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File 142214154166.png - (18.50KB , 1152x648 , quest start.png )
88920 No. 88920 ID: 890dfb

This is the Dungeon Game Game discussion thread.
http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/620897.html is the relevant quest.
Questions about the stat and skill systems may be asked here, as well as things like imfo about known items and spells and other meta questions /questions for me personally /other relevant questions.
No. 88922 ID: dd7df5

So OP how does the stat and skill systems work?
No. 88930 ID: 890dfb

Well, the stat system works somewhat similarly to a mixture of D&D 3.5 and TES oblivion, with some unique peculiarities of its own.
There are a number of skills, mostly martial, magical and craftsmanship/survival based.
Leveling relevant skills will eventually level up stats, as well as direct application of the stat.
There is general experience, gained by completing quests and direct stat application. that counts only towards character level and stat level, and skill experience, that counts towards stat level, general level, and skill level, though skill experience generally only affects the first two in the terms of "hey skill x went up y levels, stat a gained a level/ is closer to gaining a level/ you gained a general level!"
No. 88989 ID: a81766

Sweet, how do you determine encounters with a d20?

Does it work like the entire encounter will be completely different based on what the roll is a so high rolls = easier encounters or maybe a table of planned encounters such as 1-5 is blah, 6-14 is blah, and 15-20 is blah? Or does a high roll negate any encounters or perhaps it is a friendly encounter such as one with an npc? (although high rolls in that scenario could effectively lower hostile encounter rate dramatically.) Or does it just give an advantage in the planned encounter?

Just some thoughts, patiently waiting a response.
No. 89000 ID: 890dfb

Table of plan encounters.
the higher the number, it's more likely to be an npc, or just as hard but more likely to be rewarding.
initiative is a separate roll.
No. 89058 ID: 890dfb

anything else you wanna know?
No. 89096 ID: b50ef9

Yeah sure how do spells work and how do we learn them? (Mana system also?)
No. 89100 ID: 890dfb

Spells you learn by being taught, by choosing to learn one when leveling up the relevant spell school, by finding/ looting spellbooks, by using an enchanted thing often enough to learn its spell, by studying spell scrolls instead of using them, and a couple of other ways.
No. 89101 ID: 890dfb

And the mana system works this way
Out of comabt, you regain mana over time, up to 3/4 of your total mana. Upon sleeping 5 or more hours,, your mana returns to full.
you ca also instantly refill mana with potion and certain special foods or items.
No. 89137 ID: 82efdc

You attempt to identify the ring.

Critical failure! You accidentally choke to death on the ring after attempting a bite test.

Critical success! You identify a ring of automatic resurrection. The ring activates, and you are resurrected. The enchantment is spent.
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