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File 142328847249.png - (159.46KB , 600x450 , m0056.png )
89059 No. 89059 ID: ce3b31

I was told it'd be good idea to make a thread. So here's a thread.

There's some stuff that I can answer, but the details as to the invasion and how MHFC came to be is going to be a early chapter 2 thing so I don't want to explain it all just yet.
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No. 89060 ID: ce3b31

also if anyone has a sketch request for a MSFC character post it and i may or may not get to it
No. 89061 ID: ce3b31

Oh, is it cool to link other stuff here? like my tumblr and webcomic?
No. 89062 ID: 82efdc

Go for it.
No. 89063 ID: ce3b31

Alright, as a completely anonymous person I will take your word as iron clad.

My tumblr is at http://emperorwebrunner.com/ and I also have http://nsfwebrunner.tumblr.com/
I also do http://antihero.keenspot.com and did http://adventurers.keenspot.com
that's about it that's notable.
No. 89064 ID: 3dd384
File 142329630650.png - (15.18KB , 504x324 , IT'S YOU.png )

No. 89065 ID: 01745f

Oh wow, I read AFH. I didn't know you were the same guy who writes that.
No. 89066 ID: e607cd

I... used to read those comics... back when I rolled around on keenspot in like... damn, musta been like 2003? I'm old. You're old. Fuck.
No. 89067 ID: ce3b31

did the two of you plan that


anyway wow. surprising amount of recognition here
No. 89068 ID: ab43e0


Add another dot of recognition to the tally, because I just got stomped across a curb on memory lane. Uh, in a good way.
No. 89069 ID: dbe554

Huh, aint gonna lie, I've actually read through that too, jeeze.
No. 89071 ID: 82efdc

Oh wow. Adventurers was one of the first webcomics I ever read. Way back in high school. I didn't even know AFH was still alive.
No. 89072 ID: a19cd5

Damn, keenspot! That brings me WAAAAAY back.
Anyhow, I'll try and do something greyscale then for the favicon, but I'm not 100% on how that will look so here's hoping the answer isn't "terrible"!
No. 89073 ID: a19cd5

Also, you should get on the IRC sometime. It's #tgchan on rizon.net.
No. 89075 ID: defceb

Holy shit I didn't know you were still active with webcomics.

Adventurers was like the first thing that got me to start drawing comics.

brb internet gonna archive binge tonight.
No. 89076 ID: 82efdc

Try pinkscale instead of greyscale, since that seems to be our magical girl's color. (Maybe that star emblem device thing?)
No. 89077 ID: faff97

I can't say I was around to read adventurers back in it's day, but I do read Antiheroes, (and archive binged Adventurers so I do have some familiarity with your past works.)
No. 89080 ID: ce3b31

did i accidentally stumble upon the home of my secret fanbase or something wtf lol
No. 89081 ID: ce3b31

Anyway, so how are you guys liking the quest? Any questions? Requests? Thoughts?
No. 89082 ID: dbe554

Some information about the "Invasion" that keeps popping up would be nice, or is that something that will slowly be revealed over time?
No. 89083 ID: ce3b31

Most of it will be revealed at the beginning of chapter 2. Basically the Crimson Authority showed up and completely wiped the floor with everyone.
No. 89084 ID: ce3b31

oops that's me I'm just on a different pc
No. 89088 ID: a9753c

So why did you decide to make a quest about magical girls who fight each other on live galactic television?

Also, we may want to give the blue guy a nickname. How about Paranoia Instigator?
No. 89089 ID: ce3b31

I had the idea of an underground fighting league for magical girls a while ago, I can't remember how I came up with it, I was just thinking about it.

I also had an idea for a space-government-controlled gladiatorial giant mecha story. This quest is sort of the combination of those ideas.

Actually at one point the mechas *were* magical girls too but I like this idea better.
No. 89120 ID: b0910f

This is quickly turning into larama being flustered quest
No. 89121 ID: a19cd5

God damn there's a lot of lewdity going on here
No. 89129 ID: 82efdc

I would say we'd corrupted the hell out this quest except it sets itself up for it so perfectly.
No. 89132 ID: ce3b31

Honestly I'm just trying to create situations that's just weird for her to be in. I'm trying to give as many set-ups and 'routes' as possible and make them as awkward as possible.

