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File 142066748459.jpg - (397.03KB , 1600x1066 , Dragon's Hoard Discussion.jpg )
88553 No. 88553 ID: c0c685

Being a dragon is tough work! Discuss the best ways to gather a treasure hoard, how to spend your upgrades, if you should rule or destroy towns, and what the best way to cook a knight is.

And everything else dragon related.
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No. 88554 ID: 01745f

>Suggests businessdragon idea
>Sees questdis image
Is it meant to be?
No. 88556 ID: c0c685


Business dragon is a viable idea! You can make your hoard anyway you like, whether it be through smart business dealing or by force.

*Questdis image is just slapped together for fun and holds no actual meaning to the quest itself*
No. 88557 ID: 2d1405

I vote life breath.
No. 88558 ID: d3be40

Important question: do you fear verbumancers?

Or do you want them to change you?

I vote breath of life, so many ways to alter this power with verbumancy. Plus, raising an army from your enemies is a useful skill. Having them transformed into stronger troops with verbumancy is even BETTER.

(Face it, novice verbumancers likely practice on dragons to show how badass they are. If verbumancy is forbidden/unheard of in this setting, breath of life is still good)
No. 88559 ID: c0c685


Sorry, there are no Verbumancers to worry about in this story.
No. 88579 ID: 8f3b8c

what about rape knights
No. 88583 ID: c0c685


Hmm no, I don't think so. The dragon layers died out from crushed pelvis' a long time ago.
No. 88723 ID: c0c685
File 142154688179.jpg - (347.97KB , 1500x1000 , Lair_Renovation.jpg )

Hey fellow dragons, lets talk lair makeovers. You don't have much time at the moment but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be planning out your dream lair.

How do you envision your dream lair? Do you plan on living in a cave in the mountains and really making it your own or perhaps you're looking to move into a kingdom of your own?

Just out of sheer curiosity what is your dream home?
No. 88726 ID: 687279

Magical ice fortress. The ice is reinforced by stone or other hardened materials so that adventurers can't just melt their way in, of course.
No. 88728 ID: a18f15

We'll build up and out from the cave. A sweeping palace / labyrinth of ice. Filled with subtle traps and hidden passages for adventures to get lost in, and plenty of places to stow and display our sculpture, or work artistic creativity into the architecture.

Half trap, half artistic installation, half monument to a giant ego.

If you try and cheat and sequence break by just smashing through the walls you pay horribly. (Say, swarmed by hordes of spiders trained to respond to the sound / vibrations of breaking ice).
No. 88926 ID: 20bca9

Magical heat-resistant permafrost ice-castle with a changeable layout depending on our mood.

Hey, OP! Is the magic in your quest? Can Icey McDragon learn it? Is it hard?
No. 88927 ID: c0c685


Yes! Icey McDragon is able to learn all sorts of radical spells. Once its magic level is high enough its basic frost breath will turn into permafrost and the dragon itself can radiate a chilling aura. Magic ice in general is already pretty heat resistant.

Making an ice fortress/castle is totally possible as well. You can build it yourself or, better yet, have someone else build it for you. As for it being able to change depending on your mood well... that would take some ridiculously powerful magic or some insane architecture.
No. 88967 ID: aef4c1

After we get better at making sculptures, we should keep a lot of dragon sculptures around, to confuse adventurers - including a dummy dragon sleeping on a dummy hoard. And in a pinch, we could disguise ourselves as an ice sculpture by covering up with a layer of frost.

Oh, on the subject of ice castles, here's a neat thing: Pykrete.
More durable to impact than plain ice, and there's probably plenty of trees in the mountain, so if we can permafreeze things anyway...

I think hunting bandits should be a priority next. It fits our status as the top of the food chain, it's more morally defensible than hunting caravans, and it's arguably a good thing for the region as a whole.
Oh, and those bandits should have piled up some sweet loot from years of plundering. (Though probably of the flashy-but-hard-to-sell variety.)
No. 88984 ID: 14f5a7

Neat! But it’s too bad that our dragon can’t learn magic yet. Especially telekinesis would be awesome for someone without proper manipulators!

And you were asking for our dream castle, which is why I was thinking of a sort of endgame abode when the MC is already an Supreme Archmage Grand Wizard of Ice or however magic ranks are classified in your quest.

Once our abilities are good enough to make fine details and big structures we could at least have some sliding walls. Ice is usually extremely good for sliding because the pressure of something standing on it causes miniscule top layer to compress into water.
No. 88985 ID: 14f5a7

Oh, and despite me complaining about the MC in the quest proper I want you to know that I like that the still makes a lot of mistakes despite reader input. I think that may lead to an interesting and fitting dynamic because Icey is still a child after all and children make mistakes, overlook stuff and lose their temper! (Adults as well, but you know…)
No. 88991 ID: c0c685


Oh I know, I was just giving some little hints as to what you should be working on if you would like that sort of dream home.


Our MC's actions are not always going to be 100% based off of player input. There are several other factors that are involved. What they are though... is a mystery! Hahaha
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