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File 142408208327.png - (21.23KB , 1280x1280 , questdis.png )
89193 No. 89193 ID: a19cd5

So, now that updates are (finally) rolling off the truck again, I figure it's time to open a discussion thread about it.

I'm intentionally leaving a lot up to interpretation here a-la theming, character design, and the world itself, but still trying to keep the whole of it a cohesive, solid thing with it's own rules and backstory.

This is all in the hopes of fostering discussion about this strange little campfire yarn I'm spinning, as well as theories on just what the dinkle-dang fuckaroo is going on in this spooky green little world.

So, discuss away!

Current thread: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/599870.html
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No. 89194 ID: d958ad

Can we get a list of the spells or whatever snakelady knows?
No. 89195 ID: a19cd5

The only available spells so far are what have been shown:
Decimation Spark and Warding Light.

Warding Light[/spoiler] is a very passive spell. As long as it's active, the Void loses the ability to sense your presence, and smaller extensions of itself will not trouble you. More defined tendrils of the void, however...

The Decimation Spark is able to burn just about anything, but is severely limited. It moves like molasses, takes a while to charge, and as long as it's in use the Warding Light is inactive. It is a specialist tool, but a useful one to have around in spite of it's limitations.

More spells may become usable as the quest progresses, but it's all dependant on the choices made. The lantern is only a tool, however. Bear that in mind.
No. 89197 ID: 20459c

A thought suddenly came to mind.
The Decimation Spark is a very very slow projectile yes?
It might not be well-suited to combat, but I wonder if there is a limited minefield-capacity to it? The idea being you kinda spam it to fill the space inbetween you and your opponent, preventing approach.
Then again, the slow charge time would only make it worthwhile if you KNEW the enemy was coming in that direction, and the slow movement (I'm imaging slow enough for someone to literally walk circles around) Is why it's very difficult to use as a direct combat weapon.

As far as Fire being the Holy force instead of the more typical light...
I wonder if these snake-guys are cold-blooded? It adds to the idea that fire is good (because more heat which would mean less energy wasted due to being too cold to work properly)
No. 90439 ID: db6da8

I'm afraid I can't get it replaced, too, because I am dirt poor.

No. 90440 ID: 296917

How did that even HAPPEN?
No. 90441 ID: defceb

Uh, if you want I'd be willing to help with panels for a while?
No. 90444 ID: db6da8

That'd help a lot, honestly, but I ain't about to ask that of you if itd inconvenience you dude

My skypes archivemod, pm me there. I'll pay you back for the aid however I can.

Tldr i was shifting stuff around to fit in the car and forgot my laptop bag while doing so and it went squish.
No. 90447 ID: defceb

Turns out I actually don't have skype on this computer. Is there an alternative? Otherwise I can just download it when I'm back tonight and msg you then.

And if it were a problem I wouldn't have offered :p
No. 90450 ID: db6da8

Update: the motherboard is cracked. MotherFUCK.
To make matters worse the power supply on the desktop i got doesn't work either.

Apollo, try going into the tgchan irc over on rizon, I'll be home in a couple hours and we can plan then.
No. 91237 ID: a19cd5
File 143210075618.png - (95.91KB , 2000x1000 , snakecharm.png )

This just in: I am a complete hack when it comes to tablet art. Let's change that, maybe!
No. 91857 ID: a19cd5
File 143402062402.png - (6.99KB , 640x640 , gbasnakecharmer.png )

Aight so, to clear up confusion: One of y'all is actually dead. I' not going to spoil who, but what this means is that the dead persons posts will, for the time being, be completely ignored. This includes references to the post and any posting by that user until a point I will specify later on in here.

So, uh, to the lucky suggestor: have fun being dead!

