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File 142057335545.png - (123.82KB , 486x589 , tiffany reboot.png )
88529 No. 88529 ID: 16c03a

Hello everyone! It's Nahkh here, long time no see.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm returning to semi-active status on the board. The fact that I left behind so much unfinished stuff has bothered me for a long time. I've been itching to continue Tiffany the Necromancer in particular, but before I jump the gun and start working through the night to provide you guys with entertainment, I figured I'd go around and ask for your opinions. After all, it's been a long time and as far as I know Tiffany could have been forgotten. So my question to you is this: Would you like to see Tiffany continued? For those of you new to the game, Tiffany is a quest about a young girl seeking revenge on her grandfather while trying to avoid a magical war or getting killed in the process. The wiki page should explain it well enough: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Tiffany

If I will continue it I'll start off with a decent enough recap that should allow newcomers to join in without difficulty.

So, what will it be, Tiffany, some other old quest of mine or something new?
No. 88530 ID: 687279

I still remember. Let's bring Tiffany back from the dead.
No. 88531 ID: ecd0ab

Tiffany. I went back and reread it like a week ago.
No. 88532 ID: e6e219

Oh man this is one of the quests I hoped would come back some day.
No. 88535 ID: 16c03a

Well, seeing as there is a positive response for Tiffany I guess I'll be starting it up again.

The update schedule will probably consist of a longer weekly session lasting a few hours and a few individual updates spread throughout the week, depending on if I have time.

The first session will take place this coming Sunday (January 11.) between 10-20 GMT. If there are any changes I'll let you know here.
No. 88536 ID: a19cd5

Sweet. I just started reading it, and it's pretty neato stuff. Can't wait to catch up and join in
No. 88548 ID: a19cd5

finished catching up, cool stuff so far. Wizard politics are fun.
No. 89285 ID: d958ad

Nahkh, what happened?
No. 89665 ID: b75706

That was a bit too short-lived for my tastes. You up for more?
No. 89721 ID: 9297f4

I just finished reading this quest and I gotta say, I love it. It is sad that it went inactive again, but life can do that at times.
No. 104111 ID: cea720

What happened was that my life got flipped completely around again.
The tl;dr version is that I met the love of my life while contracting in another country, ended up moving there permanently.

The somewhat longer version:
I had just started the quest up again, thinking that my life had stabilised when I met the person I currently live with while I was working abroad. I've been in long relationships before, but they were not particularly great for a lot of reasons. My feelings towards the other persons (one at a time, but sequential) had been affectionate, but always a little cloudy and difficult for me to understand. I just thought that was the normal case for me, that I just wasn't very good at knowing how I felt. Until I met the right person. Within days I knew that this was it. And the clarity of it was like a searchlight blasting away fog, I had never really been in love with anyone before.
Anyway at the time that happened I was working as a contractor for a company in another country. The clients had already been trying to talk me into coming over to their side permanently, and falling in love made that choice easy. Unfortunately by moving here and joining the company I breached a non-compete with the previous company and that turned much uglier than expected (although they eventually settled). That was then combined with the financial stresses of moving. I was dirt poor to begin with, was deep in the hole afterwards for a long time, despite having a higher salary here.
The company that hired me has been running me absolutely ragged ever since I came here (June of 2015). Insane deadlines and impossible promises to the clients, the usual IT bollocks. I've barely had any time for anything else beside working and trying to learn the local language. However I recently quit that job and will be transition to a more sane work environment in the beginning of next month. As a consequence my stress levels went way down and almost immediately my quest brain started ticking again. I'm not promising anything at this point but I'm thinking about coming back.
No. 104113 ID: 094652

I decided to read. This is quite the awesome quest. Zombies eating hillbillies, drunk crows, dead relatives, etc.

As for suggestions, you ended your last quest on a note with open potential. I suggest you resurrect thread 10 just to make a funny joke, and then build up a new cast of characters that will make up Tiffany's friends, rivals, and other connections in her network. If you star us suggests as a spirit network that gives her power, we could then converse with this group as some kind of strange friend who noses around Tiffany.

Your paint style seems... familiar. For now though, I like the lineart.

Oh, and I feel that this quest has the potential to tap into a greater supernatural mystery, possibly with sci-fi elements. You can use that for future quests and build connections if you feel that any of your characters didn't get enough screen time.
No. 104115 ID: 3abd97

>The tl;dr version is that I met the love of my life while contracting in another country, ended up moving there permanently.

That's gotta be one of the best reason we've had for someone not updating. Good for you!

You're welcome when / if you decide to pick things up again.
No. 104117 ID: 398fe1

Alright here's hoping, then. Also, congratulations.
No. 104144 ID: 505f10

Man, that almost sounds like a movie summary. Gratz on all of that stuff.
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