I also want to make every stupid and inappropriate decision and idea possible- hence the self control rolls and the 1 critical 2 fail

The only time I don't roll is if there's a major consensus that contradicts 'inadvisable' decision (like "tell b3" vs "don't tell B3") or if one path leaves another path behind (although I'm not against picking it up later if it's reasonable)
No. 89134 ID: b0910f

I'd also like to point out that at no point has larama been comfortable about what's going on. She has a lot of self questioning to do. She might be curious about alien bug cock but she might not be to handle one staring her in the face. Also she may not be physically equipped for it.
No. 89140 ID: 82efdc

>at no point has larama been comfortable about what's going on
Well geeze, there's some cold water on our silliness!
No. 89141 ID: dbe554


Considering her sudden Heel bondage thought, pretty sure there's some substance there.

Though I'm just amused by all the awkward that went on both during and after the fight.
No. 89142 ID: ce3b31

she's not comfortable, that doesn't mean she won't become comfortable at some point. she just doesn't know what she's feeling and her mind is basically swirling with everything that's going on

it's almost like a bunch of message board posters are implanting stray thoughts into her head. funny, that.
No. 89206 ID: 8111b6

Just stumbled across this. Seems pretty awesome. Though, I'll approve just about anything involving magical girls.

Still kickin' myself for not keeping up with my own magical girl quest from a long while back.
No. 89210 ID: a19cd5

Never too late, anon. 2014 was the year of lewd quests, maybe this year is the year of the magical girl?
No. 89239 ID: 330ce5

Are there different classes of magic in this universe and if so what kind of magic does our character specialize at?
No. 89243 ID: baaf70

It's more of a spectrum. Ellandra is sort of a balanced character(melee capable but with Variety of spells) but Shi for instance is a melee /str character focusing magic through her sword. In fact she is I've of the few that can actually damage a low level mahou without magic if she unsheathes since her sword is that good. It's possible its enchanted in a passive way.

There is also of course whatever the azure witch was.
No. 89244 ID: 161883

With this, maroon, and colorquest is looking like the year of the rainbow.

Speaking of which.. The mask would be a deep crimson with the lines and circles glowy red
No. 89418 ID: bd8b82

a great/terrible idea
we actually already have, RIGHT NOW, a dildo that can spit egg shaped squishy pods. so them being in existence in the future is totally possible. turn one into a strap on and whip it out next time we beat Kith. :3c
No. 89419 ID: a19cd5

aaaah yes, the magnificent splorch from Primel hardwere. That would be hilarious, seconding this plan of action.
No. 89426 ID: ce3b31

well she hasn't got a good look yet so it wouldn't be all that accurate
No. 89429 ID: bd8b82

is why i posted here instead of in the thread. its a long term idea. and the accuracy can be fixed by getting some alien anatomy books.
No. 89472 ID: 6692b2

good luck pitching that to lamara bro
No. 89483 ID: bd8b82

>vs 30
>it should have been literally impossible at our current power
sometimes dice do weird(but neat) things.
No. 89484 ID: 5db52c

And even better, the impossible critical success of throwing a planetoid was only possible due to the critical failure of dropping it on ourself in the first place!
No. 89488 ID: 256d52

If we don't dump a ton of points into strength after a stunt like that I will be so disappointed.
No. 89519 ID: c506d0

Is it possible to use fashion star to make Larama in head to to camo. In this situation it'd probably be black.
No. 89522 ID: ce3b31

that is possible, yes. fashion star can in fact also change ellandra's skin, and aspects of her body as well. you can't gain or lose height or lose body mass, but you can 'add' stuff or whatever. rememeber: transforming already changes her hair length, that sort of thing is easy.
No. 89566 ID: d3be40

I think it's pretty weird that, throughout chapter 2 up until THAT GIRL's helmet was shattered, the only time a stat other than Self-Control pushed a failed roll into a winning one was during the handshake. Seriously, otherwise it's like all those stat upgrades did nothing!

Hopefully, stronger stats will have a more noticeable effect.
No. 89568 ID: 5db52c

Well, the rolls are d20s, and all our stats are less than half that. Our stat increases are on the order of a tenth of that! So yeah, it makes sense that the die roll is still the biggest factor.

