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File 141949384570.png - (39.03KB , 800x800 , BooruOP.png )
88241 No. 88241 ID: 602cd8

Recently, there's been a movement to move all fanart (NSFW and otherwise) to a tgchan booru. This way, all of the art can be on a single source so that people don't have to pilfer through old threads for a piece that they aren't sure when exactly was posted, and maybe wasn't even posted in the fanart thread to begin with. The wiki also had shortcomings, between search options and not being a complete art repository at any time.

The booru is here:


A warning, though, that the booru does have NSFW elements. Besides some of the artwork, the ads are also potentially NSFW.

However, there is a lot of fanart to catch up to, and help is being sought after with tagging the fanart images that have already been uploaded. If you find yourself feeling generous and with spare time, please search the booru for 'tagme' and tag the resulting images while following the guidelines listed below.

As for uploading, Fanart Threads and Day Threads will be mass uploaded over time. As duplicates will occur if others upload images from these threads as well, we ask that people refrain from uploading any images that occur within those threads. Any images that don't occur in those threads, such as images posted by the artist in their questdis threads, are free to be uploaded at any point.

The guidelines go as follows:

- Leave the year and image number tags, but change unknown(artist/author/quest) to what the artist/author/quest is, and add tags for character names
- The tag 'tagme' can be taken off once at least everything but artist is tagged (the artist is largely unknown for older pieces such as the ones currently uploaded at the time of writing)
- If the quest has quest in the name, then take off the redundant (quest) at the end (so the tag will appear as, for instance, Nan_Quest, not Nan_Quest(quest))
- The only added tags should be for the name of any characters. Their species also, if it's a created species, such as kobolds or nedynvors, but not dogs, birds, etc. No 'blue_eyes' or 'looking at viewer' tag types.
- Remember to set the rating (Safe/Questionable/Explicit) as appropriate.
- If you aren't sure about tags, don't guess. Just leave it as tagme.
- Remember that whitespace matters. Use underscores for single tags (again, 'Nan_Quest', not 'Nan Quest')
- This booru separates words with underscores and tags with spaces, and so commas should not be included in the tagging process.
- If it's not quest related, tag it with deleteme
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No. 88287 ID: ea0ad9

Since we're using underscores to separate words and spaces for tags, commas should not be included in the tags. Some boorus use commas to separate, and some users might get confused.

Having a booru for all the artwork should be very handy, it was kinda annoying not finding things I remembered seeing, but not when or where.
No. 88288 ID: 602cd8

Thanks for that note, I've added it to the guidelines.
No. 88294 ID: 602cd8

Fanart Thread 10 has just been uploaded to the booru as well, since there are likely far more people who can easily tag those things compared to things from 2009.
No. 88295 ID: dc9b7e

protip courtesy of lawyerdog: the uploads follow the same order as the thread itself ( http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/56436.html ) use it for hints if you get stuck
No. 88345 ID: 1071f4

hey can you maybe add the booru to the links at the top of the site, next to the wiki/archive?
No. 88346 ID: 68bbc5

Question: is this booru going to be limited purely to fanart, or can artists post their own quest-related art on there too?
(Examples being artist-created work on individual /questdis/ threads.)
No. 88348 ID: 602cd8

There aren't immediate plans to do it, but it will be considered, likely when the booru is all caught up on existing art.

Authors/artists can upload their own quest related fanart at any time from here on out. Fanart threads and Day threads are going to be mass uploaded periodically, so we still ask that images from those thread be avoided, as it will cause duplicate images down the line.
No. 88350 ID: 81960a

Doesn't the booru have some kind of hash-based duplicate detection? Usually won't work if something changes (image format, EXIF information) but it should at least detect when the very same file is uploaded twice...
No. 88351 ID: 602cd8

It's possible, I can't actually answer that offhand, not knowing much about the wiki we're using - even if it does, I'd still ask to hold off uploading images from fanart/day threads anyway, since I believe it'll be easier to wait a bit for the bulk uploads than have to deal with the duplicates even with finding the duplicates is trivial.
No. 88593 ID: a19cd5
File 142080703438.png - (412.54KB , 640x640 , mankey mouse.png )

Mankey Mouse says DO YOUR PART, kids!

For real, there are a TON of tagme things left! I plan on doing another tag run myself once I wake up tomorrow, but if you guys can help the ongoing effort to get stuff done get in there!
No. 88600 ID: 2f2fc2

I don't feel like this board moves fast enough to warrant another board
No. 88602 ID: a19cd5

No. 88604 ID: 687279

A booru is not a board. It's just images with tags. Comments too I guess.
No. 88606 ID: 32e321

Oops I didn't notice this post before. I tested it and the dupe detection seems to work well so you can upload whatever quest art you want as long as you're fully tagging it. Having no post number and being out of order would make it so it's harder to detective shit, but if it's fully tagged it's fine.

I'll also upload more fanart threads this weekend, I've been forgetting to.
No. 88613 ID: 69ab8d

>post number
If we could somehow associate uploads with post numbers, that would make it easier to things together. (Currently they seem to get tagged with the image name-slash-number, which you can use to find the origin by searching the site, but that's kind of a cludge. The post ID you can stick right in the url).
No. 90253 ID: 92b4c6

I uploaded the current fanart thread.
Reminder: Do not tag something unless you actually know what it is. It is difficult to catch people labeling things as the wrong quest/author/artist.
Also, do not tag fetishes like "sweater", it's not valuable enough to go through the thousands of fanart images and tag them by content, tagging more things is far more important.
No. 99170 ID: 1f8505

Friendly reminder to anyone who has posted fanart before: please go through the booru and tag your picture. I would, but I have no idea who drew what anymore.
No. 130682 ID: 851c6b

All finished fanart threads and the 4 major day threads are uploaded now. At this time 837 Tagmes are left of 5507 uploaded pictures. I'll get more minor day threads and such uploaded over time but the vast majority of fanart is now on quest.booru.org and tagged.

I'm doing quest fanart requests for people that tag 200 images.

If some moderation thing needs to be done you can contact me on the discord.
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