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File 141993284108.png - (123.70KB , 800x640 , Paradiso Discussion Thread.png )
88362 No. 88362 ID: b438c1

"Come visit the crown jewel of the Scorpius Cluster, Paradiso Prime! Located directly on the moon of the scenic Scorpii-18-ß, Paradiso Prime has been rated the number one vacation spot in the galaxy for over twelve consecutive decades. Whether you're looking to relax on our beautiful beaches, take part in the hottest nightlife in all of Scorpius, or enjoy some of the finest dining the galaxy has to offer, Paradiso Prime is the one place when your vacation never ends!"
-Paradiso Foundation Official Travel Guide to the Stars

This is the discussion thread for Paradiso Prime. Comments, questions, concerns, and critique are all welcome!
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No. 88426 ID: 5875f0

Quick check-everyone aboard the ship is in the same boat in that they need to get this evidence out there before the bad guys back off?
No. 88427 ID: dd4ed3

Well, unless they have other ways out. Say, thinking they can get off in they turned in the others, or if they think they can hide in corp controlled territory instead of bringing the truth to light.

I think the problem we're running into now is everyone is desperate, and they don't all agree that Dad's plan is the safest and/or best option.
No. 88429 ID: 6d76aa

That's correct; Hiro, his family, the politicians, the bodyguards, and the other Federation Public Security personnel are all in the same boat. They're all legally dead, they've all had their Federation IDs decommissioned. It's why Hiro has these diplomats all on board during his super important mission.
No. 88498 ID: b438c1
File 142044648148.png - (24.57KB , 800x640 , Questdis Post-Prologue.png )

That concludes the Prologue of Paradiso Prime! I hope you've all enjoyed the quest so far, because it's been a really fun week of updating for me!

I'm going to take a short break to get anything in order for the next part, but Chapter One should be starting up within the week. Keep an eye on this thread until then, because I'll be using this space to post information about the the quest's setting and history.

And as always, input of all kinds is highly appreciated! I'd love to hear any comments, compliments, or critiques that you may have for the quest so far.
No. 88502 ID: f5c3f5

now's when things get interesting I presume...
We've got a genius kid in a machine shell, a freeloader who's probably more capable in a situation like this than she realizes...And a little girl with CHAOS sharing her headspace. And if Gogo's little stunt with the hacking was any indication, chaos she shall inflict on anything around her until her buddy figures out what's what.
No. 88504 ID: 82c018

We will need to keep our distance from Aichi until we figure out how to not destroy every network connected thing we come near.
No. 88561 ID: b438c1
File 142069006107.png - (5.91KB , 800x640 , Interstellar Peacekeeping Federation Insignia.png )

The Interstellar Peacekeeping Federation
“The ring of safety around all worlds.”

Estimated Population: 250 Billion
Notable Member States: Terran UN Council, Cascadia, New Martian League, Ponturum, Lemurian People’s Republic, Shambhalan UN Council, Khembalung, Sannikov League, New Dorado, United Iram, North Modernia, South Modernia, Ureos

In the aftermath of the Last Terran War, reconstruction was lead by the Alphacorps, who made efforts to ensure that much of humanity’s technology was preserved. Breakthroughs in engineering took mankind’s reconstruction efforts beyond the stars, where they discovered the descendents of the Generation Ships that fled Terra prior to the war now living in faraway star systems. The Alphacorps, in return for assistance in healing mother Terra, capitalized on this opportunity and helped reconnect these long-lost societies. As a new age of exploration throughout the stars began, the governments of these planets took steps to ensure an event like the Last Terran War never happened again.

The Interstellar Peacekeeping Federation (often referred to as either “The IPF” or simply “The Federation”) is a multi-planetary, intergovernmental organization dedicated to maintaining peace and political stability throughout the galaxy. Its council consists of 112 member states across 41 planets, who vote on matters of law within the sectors of the galaxy that make up “Federation Space.” Interstellar law is upheld by Federation Public Security, a military-police force jointly funded by all member states.

Citizens of member states are all eligible for Federation Citizen IDs, which permit interplanetary travel within the sectors of Federation Space. Federation Public Security closely monitors and controls the routes of travel between planets and star systems, and keeps a vigilant eye out for those who attempt to bypass their checkpoints and flight lanes. Citizen IDs also allow civilians in Federation Space to access the satellites maintained by the Alphacorps for communication across the galaxy.