Then there's the auto and crit fails / success (1 2 19 20), which mean the stats don't even matter a fifth of the time.
No. 89572 ID: ce3b31

you guys have also had some pretty dumb luck with these rolls- I mean, you keep failing the easier rolls and keep succeeding at the harder ones.
No. 89573 ID: fbc59e

Dem Dice. No one who runs a quest dependant on them likes the dice after a few rounds. Very touchy, lady luck is around here...
No. 89628 ID: bd8b82

i am EXTREMELY temepted to suggest she drunkenly stumble into her brother's room as ellandra in the middle of the night, wake him up and offer him some kind of sexual favor. as far as he knows you can't be in magical girl outfit on earth and it's the middle of the night, it will all be a wonderful dream.
No. 89630 ID: d3be40

Hey, is it possible to earn perks instead of skill points? For instance, Ellandra got drunk, so maybe she could learn how to aim while disoriented and hazy.
No. 89639 ID: 02edc1

What the fuck is wrong with you
He's like 10
They're related
Do u wanna put ellandra in therapy
No. 89643 ID: ce3b31

hmm, seems reasonable
No. 89644 ID: 5db52c

>drunk target practice
I predict no ways in which this will go horribly wrong.
No. 89645 ID: ce3b31

he's older then 10 but younger then 18.

as for this actually HAPPENING.. if the dice roll that way. IT'd be PRETTY HARD unless she hits zero and the mechanic for that kicks in.

As for regretting that, if you want her to be fine with it, that's up to you guys:p I will say that, right now, Larama has no interest in Oden.
No. 89652 ID: 3dd384

okay I also think the "arrange drunken liason with a kid" suggestions are super grody but this is a disproportionate response
No. 89658 ID: 321d85

I'm still confused about the Self Control rolls. We succeeded on the roll, I thought that was supposed to have us choose the more self-controlled action (regardless of whether that was our suggestion or not, for some reason). But instead we're all "heyyyyy, shhe knows what sheeeeez talkin' 'bout." I mean, I guess we didn't take another shot ourselves, yet?
No. 89659 ID: 5db52c

Yeah, that confused me for a while, too.

Self control rolls appear to be kinda backwards. "Failing" a self control roll means we failed to overcome our self control. Which is what you'd usually describe as succeeding in controlling yourself.

Basically, look at it as our dumb ideas / bad impulses rolling to try and succeed and make themselves happen.

>B2 / Bro stuff
...it occurs to me, before we even get to the inappropriate age and incest questions, to ask if she's even interested in dudes. Our only data points for interest so far has been an alien gal, and (morbid?) fascination with porn of herself.
No. 89660 ID: b0910f

She is pan, but leans female. As for self control rolls I'm probably going to make them make more sense for day three.. Probably roll plus self control vs avg 20
No. 89661 ID: d958ad

I feel like it's counter-intuitive myself but no, self-control successes are succeeding to BYPASS self-control. It's a failure of self-control that requires the success of an inappropriate suggestion to get through. In other words, it's a dice check AGAINST self-control. A failure means the self-control wins.
No. 89667 ID: ce3b31

if anyone cares, I'm not going to offiicallyu pin down a location of B3's dojinshi store, but I was thinking very heavily of one of the K-Books on Otome Road in Ikebukuro- particularly, the one that sells non-yaoi porn dojinshi. So if you NEED a location for that store there you go
No. 89672 ID: 948196

question about self control, if one poster gives a bad suggestion (kiss a random dude, grope our boss etc) and no one votes for it, does it still happen if we fail the self control check?
No. 89674 ID: 161883

All suggestions are thoughts that pass by her mind. The dc of the self control roll is related to how temping it is, how bad it is, and how many votes it gets, but sometimes she does one of the things and then nothing else is relevant or the thought is not relevant. She couldn't invite oden bc he couldn't get here anyway
No. 89680 ID: 948196

is there a threshold of how bad something is before you don't roll it? for example if someone makes a suggestion to randomly shoot someone, or something else with equally disastrous consequences and then the dice rolls a 20 the self control check are we screwed?
No. 89686 ID: 161883

If it makes no sense at all then i won't bother. But anything possible could happen if the roll is made
No. 89790 ID: a9753c

So, has the Crimson Authority banned "Video Poops" yet? Or does the Queen herself make hyper-weird parody videos for the public?
No. 89850 ID: 5181f3

The empress bans anything showing the authority in a negative light
No. 89851 ID: 5181f3
File 142749888261.jpg - (843.43KB , 2592x1456 , IMG_20150327_192447236.jpg )

btw have a lewdrama
No. 89852 ID: bd8b82

No. 90147 ID: 5db52c

In the future we need to make sure we spend more time with our ovi-futa alien girlfriend-slash-sex-slave because if we keep hanging out with our little brother his whining is eventually going to roll a critical versus our self control resulting in incestuous /ss/ statutory rape.

