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File 142399347607.jpg - (346.71KB , 1000x1000 , u0-neu-d3-f7715b04c87c4d7bb7a7d1a4b8f0341c^pimgpsh.jpg )
89168 No. 89168 ID: c36f75

A discussion thread for Quoll Quest
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No. 89169 ID: 36dba9

Firstoff I want to mention that Quoll Quest is being done by two people: Fiona and Nyarth.

I am new to tgchan and haven't really read a lot of quests yet. My friend Nyarth is an author though, so I asked him if he wants to team up and do a quest with me, and here we are!

My main task is doing the art for the quest, but I am also in charge of nagging Nyarth to keep it sfw...for now. I designed the characters and throw ideas in.. Also takeing care that he actually does updates. xP

I also started "Choices" as my own Quest.
No. 89170 ID: a19cd5

Sweet. Also, don't worry too terribly if it does wind up going nsfw, it's not against the rules so long as it's not illegal.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Also, give me ideas for a favicon. If you don't know what those are, one of the questdis threads will give you the skinny.
No. 89174 ID: c36f75

>>This reminds me of Panty Quest a bit. The mind reading is almost like Ron's, but weaker. I hope you haven't developed abilities tied to correlating to the quest you're reading.

This isn't related to other quests.

>> Oh yeah, do you happen to be Australian by any chance Nyarth?

I am from the freest country in the universe.
No. 89177 ID: bb78f2

>>This reminds me of Panty Quest a bit. The mind reading is almost like Ron's, but weaker. I hope you haven't developed abilities tied to correlating to the quest you're reading.

>This isn't related to other quests.

Oh okay.
Would have been a weird quest where the protagonist had a roulette wheel power reliant on to whatever happens in a variety of quests on tgchan, particularly the ones that the protagonist is suggested to read.
No. 89196 ID: 5d2f8c

I like your art style, it's pretty cute.
No. 89273 ID: 7dfae3
File 142438079458.png - (910.11KB , 976x816 , Lauren and Mom.png )

Thank you! ^w^

Here are some mom and Lauren I doodled.

random sketches can go in discussion right?
No. 89867 ID: bd8b82

No. 89869 ID: fbc59e

Wow. Everything had said slice of life with minor mystery.
Then a dude's head poppead.
I though Cerberus was supposed to set in slowly, not eat our protagonist, of all things!
No. 89870 ID: 7656df

congrats for doing the one thing absolutely no one thought would happen
No. 89871 ID: bd8b82

except if this really happened we are now missing our Quoll, and what kind of Quoll Quest doesn't have a Quoll?
No. 89874 ID: 4754ce

Guess it just goes to show that the quest can be easily derailed.

I dunno, not sure if I can follow a quest that just kills off characters after exposition. My only gripe, and a minor one at that.
No. 89875 ID: bb78f2

We were still in exposition mode. Killing off a character for an inciting incident is precisely usually what happens in a story at this stage.

Wicked inciting incident, gotta say.
We STILL have the mother to have this thing become Quoll Quest proper. If this turns into a mother's quest for knowledge/revenge quest against the weird I AM ALL FOR IT.
But right now it's Raccoon quest.
No. 89877 ID: 577ae3

Fuck... I didn't think his head would actually explode just like that!
No. 89878 ID: a1ea4a

this is kinda NSFW but tottaly related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_Lnz64vXB8
No. 89879 ID: 86a643


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihx0XWhkvmQ also related
No. 89881 ID: 4754ce

I guess. I'm not gonna fight about it, I just wanted to say a piece and I guess I was attached to the character.
No. 89883 ID: 9ddf68

I love how much discussion having someone's head just exploding out of nowhere can bring, especially when some people were saying he should see a doctor but the main character keep saying it wasn't that bad. Then again maybe the guy is ok... no really as he just discovered part 2 of his powers and he can make people see shit that isn't actually happening... which would make for a very very awkward conversation when those two have to figure out what the fuck just happened.
No. 89887 ID: dadacd

I wonder...
Is this all a dream?
He mentioned a nightmare, maybe this is it? Alternatively, he's doing some sort of crazy re-birth/memory wipe of others?
No. 89957 ID: a19cd5
File 142779066594.png - (83.44KB , 600x800 , boom.png )