Member states include both planet-encompassing governments and nations that share the same planetary body. Careful checks and balances are maintained to ensure that no one government or planet holds too much influence over the Federation’s policy making. Membership in the Federation is reliant upon a nation’s continued compliance with the Federation Bill of Human Rights, and penalties for governments found in violation of the basic rights of their citizens have historically included sanctions and restrictions to space travel.
No. 88562 ID: b438c1
File 142069012909.png - (7.29KB , 800x640 , GO-PLEX Logo.png )

“Our vision is your future.”

Estimated Corporate Citizens: 5 Billion
Notable Subsidiaries: Virtue Software Inc., Sunspot Entertainment, Xian-Moore Communications

The only Alphacorp to keep its main headquarters in the same system as Terra, GO-PLEX nevertheless holds the reputation of being the most adaptive of the Aphacorps. This adaptability has propelled the corporation to the top of the food chain, and it currently stands undisputed as the most wealthy and influential of the Alphacorps. The backbone of GO-PLEX’s empire is social media, though they have divisions covering everything from software development to canned goods. GO-PLEX is also the galaxy’s biggest netgrid service provider, granting satellite access to the wireless netgrid for entire systems throughout Federation Space.

GO-PLEX claims to know its customers better than they know themselves - and there may be some truth to that claim. GO-PLEX makes most of their business decisions by carefully monitoring the activity of the dozens of billions throughout the galaxy signed up to their networking services. GO-PLEX products are developed by analyzing social trends, and each user is streamed personalized ads based on an up-to date analysis of their online activity. Among GO-PLEX’s latest commercial ventures are their “social suite” applications: advertised as the ultimate tool to improve social skills, these incredibly expensive software packages allow buyers limited access to the same programs GO-PLEX uses to analyze their own users.

Additionally, GO-PLEX leads the market in consumer electronics and cybernetics, the latter to the point where most implant clinics are funded at least in part by the corporation.
No. 88565 ID: b438c1
File 142069032515.png - (5.97KB , 800x640 , inSPIRE Logo.png )

“We believe in a better you.”

Estimated Corporate Citizens: 5 Billion
Notable Subsidiaries: Rightside Biotech, Ito Corporation

inSPIRE heads a multimedia empire with a long-running rivalry against GO-PLEX. The corporation owns the galaxy’s second biggest netgrid service provider, and directly sponsors hundreds of newsfeeds, video streaming networks, and augmented reality hubs. These networks are all tailored to push inSPIRE’s message of improvement through the combined work of self-confidence and technology.

This corporate message coincides with inSPIRE’s overarching transhumanist goals, as these media ventures fund the company’s research into pharmaceutical advancement, biotech, genetic engineering, and artificial intelligence. Those who believe in becoming “more than human,” be it through extensive physical modification, nootropics, or experimental gene therapy often hype inSPIRE as the future of the human race itself. This is at least in part because of how extensively inSPIRE takes its efforts to imbue a sense of brand loyalty in their transhumanist customer base - the process of receiving genetic surgery in one of the company’s clinics often entails hours of briefing and debriefing that drill the company’s mantra of creating a “better you.” Some call it brainwashing, but inSPIRE has always maintained that it’s simply “motivational education” meant to help customers adjust to the changes.

Among inSPIRE’s current business goals is an attempt to overcome human mortality. The company's efforts in organ cloning are a large part of this, but issues with tissue degradation have thus far limited their success.
No. 88566 ID: b438c1
File 142069039608.png - (10.27KB , 800x640 , OLYMPUS Logo.png )

Olympus Incorporated
“Surpass the heavens, and climb higher.”

Estimated Corporate Citizens: 4 Billion
Notable Subsidiaries: Nakamura Inc, Colonial Shipping, Shooting Star Press

Olympus Incorporated operates primarily in heavy industry and starship construction. They pride themselves on their products’ reliability, durability, and customizability. Olympus offers hundreds of options for personalizing the standard models of their starships, encouraging their customer base to live independently and put a part of themselves into everything they do. Though their most popular starships are light-class civilian transport ships, the company produces everything from ships for public transit to full colony vessels.