...how is this our life. Maybe we should just throw ourselves into alien gladiatorial combat with renewed fervor until we're granted a merciful death.
No. 90151 ID: 330ce5

Maybe we should just get an apartment.
No. 90185 ID: b0910f

Happy international siblings day:D
No. 90187 ID: 2bcc51

id say some of you need jesus but nah even worse
we need to dig through the fucking smorgasboard of gods to find the specific ancient pagan god capable of dealing with this shit (my bet is on greece or egypt since incest/fuckuppery is very much their jam)
how does one accidentally incest bruh
No. 90189 ID: 296917

On the subject of dice... personally I don't like crits at all when they override skill checks. I feel like if you want to make high/low rolls more bombastic you could give a bonus/penalty on top of the roll and maybe have huge successes or huge failures have higher effects. Like say if you roll a 1 or 2 you get a -10 or -5 penalty on top of rolling low, and if you wind up 20 below a skill check it counts as a critical failure. On the other end of things, rolling a 19 would be +5, 20 would be +10, and getting 20 above a skill check results in a critical success.

This way, the 19 would have resulted in a 14 after the self control penalty, falling short of the 20 difficulty rating. Even rolling a 20 wouldn't have broken self control, which would make sense there considering the situation. It would have been a near failure though, falling one point short.

If you want things to be more extreme you could make the adjustments higher.

On the other hand you could simply remove automatic success/failure and use a second roll to decide how extreme the success/failure is.
No. 90191 ID: 5db52c

>should I break out the d30?
I dunno. The wild swings between things working and blowing up in our face make the combat a lot of fun, and pretty unpredictable.

...it's just a little frustrating that the same mechanic that can make us fall on our ass, or blow a spell up in our face, could also make us throw ourselves in bed with our kid brother on a whim. Which is somewhat exacerbated by how quickly self control depletes itself, so the threshold for massive disaster drops rapidly. After resisting twice or so we're in trouble.

That said, I'm not entirely sure it should be fixed / changed. I mean, it would be a relief to have things a little more predicable, but running on the knife edge of catastrophe does add to the tension, and our crazed planning. Plus some of the ways we've weaseled out of things have been pretty funny.

So, uh, mixed feelings?

>personally I don't like crits at all when they override skill checks.
Well, it was cool when it let us catch and throw that planet.
No. 90195 ID: ce3b31

i do enjoy the swinginess. But making it a little bit harder for her to go against her best interests is probably a good idea.
No. 90208 ID: 8111b6

Regarding the crit discussion...
Perhaps a roll to confirm of some sort?

Just suggesting because people are talking about it. I don't actually care either way. It's your quest. It's your rules. It's your decision.
No. 90216 ID: 03e19f

I for one am against this change. My dumb joke almost caused hilariously bad decisions to be made and I love how it can be that frantic out of nowhere like that
No. 90219 ID: 7b7ab3

Hind sight is 20/20, huh?
No. 90221 ID: fef726

I'd rather not have bad decisions happen on the roll of a dice.
No. 90222 ID: bd8b82

but that is what makes it fun!
No. 90223 ID: cd9ba8

How about keep crits or disaster rolls in fights but not in personal life? +1 planet toss -1 incest
No. 90225 ID: bd8b82

can't have the good without the bad, dude.
No. 90226 ID: 296917

That's only true in real life.
No. 90229 ID: 3637e8

And even then only sometimes.
No. 90287 ID: fef726

Bad decisions are very different things then battle mishaps.
No. 90298 ID: ce3b31

yeah but both, from my point of view, are hilarious
No. 90305 ID: a12201

It's all fun and games until somebody tries to sleep with their brother.
No. 90328 ID: 840db8

I don't even see why she would seriously consider incest. Isn't *her* Westmarck imprinting functional, or were they separated from each other during the first ten years of their lives, or is she brain-damaged? Sibling-lust generally does not happen.
No. 90333 ID: 326ef0

Apparently, little bro was thirsty even before the whole magical girl thing.
No. 90337 ID: 840db8

Are you implying the possibility of environmentally-induced or inherited dysfunction of whatever part of a person's neurochemistry is responsible for the Westmarck effect? That would be some very specific and weird brain damage if so.
No. 90339 ID: ce3b31

He hadn't been born yet during the critical 6 year period that the imprinting would have taken place for her.

This doesn't explain *his* attraction though. Part of it might be his lack of a social life.
No. 90383 ID: 840db8

How much younger is he? If she was off being a magical girl and never home that might explain it.
No. 90385 ID: 161883

Trying to be non specific about ages. But he was probably tweenish when she got the device
No. 90387 ID: 296917

Sounds like he's got BRAIN PROBLEMS!
No. 92792 ID: ce3b31

hi guys
No. 92796 ID: 6b0329

Who is this stranger?

Also, did you report the old thread as complete, or should one of us do it?
No. 92799 ID: ce3b31

i may have forgotten to do that
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