Also, have some mockup GB snakecharmer art I did instead of sleeping.
No. 91858 ID: 9ddf68

>So, uh, to the lucky suggester: have fun being dead
neat, so can was it one of the guys insulting blinky or did he just pick someone at random?
No. 91869 ID: a19cd5

each time one of you goobers gets killed I use an rng website to pick which lucky anon gets to bite it.
No. 91878 ID: e114bc

That's really dumb and this encounter is dumb. It's been like five updates where we've accomplished nothing and nothing has happened except, apparently, one of the suggesters getting *kicked out of the quest without warning*.
No. 91879 ID: ab7529

I was previously thinking something directly threatening the suggestors was silly, since there's no way to meaningfully enforce such a threat.

Ignoring "dead" suggestors changes matters slightly. Although if we get people killed by yelling dumb things, using a rng means natural selection favors actually favors 'bad' choices. (Since more often than not, the person who deserves the darwin award isn't picked to die by the rng. So they kill off multiple people before they themselves die).

Keeping it hidden weirdly keeps it from impacting us (since we can't tell the difference). Although it's sort of necessary considering an afflicted suggestor could just rotate their name / ID if they knew. (Does favor anons with variable IPs. They could res themselves accidentally).

...although I can kind of feel this. Sitting around listening to the darkness whine at us while we apparently have no options for any kind of action is lame. Unless this is a puzzle and there's something obvious we're missing.

(When it said it couldn't kill too many of us without attracting undue attention, I momentarily considered threatening suicide- sacrificing enough voices to call down something it didn't want. ...but that logic really doesn't work, considering it wants us to die, and asked us to).
No. 91880 ID: 9ddf68

honestly I've already given up and am just sticking around to see where this goes. Like in most quest WE (the suggesters) don't have any real power and our avatar didn't have much either. At first I thought this was going to be more of a puzzle based quest with us having to find things to get pass obstacles in our path but we kept getting pushed to hurry forwards instead of looking around and then blinky showed up so now I get the feeling that this is more of a prologue where everything is set and is just to give us an idea of how the world works.

That's just what I'm getting from the quest though and am probably wrong but them my two cents.
No. 91883 ID: a19cd5

This is all some fair criticism, I should definitely have given more warning about this twist beforehand.

RE: the encounter taking too long, it's definitely gone on a few more updates than I initially intended but I also think that feeling might be more because of my glacial update speed of late. There's only been ten panels, which was the far end of what I was planning for with this encounter.

Luckily, someone figured out the 'puzzle' pretty soon after I dropped the hint, so you guys should be free of this jerk soon.

Also yeah leaving it up to RNG is dumb as is keeping it a secret, so the dead suggestor is now redecided and is bd8b82.
My original reason for keeping it secret was "Oh, but now they'll just not suggest until they get a revive" but in hindsight that is a dumb reason.
No. 91884 ID: a19cd5

Also, don't give up. The goal of the game is less solving puzzles (I kinda hate pointless puzzles) and more a classic survival horror type deal.

A lot of this game is going to be focused on reaching the goal, and to do that will often require you guys to think outside the box and look at what you have on you.

You have:
-The lantern, which is able to dissolve matter (albiet very slowly) and when not doing that shield you from being physically engaged by the monsters of the world
-A prayer token on a string
-Moderate physical fitness wrought by the basic training regimine your preisthood training required

What you don't have:
-A viable weapon

You can do this, but be warned that after a specific point failing the game can be a very real possibility.
No. 91885 ID: ab7529

Can we bring those first 3 to bear, even? Our protagonist has been non-responsive, and floating kind of helplessly. We can't use her inventory and fitness if she can't (or doesn't).

Maybe we should have been trying to spur her to action instead of arguing with the eye.
No. 91930 ID: a19cd5

it's very possible that was in fact what you were meant to do
No. 91932 ID: e114bc

But we fucking tried that.
No. 92244 ID: a19cd5

Aight, thread one has been ended, and here's some info why:
I am bad at focusing and need to channel my energy into job applications and college for a while.
Snakecharmer will return as soon as that's done, which SHOULD be (read: will inevitably not be) before the end of august.

I'm pleased as heck people enjoy this enough to tear it apart, and I hope the next thread comes through better than this one.

Keep criticisms and applause or what have you rolling though, I want to know what I did right and wrong so I can apply that knowledge goin' forward yo.
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