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File 141860833553.png - (107.95KB , 600x600 , discuss.png )
87823 No. 87823 ID: 53f127

Discuss Rise of the Cyclops here, I COMMAND IT!
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No. 87825 ID: e0196c

Well sir, if nothing else you've found a very clever way to incorperate TGchan into the quest.
No. 87826 ID: c9f2af

I'm somewhat amused that your attempt at a non-nsfw quest remains filled with phallic imagery.
No. 87832 ID: db83ac

So, what is the extent of the insanity that we will find in this quest?

How badly will this quest stray from known physics? How crazy will the villains and heroes end up? Does our avatar, the council, end up mutating or will they be and stay normal humans that we act as?
No. 87841 ID: defceb

I wouldn't be surprised if the shadow council becomes mole people by the end of this.
No. 87848 ID: 1f7d45

How do we know the shadow council hasn't been infiltrated by mole people? On the internet, anyone could be a subterranean cave dweller.
No. 87850 ID: 53f127

Depending on player input, this quest could be about as realistic as a bond film or as unrealistic as one of the zanier episodes of the classic G.I. Joe cartoon.
Physics in general same deal.
As for how crazy the villains, heroes and council end up, that's mainly up to the players ;)
No. 87925 ID: 53f127

If any council members are artistically inclined, feel free to post a drawing of your avatar in this thread and I will try to work it into future group shots of the advisors.
No. 87929 ID: d3be40

"Hey, if you guys don't mind, I'm going to grab a bullet-proof shield from the armory. Anyone want some gear?"

Basically, is Cyclops going to start shooting at us? And can we defend ourselves from anything, or are we just the Easily Expendable Collateral Council?
No. 87932 ID: defceb
File 141879192510.png - (5.97KB , 200x200 , CouncilAvatar.png )

Like, something this simple count or would you want more detail?
No. 87935 ID: 53f127

Nah that's fine (as long as you're okay with generic legs). Don't feel like your wardrobe is limited to the CYCLOPS uniform either. In my head the council is made up of a pretty esoteric group of characters. There's definitely an old-school Sikh in full British Colonial Army regalia somewhere in there.
No. 87937 ID: c0c685


May I be the old-school Sikh in full British Colonial Army regalia or should I try to draw my own character?
No. 87938 ID: 53f127

You can be the Sikh if you want, but don't let that stop you from making a pic if the mood strikes :3
No. 87944 ID: c0c685
File 141879848701.png - (52.10KB , 680x504 , CouncilAvatar2.png )


I'm a Verbumancer, not a fancy-shmancy Pictomancer, but hopefully this works???
No. 87948 ID: ea0ad9

Given how infrequent I am with posts on the thread, I suppose my guy would have eyes painted onto his eyelids so that he looks awake while his eyes are closed.
Other than that, a medium-long skinny face with a double-banded ponytail of the same color as Apollo's. Anything else is generic.
No. 87949 ID: a19cd5
File 141881484314.png - (4.95KB , 640x640 , abigguy.png )

Tried to keep myself appropriately 80's-villainy. A giant robotman with bad joints and bulky metal everything, yeehaw
No. 87954 ID: ea0ad9

I am now imagining a guy in a carboard box that says "ROBOT" on it, pretending it's a serious robot costume.
No. 87957 ID: 53f127

Sorry no update today. It's my wife's birthday and I'm spending all day being extra nice to her and stuff.
No. 87961 ID: c0c685


Your shadowy board of advisers would like to wish your wife a happy birthday and let you know that we are on standby should you need any fiendishly devious plots for getting last minute dinner reservations.
No. 87962 ID: a19cd5

Tell her she's got a free art request waiting in the thread.
No. 88025 ID: a79844
File 141898236121.png - (49.42KB , 518x600 , NotVeryHomeless.png )

Most definitely a villain of fiendish proportions and not a homeless person who fell asleep on the bus that brought everyone here
No. 88026 ID: a19cd5
File 141899596577.png - (4.79KB , 640x640 , orange bum.png )

Here, was still feeling doodley after the update. enjoy m8
No. 88029 ID: 53f127

Haha CYCLOPS would totally hijack a bus to bring its counselors in.
No. 88071 ID: b66bbe

Why is everyone questioning Cyclops supreme?

