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File 142255828495.jpg - (139.99KB , 1200x1200 , Old Quest Junk Talk.jpg )
88986 No. 88986 ID: 8625c4

Hallo, this will be the QuestDis for Old Quest!
No. 88987 ID: 8625c4

Sorry this update is taking a while...

It's gonna be animated.

Also, I would like to mention how I intend the updates to be read. (Though you can read them however you like, this is the flow that I invision when making them.)

1. Look at the image. (Don't click if it's an animation)
2. Read the text till you see, "(Animation)"
3. Now click and watch the animation.
4. Continue reading the rest of the update.
No. 88992 ID: 21ab34

Okay, the update should be ready after classes tomorrow. (Friday)
I have the line arts done, just coloring and and putting the frames together left.

I'm on my Cell, I'll confirm this as me when I get home in about 8-9 hours.
No. 88995 ID: 8625c4

No. 89013 ID: 8625c4

When I spoiler an Image, I assume that you'll read the the text first.
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