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File 142041797212.png - (8.51KB , 474x288 , title card3.png )
88487 No. 88487 ID: acaf7e

Here, feel free to ask questions, discuss the character, or provide input on the logistics of the quest.
No. 88552 ID: b0b069

can we romance the bat god
No. 88555 ID: 01745f

Does are protagonist have any family who are known to be alive?
No. 88582 ID: 520f16

>romance the bat god

You can try, and it *may* confer some benefit if you are successful.

>living family

All of Wilma's family is deceased, at least all of them that carry the Hempen name. She does have a maternal aunt though.
No. 88588 ID: 01745f

Would our parents have been less DEEEAD if we had a different patron deity?
No. 88590 ID: 8f3b8c

she's the deity Wilma deserves
but not the one she needs right now
No. 88666 ID: 767ab3

I apologize for not updating over the weekend. I've been having some personal problems, but an update is on the way.

>Would our parents be dead under a different deity?

Deity has no say in the fate of the Hempen family. Especially since what deity an Endringer serves differs by birthdate rather than by family.
No. 88672 ID: 9ddf68

I have a question, what era is this taking place in? I mean I think it's modern times but you can never really be to sure when magic is involved. I most just asking to figure what kind of tech is avalable in the world
No. 88708 ID: 8c7420


It is indeed a modern-times setting, but with some futuristic technology available, such as better medical technology.
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