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File 141824932514.png - (1.46MB , 1493x1101 , durgun.png )
87664 No. 87664 ID: 02b1b1

This is the place where you can work out ideas without cluttering the main quest, or just post ideas you have and ask question. Go nuts.
No. 87672 ID: 9ddf68

so how much has everything changed now that we've pick a girl for the throne instead of a boy? normally these things don't matter in quests but with Divinity: Dragon Commander things like gender, race, religion, and other things are almost as important as the war we're fighting and that one little change could have and probably has changed the way how most of the characters are going to interact with us.
No. 87673 ID: 2ec61a

we can get fab lizard husbando.
No. 87676 ID: d3be40

Okay, sorry about that little substory I declared near the beginning of the quest, but I may as well discuss here:

I felt that the official game made it look like the prince was shoved out of his old life and forced into a new one. The social/political aspect was the strongest portion of the game - a slew of various characters, each with their own distinct personality and personal goals/fears, and all subservient but simultaneously independent from the prince - they made their own decisions in life, and the prince either gave them permission or held them back, and benefitted/lost from the consequences.

But we don't know anything of the prince's personal life. How was he raised, did his mother love him, how did he live, did he have friends, family after his mother died, an old girlfriend? The prince is effectively the most important character in the game and what we know about him could fill a saucepan. This was meant to ensure that the player could roleplay in the story, making decisions that pertained to their views and opinions and assuming that the player's style was a result of the prince's upbringing, as to prevent cognitive dissonance. Here though, we're playing with a D&D format where the whole plot can be derailed and the "dungeon master" cthulhlu can rewrite the story in a matter of days and not months - so the developer doesn't have to change the story for every possible new situation that could be thought up by an individual playing a very strange way. We can use a real backstory in this quest.

This is a rags-to-riches story. Granted, the princess inherited her mother's ability to transform into a giant jet of fire and obliteration, but in terms of politics she may as well have been writing on rags (or burning them). She from a nobody (nodragon?) who is unable to make a political influence save for lots and lots of destructive violence, to the empire's most influential and revered citizen, capable of making even the strongest of knights sacrifice themselves at her whim, and so politically powerful that the voices of politicians are effectively about as strong as WE are.

If we can design her personality early, it means that she can have a suitable backstory that interacts with the characters on the Raven. So, why not also add stowaways, friends and family of the princess that follow her for a variety of reasons and represent her past and how that past interacts with the present and future?

This is only an opinion, but I hope that you'll give it some thought. Thanks.
No. 87677 ID: 2ec61a

stowaways? maxos teleported her to a flying ship containing armed guards. you can't stow.
friends? she lived in the boonies and live as a dragon.
family? her family was her mom, a dragon. and her dad, the (ex)emperor of the world. and finally, her traitorous half siblings.
No. 87680 ID: 557bac

I think its usually the job of the author to add NPCs, allies, antagonists, ect to a quest. Usually, if they want something like that they will ask for it. All the Author asked for was "what does the character look like?. Trying to metagame and suggesting things that are completely unprompted is, frankly pretty bullshit and, I can only speak for myself here, but I would be pretty offended if someone did that in one of my threads. You have to have a little trust in the author to create a setting, narrative, and characters worth reading. They on the other hand are trusting you to give the best suggestions you can for the quest without trying to hijack things. If you think you can write a better rags-to-riches story, better to start your own damn quest.
No. 87681 ID: d3be40

Okay, just asking.

Anyways, do you think that the political issues that will be debated should be different than the ones that were debated in the game? Or do you think that the original choices were near-perfect? That, for sure, is up to the author to decide.
No. 87687 ID: 02b1b1

The political issues will be mostly the same, however this time you have far more freedom then a simple Yes/No answer.
No. 87688 ID: 02b1b1

For the most part little has outwardly changed, any dismissive attitudes you would have faced are (at least publicly) tossed aside in favor of supporting the Crown, However there may be more Backroom dealing and political maneuvering from certain concerned groups..
No. 87689 ID: 02b1b1

I understand the desire to bring in a little more back story, but the choices you have made so far has created a nice little scenario to explore, someone who was dirt poor and practically a hermit no rules the remains of a rapidly crumbling empire, she has No one to fall back on and i cant wait to see what that dose to her :)
No. 87729 ID: d3be40

Yay dynamic answering!


Can you have the other councilors express disgust or do a spit-take when one of them proposes a distasteful / horrifying idea?
No. 87733 ID: cd5e66

Oh they do that anyway, seriously strip away the veneer of civil discourse and the whole thing turns into playing schoolmarm to a bunch of sulking toddlers...
No. 88262 ID: 170ec0

Slight delay on the next update, what no i didnt forget to draw a major character why would you say that!
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