Olympus currently holds the Federation’s arms contract to produce the weapons and equipment used by Federation Public Security. The heavily militaristic “Olympus Private Security Company” also sells their services to willing buyers throughout the galaxy. All able-bodied corporate citizens for Olympus serve a mandatory two years on some division of their Private Security force, making it the most prominent security contractor in Federation Space.
No. 88567 ID: b438c1
File 142069056445.png - (7.30KB , 800x640 , ANANSI.png )

“This web connects the galaxy.”

Estimated Corporate Citizens: 4 Billion
Notable Subsidiaries: Neo Lagos Industrial, Galego Entertainment, Saturn Starlines

Originally a Nigerian construction company in the years before the Last Terran War, The Anansi Corporation currently reigns supreme as the kings of interplanetary shipping. While the Alphacorps all possess personal courier services for the delivery of their own products, Anansi’s express delivery fleet has effectively edged out all lesser competition. If you want to send a package between planets, it’s almost guaranteed to make its journey aboard an Anansi shipping vessel.

Anansi also runs Federation Space’s top netgrid retail service, providing goods, consumer electronics, and digital content to customers on a galaxy-wide scale. The extent of the corporation’s influence in both shipping and online sales force many minicorps to associate with Anansi on some level in order to achieve any semblance of interplanetary presence. This allows Anansi o easily scout potential corporations to buy out and add to their growing range of subsidiaries. The corporation has a reputation for cleverness and occasional underhandedness in order to maintain its title as the galaxy’s top couriers, true to their namesake from old-world folklore.
No. 88568 ID: b438c1
File 142069072917.png - (6.92KB , 800x640 , Gemini Logo.png )

Gemini Industries
“Always two steps ahead.”

Estimated Corporate Citizens: 3 Billion
Notable Subsidiaries: Black Hole Association, Indigo Rocket

The black sheep of the Alphacorps, Gemini Industries is frequently accused of espionage from governments and rival corporations alike. Although Gemini attributes their success to the ingenuity of the Black Hole Association - their personal think tank - other corporations claim that many of Gemini’s innovations in commstech and robotics are based on data stolen from them. A strong legal team has prevented these accusations from leading to any serious retaliation against the company, and the company’s heavy presence in the business of consumer goods ensures a positive public image in spite of the constant allegations.

The Black Hole Association itself is seen as an enigma, even by those within other branches of Gemini. The highly exclusive group provides both market research and advisory for Gemini’s board of directors, and consists a hand picked circle of economists, sociologists, advertisers, and business experts. Gemini scouts for potential members in every sector of Federation Space, but Black Hole’s exact methods have remained one of the galaxy’s best-kept secrets for over a century.

Gemini’s arms division is a fierce competitor with Olympus Incorporated for the Federation’s public arms contract. Their arms division commonly sells to private security minicorps, and occasionally does business with militias outside of Federation Space.
No. 88569 ID: ecd0ab

These are my people. Where can I get some brain boosting drugs, and some radical alterations to my genetics?
No. 88574 ID: b438c1
File 142070814179.png - (7.25KB , 800x640 , Paradiso Logo.png )

Re-posting, since I accidentally posted the wrong version of Paradiso's profile.

The Paradiso Foundation
“Paradise lies in the palm of our hand.”

Estimated Corporate Citizens: 4 Billion
Notable Subsidiaries: Overwatch Bank

The Paradiso Foundation is the galaxy’s biggest terraforming and property development corporation, leading most colonization efforts in Federation Space. Paradiso advertises itself as a creator of supreme beauty, seeking to spread a vision of paradise to every corner of the galaxy. In some colonies, virtually all housing from lower-class living spaces to the neighborhoods of the social elite are subcontracted in some way through Paradiso. Though a large portion of Paradiso’s profits come from the buying, developing, and selling of property, the corporation also deals in banking, entertainment, and wide range of consumer goods.

Many people know Paradiso for their luxury resorts, which serve as popular vacation destinations as well as glorified advertisements for Paradiso’s skills in property design. The most famous of these getaways is “Paradiso Prime,” located on the moon of Scorpii-18-ß. The resort is home to some of the company’s proudest scenic and architectural marvels, and is often touted as the crowning achievement of the Paradiso Foundation. The surface of Scorpii-18-ß itself was once used for the mass farming of goods, but in recent years its surface has been desolated - stripped bare as the first step of a terraforming project intended to make way for the new “Planet of Paradise” initiative.

In addition to being a popular vacation spot, Paradiso Prime is also a popular retirement spot for top-ranking Paradiso corporate citizens and the independently wealthy.
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