No. 89959 ID: 1a6d36

I really liked Quinn >:
dang you Katboy Dx

and haha, cute Riot <3
No. 89965 ID: 0e7490

Here lies quinn. He never scored.
No. 89967 ID: bb78f2

You know, he was like, what? 19? 17?
Decent chance he wasn't a virgin.
We didn't get to know him that well.
Shit, Lauren might have been an ex that he remained close with.
No. 89974 ID: 0f2264

Hey, I told him not to think about it!
No. 90017 ID: 8f01e8

Yeah, but that's like telling someone not to think of elephants.
No. 90018 ID: 9ddf68

so seeing as the quest ins't actually dead are we going to be renaming it now since the Quoll is dead?
No. 90021 ID: 88960e

The titular Quoll's death is currently the defining feature of the quest. The title still seems reasonable to me.

If nothing else, it's a memorial.
No. 90024 ID: bb78f2

As long as the Mom continues to be in the quest, there is a living quoll in the quest, and she may be an important character soon if my predictions are correct and my preparations for them are needed.
No. 90129 ID: 43503c
File 142850501664.png - (193.73KB , 642x793 , extra.png )


The next update might take a while, here's a little something in between :3
This has nothing to do with the Quest, I just felt like drawing the mom since it's been a while and Dirtbag said such nice things abou her. haha

No. 90131 ID: bb78f2

Your son's head just exploded and you might turn into a Sarah Conner and Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Olivia Dunham/Scully combo.

Had not to say nice things about anyone that might go all Sarah Conner soon.
I mean hell, you MIGHT already be special forces, a Russian spy, an excellent meth cook and criminal mastermind, a psychic, an alien from outer space, or even an actuary.
No. 90132 ID: d5307f

I can't wait! This quest is probably the one I have been checking, especially after his head exploded.
No. 90133 ID: 43503c
File 142851810576.png - (293.06KB , 865x793 , someonestopme.png )

Woah wait-
No. 90137 ID: 5db52c

Gotta say, that's a fun mashup of character archetypes you got there.
No. 90146 ID: 330ce5

Shhhh no spoiling things for the characters, you'll only confuse them.
No. 90158 ID: a19cd5
File 142857174878.png - (8.92KB , 640x800 , quoll.png )

slight tweak to the shadows, reupload whoops
No. 90159 ID: 43503c

Aaaaah *o*
Thanks Riot~ x3

oh shit. I just noticed what the shadow is doing. this is really neat @v@

his head in this would also do for a favicon.
No. 90162 ID: a19cd5

done and done. I also found that adding a black outline made him look fluffier.
No. 90164 ID: 7cc1b1
File 142858301683.jpg - (7.42KB , 480x360 , scanners.jpg )

I like how the plot is turning out. Is this going to turn into Scanners, but with animals instead?
No. 90167 ID: 0c30a5

to tell the truth, I never saw "scanners" o:
No. 91323 ID: 1988e2

Due to private issues Nyarth decided to stop working on Quoll Quest.

I will try to continue it alone though, I hope y'all help me out!
No. 91326 ID: d58713

shiiiiit, maybe ask the irc, someone in there might be willing to help you out
No. 91327 ID: 78a595

So... we still have art, but we lost plot.

Hopefully they left you the notes or plans?
No. 91330 ID: 1988e2

we did the plot together from the start, so there still is some. Don't worry I got this :3 (I hope)

I'm just not as skilled wording my things and the posts might be a bit longer now.
No. 91331 ID: a19cd5

if you need help with editing i can probably help w/that. hop on irc like i said man, lotta stuff gets workshopped in there
No. 91344 ID: bb78f2

Here lies German Shepard Cop
He never scored.
No. 91458 ID: f62d8c

Nicole is the name of Quinns mom btw!
No. 91459 ID: e114bc

Ah, I see.
No. 91460 ID: bb78f2

I told you she had some shit!
I told you.
Mama Quoll weird! She badass.
No. 91612 ID: bb78f2

I'd like to clarify that I am just messing with this character for fun and not projecting anything. I don't believe in anything I particularly posted, just fucking around.

Okay, it's not completely for fun, nothing keeps you up like an annoying voice in your head. I'm trying to shame or annoy him enough to stay awake, mess with his logic, anything he has.

