

>"Hue" is a weird way of saying "Hah," but it's also a term used in colors.

No. 89352 ID: a19cd5

haha, someone's GREEN with envy over my spectacular puns
No. 89359 ID: fa44a3

No. 89362 ID: d958ad

Blue, blue.
No. 89366 ID: 11cf6f

I've been doing CQ as follows:

>suggestions posted
>generalize/pick suggestion to draw
>post and wait the same day for response

Is there a time when you best would want CQ to be updated?
No. 89369 ID: d958ad

Regularly. What particular time doesn't matter.
No. 89441 ID: a95d51

CQ will update every weekend, in the evening, bewteen 3 pm and 12 am EST
No. 89935 ID: a0e916

Hey, y'all. So sorry I haven't ben updating regularly, but life issues arose and CQ fell to the wayside. On the upside, CQ will be updated! Just... sporadically at best. Sorry! DX
No. 92192 ID: a62846

I missed updating and I missed being free and having free time. Fortunately, I have and CQ has been updated. :3 finally...
No. 102277 ID: 7d01b5

Should the second thread and the interlude be in the graveyard? You don't report them as completed?
No. 102465 ID: cea69d

Are we supposed to make suggestions as Ruby? Or are we waiting for another update?
No. 102473 ID: 650554

Everything should be labeled as completed, but I cant seem to get it in the right board
No. 102475 ID: 650554

Actually, this is where I began having trouble with that. I feel as though we've not explored everyone, so I wanted to see if A) anyone posted here so that I could poll the audience, and B) if you think we should focus on Ruby for a little bit or another character
No. 102476 ID: ca0e20

I probably should have told you this first, since I just went and did it and realized it might be better if the author does it, but usually you would go at the bottom of the completed thread when it's done and type in the "reason" box "COMPLETED QUEST" and that's the main way to do it. Then once a mod gets around to it, they archive it.
No. 102509 ID: 398fe1

Don't lie. You never completed those threads, nothing was labled or anything.
No. 102517 ID: 34813b

If you are having some trouble with reporting finished threads and all of that, I think you could go to IRC and talk to one of the admins or moderators.
No. 102519 ID: 650554

well, I have done this, but sometimes it doesn't quite work.
I will do this and see if I can have it rectified
No. 102520 ID: 650554
File 147084777722.png - (61.63KB , 497x150 , 142370179362s.png )

Threads 1 and 2 have ended. The interlude thread technically was supposed to introduce a new character, but I feel like the abrupt end with Keyplate was a cute way to end it off as her character is the kind of spontaneous, Invader Zim-esque annoying yet lovable girl who exudes happiness, candy and stickers.
No. 102528 ID: ca0e20

That's actually why I was asking. I was reading through them to catch up and saw that both ended or had a conclusion of some kind. Although I'll admit that usually, people make the end more obvious by making the title be "End", "Part X End" or whatever. Or even saying so in the post.
No. 102531 ID: 398fe1

Oh sorry, I missed the text in the image at the end of part 2, somehow.
No. 102533 ID: 650554
File 147086250926.png - (16.92KB , 1177x587 , possible-character-leak.png )

I'll try to make it look more obvious, but Typically, it'll just be a grayscale or sepia tone card with "COLORQUEST PART ___ END" on it somewhere, like so
No. 102535 ID: ca0e20

My suggestion would be to make sure that the word "END" is big enough. Like the first part's end. At least big and "intrusive" enough that it can be seen clearly even if you don't make the image bigger on the thread. Cause that could be part of the problem. Part 2's end can be missed if someone just kinda glance over the last image post to see if it ended.
No. 102548 ID: d7b641

I'm new enough at this quest making thing that I can do stories and make them interesting, but not enough to where I can make quality content. My excuse for the second thread ending looking like that is that I did it in class like a foolish fool and didn't bother to make it look nice.
No. 102549 ID: d7b641

No. 102590 ID: 650554

No. 102591 ID: 650554

IF it doesn't bother anyone, I can put the strawpoll in the quest to get people to vote.
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