Aren't you guys afraid of ACID?
No. 88072 ID: c0c685


We aren't here to be pansy-ass YESmen! We're here to give guidance! If all we did was agree and unquestioningly go along with everything then we'd be a terrible council.
No. 88074 ID: cca3de

As long as we have a verbumancer in our ranks I wouldn't worry about being splashed with [Alpacas].
No. 88075 ID: ea0ad9

As long as it isn't [Asparagus]. THAT STUFF STINGS.
No. 88089 ID: 4f014c

We are here to moderate his actions, not control what he's gonna do. He's OUR boss, not the other way around.
No. 88136 ID: e85f72

I know the next update is taking some time, but as Christmas approaches and more family shows up my time to draw gets increasingly limited. Plus there's at least five panels to the next update so it was already labor intensive to begin with.
No. 88404 ID: 53f127

Got some commission work I'm obliged to take care of before I can start drawing for my hobby again, but as soon as that's done gonna get this quest spinning. Happy New Year, everyone!
No. 88405 ID: 53f127

That's me ^^^
No. 88630 ID: defceb

You actually did it, you wonderful wonderful person.
No. 88633 ID: 53f127

It was almost Kome that got shot.
No. 88635 ID: c0c685


These people scare me. They talk back more now that you've actually shot someone. I don't want to sit next to them.
No. 88636 ID: d9999b

>this quest could be about as realistic as a bond film
>a main character literally has a gun for a head
No. 88637 ID: 53f127

Didn't Jaws survive a fall from orbit?
No. 88638 ID: defceb

Well I can't speak for Kome, but I for one am flattered to have gotten shot.

Also, does Cyclops Supreme wear his helmet to sleep?
No. 88645 ID: a19cd5

Hey cool, I made it into an update! Thanks apples!
No. 88649 ID: d9999b
File 142105152136.jpg - (440.52KB , 821x1872 , staaa.jpg )

it's NSFW, and I don't even post with my name, but fuck it. here's my fursona.
No. 88650 ID: dc590f

Of course!
No. 88652 ID: 8eaf35
File 142109183570.jpg - (332.36KB , 683x1024 , dik-dik.jpg )

I have no drawing ability to speak of, so just imagine a tiny dik-dik peeking over a table.
No. 88655 ID: 8ca0d0


holy shit that is one Liz Taylor looking motherfucker
No. 88659 ID: cef479

I for one feel horrible for not noticing this madness sooner.
No. 88660 ID: cef479
File 142113944976.png - (16.44KB , 465x444 , Miasma.png )

Gentlemen, I apologize in advance for the terrible artwork.
No. 88661 ID: 189a54
File 142114172073.png - (218.09KB , 700x500 , HAIL.png )

Tavern, Cyclops attourney in STREET LAW(tm)
No. 88662 ID: ea0ad9

Oh my god I gotta get around to drawing a me-atar.
No. 88664 ID: 4d626e
File 142116691413.png - (53.67KB , 400x200 , abortionmage.png )

Say hello to this abortion of Care Bears villain.
No. 88667 ID: 330ce5
File 142118383265.png - (12.05KB , 136x108 , king_momo 2.png )

Fear me, for i am the great undoing!
No. 88668 ID: 53f127

BTW if you guys want to make icons out of these guys and post them in the Rise of the Cyclops Icons thread, I am totally cool with you using your icons in your posts :)
No. 88669 ID: cef479


I feel like a complete noob for asking this, but how do?
No. 88670 ID: 53f127

upload a 64x64 image to http://tgchan.org/kusaba/icons/res/1245.html then use :[filename]: in the thread to make the icon come up whenever.
No. 88671 ID: cef479

Aaah, thanks.
No. 88673 ID: a79844


You wont be bothered if I steal this for an icon will you?
No. 88674 ID: a19cd5

Nah, go ahead dude
No. 88685 ID: 53f127

Man you guys have some great input in the quest thread. You're going faster than my art can keep up lol ^_^; I aim to have a big update up tomorrow tonight was just super busy.
No. 88686 ID: cef479

I'm honestly impressed with how involved people have been allowed to be in the Quest, gives it a little something else I think.
No. 88692 ID: d45ea1
File 142135643999.png - (193.81KB , 600x976 , 150115_161307.png )

Would a kind person please crop any of these equally-shitty skeleton heads, and iconize it for me? I can't decide which is the least worst, and even if I could, I can't resize images with my El Cheapo art program.
No. 88694 ID: a19cd5

Curt, try getting paint.net. It'll help.
No. 88698 ID: d45ea1

[Taps at tablet ineffectually]
No. 88699 ID: 16700f
File 142138640294.png - (2.37KB , 64x64 , curt.png )

Will this one work?
No. 88702 ID: ea0ad9

I'm picturing a human bodied person either wearing a skeleton helmet/mask, or who just happens to have a skull instead of full fleshed head.
No. 88713 ID: 0f3813
File 142148505448.png - (94.93KB , 400x326 , rv.png )

It looked like fun, I'm sorry ;w;
also, double-banded ponytail?
No. 88715 ID: ea0ad9

A double banded ponytail basically means it's banded in one spot, then banded again in another... And the cardboard gundam was in response to Riot's avatar, but I gotta admit, it's really funny seeing it on "me." xD