It's still mostly for fun though. Hope I didn't make you angry Fiona, but I'm not trying to. I'm trying to make a character feel an emotion here.
No. 91613 ID: bb78f2

Also, Fiona, I know it's a really dumb rule and doesn't actually apply with the revelations that Lauren is 22 and Nicole is 42, but I previously thought both characters were younger and that the previous ships would have had Martin within the half age + 7 rule for nicole, but not Lauren (it's actually the reverse when the real numbers were revealed).

I was just trying to get under Martin's skin to help him stay awake (and entertain me). The age/2+7 is a dumb rule, but Martin probably believes in it since he seems pretty pig headed from first impressions. Ergo, why it was used to justify him and Nicole instead of him and Lauren.

Shipping is a complex and dumb process, don't hurt me. I ship Nicole with everyone. Even if we take over Nicole it is a SELF SHIP. Nicole x Nicole. Final Destination.
No. 91624 ID: e114bc

I feel like the "blushing" is just part of the art style. It seems to be present the majority of the time.

It's not that dumb a rule, it holds true practically all the time.
No. 91673 ID: bb78f2

So... Nicole actually does replace everyone's memories with nice Mom thoughts.
She's pretty intimidating when we're controlling her.
No. 91674 ID: defceb

I'm scared of her.
No. 91937 ID: bde074

At the start I made Martin up to be shipped with Lauren. And I gota say, I am urprised that people were all, why is Quinn n Lauren a thing, like. 3 years difference means they can't hang out? what is wrong with people. Over were I live it's normal to have friends range around up to 4 years in difference haha.

And don't worry Dirtbag, I was pretty upset at first, but after you mentioned to Nicole that you did it to keep him awake I wasn't anymore.

And yeah, NicoleXNicole ftw. We need someone with a clone ability or something XD
No. 92526 ID: bb78f2

Okay cool development here.
Since we directly interact with characters, if we go with Pheobe we can influence her to do things she normally wouldn't, unless she has experience avoiding doing what other voices like us would do.

If this was a straight "Suggest an action" quest, then it would be MUCH harder to get characters to do specific things because they would have to be in character. If Pheobe's like most children, she MAY be tricked into helping Lauren out, and we can do that thanks to the medium rules in this quest.
No. 92566 ID: bde074

but maybe Phoebe is the evil mastermind behind everything, ooooh!

thanks for the feedback btw, I hope the jumping won't confuse people to much, but I need it to show different scenes and have different characters... and this is my first quest and I don't know what I'm doing :D
No. 92571 ID: bde074

btw, in case some didn't pick it up.
Alex is invisible.
No. 93886 ID: bde074

You are random thoughts she picks up. She is, like, 11 years old. She is new to this. No way she knows what you are. You can't just say. HEY WE'RE A THING NOW! You hurt her. YOU ARE HURTING HER! and you're making it hard for me to not reply to everything...

And I don't want to hear complaints like: we talked to Martin. Martin is a lot older and he DID explain how some are aware and some are not. please understand this when you are switching characters...

You are suggestive thoughts to everyone but Nicole, Martin and the leader of the bad guys. No one else can grasp you as people.

Please understand.
No. 93887 ID: 3663d3

communication method shifts aren't common so people aren't on the look out for them.
No. 93894 ID: e114bc

Um... I'm not sure how trying to talk to her directly is hurting her? I mean, shouldn't she just get confused and not parse it as a suggestion?

Also she's responding as if she IS hearing us directly, so... you're sending mixed messages here.
No. 93895 ID: bde074

I might be bad at explaining BUT Martin did say that some hear you directly and talk back and some don't. You are trying to talk to her directly. This isn't how it works with her. She can't directly reply to you. It's all just thoughts she's having.
No. 93896 ID: 3663d3

i think the problem is how ELSE are we supposed to suggest? what is the correct formatting for a suggestion to be said for this kind of character? all we know is we are doing it wrong. but we have no idea how to do it.
No. 93906 ID: bb78f2

I changed my post when I read this.
I suppose I should have picked it up and thought of it, but I guess I didn't care. She isn't real, so she can be driven mad by us and I'll have a clear conscience.

Still, she's becoming more useless as we say more so I'll make the posts less big. I'll just suggest things to her as if we were her conscience, it should work better, that way. Or we can trick her that if she doesn't do everything she thinks of in this time frame that her brain might explode.
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