Mind if I use it?
No. 88716 ID: 0f3813

Go ahead ;w;
No. 88742 ID: 53f127

As much as I love doing this quest (even more than Prima) I think I'm gonna have to drop a chapter break in pretty soon. Balancing family stuff and work doesn't really allow me to keep a consistent update schedule at a level of art quality I'm comfortable with. Might have to temporarily replace it with a simpler art style quest for a bit.
No. 88745 ID: c8ceae

No. 88746 ID: c8ceae

But in all seriousness do what you gotta do, we'll understand.
No. 88747 ID: 53f127

At least you finally got medical attention :)
No. 88748 ID: c8ceae

Well then I'm <3 again
No. 88757 ID: d267c5
File 142159813008.png - (89.79KB , 500x500 , IG-roc.png )

Say hello to my compusona.
No. 88759 ID: c0c685


What button do I push to play Solitaire?
No. 88783 ID: 53f127

Please pretend I wrote "Oh Yeah!!" on >>621173
No. 88784 ID: dff0a8

i'm not sure what is goin on in this quest, but it sure looks pretty interesting and silly... though it's taking me a while to digest all the words.

I do enjoy the main author's art though- very nice and the visual humor has been easy to point out.
No. 88788 ID: 1d3aa9

Well, the end was certainly a blast from the past with the commercial break.
No. 88792 ID: d45ea1

Oh boy, the commercials! I can't wait to buy the Cyclops Supreme Santa Invasion Playset! With real wall-busting action!
No. 88793 ID: 53f127

This needs to be a thing.
No. 88801 ID: cef479


What kind of action figures would they use? I'm gonna guess just the regular ol' G.I. Joe ones. CAN YOU COLLECT THE ENTIRE SHADOW COUNCIL!?
No. 88804 ID: 60700b

Just wondering, is there a reason the 1st thread got archived after 352 replies without warning?
No. 88806 ID: 53f127

When it got archived the mods removed the chapter break for some reason. I gave everyone a heads up in the discussion thread though.
No. 88818 ID: defceb

Any chance you could repost the missing image here?
No. 88819 ID: ea0ad9

Yeah, I didn't get a chance to see it, whatsoever.
No. 88820 ID: c9f250

Uhhhhh are post still missing? I looked really hard around the database and couldn't find any problems. Are you 100% sure it posted? I could search better with the text or image, or just repost it and I can attach it neatly.
No. 88822 ID: 53f127
File 142179368360.png - (75.28KB , 600x600 , RotCend1.png )

Here you go. I was between 621214 and 621218
And I'm pretty sure it went up considering Skrakar references it in >>88788
No. 88823 ID: a79844

Ya, he had posted it.
No. 88900 ID: c9f250

okay fixed it, there was a bug in reporting for a day and someone didn't review it properly
No. 88912 ID: 53f127

No. 96592 ID: 3e2cae

Okay so here's the thing with CYCLOPS.
The whole "Attack on the North Pole" angle was a huge mistake in my opinion. It makes it really weird to work on when it's not Christmas, and I can't work on it during Christmas because my family is around and I'm not doing any quests at that time.

However, I still actually really love the characters and setting of Cylops and I want to run the quest again. What do you guys feel about rebooting the story?
This would probably start after Horny Futa Adventures goes on its hiatus.
No. 96593 ID: 86cfc3

Just have him execute whatever minion had the bad idea, then move onto the next one.
No. 96594 ID: defceb


What about skipping the North pole episode and just doing the stuff after that?
No. 96595 ID: 3e2cae

That is also definitely an option. We'd pick up after the North Pole Operation fiasco and he's onto his next scheme. It's not like ti was gonna work anyway.
No. 96596 ID: cc08c7


Didn't Cyclops come up with the "attack the North Pole" idea? I don't think we should kill our boss. It'll fuck up our resumes.
No. 96597 ID: 3e2cae

This is one of those situations where it was only his idea if it works...
No. 96598 ID: cc08c7


To be fair I should've seen that coming.
No. 96599 ID: 3e2cae

Plus, he was on a lot of "study aids" at the time. He probably wouldn't remember coming up with it
No. 96624 ID: ad936f

Why did he think he could defeat a man capable of on foot faster than light travel in the first place? I support the skipping to the aftermath plan.
No. 96627 ID: 67d5dc

We'd basically just be setting the mole people on a grid search of the pole right? You could have us run into someone else's secret base.

Or we just straight up find nothing, and get to watch our grand commander have a breakdown over the knowledge that Santa is not real, and it was all an elaborate plot to mess with would be super villians.
No. 96629 ID: 5ea852

Yeah, typical fiasco aftermath would be good. Like, Cyclops Supreme received the lump of coal he deserved.

There's just no way for a Christmas evil plot to succeed. There'd be no capitalist Christmas afterward.
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