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File 141757824484.png - (668.15KB , 500x571 , Metempsychosistitle.png )
87342 No. 87342 ID: a2b630

As confusing conduct and conflicting information may become a problem in the future, this thread has come to pass in order to help those otherwise bewildered by events in and out of quest.

I, Ghostwriter, will establish the stone-set rules of the Quest, and answer questions here occasionally, while readers may discuss their theories on choices and information, and possibly make debates on how they canonically draw the heroes and surroundings, to avoid possible artistic conflict in the future.

I will establish quest rules here and answer questions in a moment. I'm just opening the thread up.
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No. 87343 ID: a2b630

Ghostwriter here, and I'm gonna get this kicked into gear!

There are three kinds of rules for Metempsychosis here, and they're three kinds of rules that will also be present in other quests, should Metempsychosis find completion somehow.

These are the Solid, Liquid, and Gas rules.

Solid rules are those set in stone, not to be changed, debated, or dodged in any ways, shapes, or form. They're not flexible, they're not moveable, they're non-negotiable. Hence, Solid. These rules are up front, obvious, and in your face, and they're to be upheld at all costs.

Liquid rules are not as solid or obvious as Solid rules, but nonetheless, still hold their throne. These rules are those that CAN be negotiated, can be argued, debated, or dodged around. They start out seemingly solid, but you find out they're not when you find your little hidden nooks and crannies of rule loopholes throughout the story.

And Gas rules are those that aren't outwardly spoken or even mentioned, but should probably come off as super obvious. These normally reside for backgrounds, and classify more as " guidelines " than actual " rules ". Think of the Pirate Code. These aren't brought to light or entirely publicized, but they should be known and acknowledged anyway, if just by your common sense alone. These shouldn't have to be explained, and it's probably going to be embarrassing if they have to be explained somehow anyway. At least, if they have to be explained in any way that wouldn't make sense outside of the story.

This in mind, the rules will be laid out before you as the story progresses. So far, all you've been told is that your author will contribute to you text and music, while you, the readers, contribute the art that will canonize your world and wanderers properly.

This particular thread will also be used to debate and canonize the appearances of such. Perhaps you debate the design of your main character, or of the cities you've been thrown into? Throw the designs here, discuss, compare, agree, disagree... and if you all finally come to terms on a design, at least for the most part, I'll come in to hopefully canonize the character!

Rules will come next, when the prologue is done and the story officially begins.
No. 87368 ID: 0de40a
File 141763352365.png - (3.45KB , 241x185 , The Bread Brick.png )

Preliminary doodle of the BREAD BRICK, our first weapon, possibly...
Yeah I'm probably going to stick to minor-ish objects like this one between my limited art skill and concern over exposing somethign that should have remained hidden.
No. 87767 ID: a2b630

Ghostwriter again, and I'm approving of the image you've shown, Zaelix! Well done!

Anyway, I'm here to update on another section of information, which you've actually brought up - - Meta Risks.

One of the unique things about this quest is that your character isn't the only one doing any questing of their own, nor are they the only ones with vision to see what you make of them. There are others out there, similar to or vastly different from your charge, who are questing for their own particular reasons, but they are connected to your original mission no less. You might even join their quests occasionally, when viewpoints switch! but there will be a difference between the quests of separate characters, and the quests you'll have to recognize as your ever-reviving charge...

Does this mean they'll just all have the vision to see what you show your charge? Will they always see the world you bring to life? No. Most of them only have sight for their own quests, and don't have the ability to focus on yours.

... However, there are a very select few out there who have that ability, anyway. But the good news is, you won't be meeting them for a very, very, VERY long time, if this Quest goes on as long as I plan it to. Trust me, there's going to be A LOT of chapter work before then.

Unless someone makes stupid mistakes very early on and they end up revealed sooner than planned. Which isn't unexpected nor frowned upon, but it'd be wise to try to pace yourself if you know what's good for you or your current universe. Just as a note.

Because everything counts! EVERYTHING.

If you have any concerns, though, you won't need those concerns yet! You're safe to illustrate as much of the adventure as you like at this moment, without any fear of infiltration or spying by outside sources! Whatever you want to draw, draw!

Just as well, the appearances can't be constantly ever-changing in the story. If you'd like to debate over how a setting looks, or how characters look, it's best to do it here, and include your concept art here as well. Once you've reached a general consensus, I'll canonize it, and that will be what you officially illustrate in the future!

As an example, your bread brick is canonized, and will officially be shown as it is drawn in the inventory when someone else decides to draw out such! This will also go for others, but it's best to try to keep Quest conflict for art to a minimum.

You'll probably know when exactly the danger to illustrate everything comes, but as of this moment, at this point and time, it's perfectly safe. So don't worry your pretty little head, yet! You're free to do whatever!

Just keep your eyes sharp!
No. 88082 ID: a2b630

Ghostwriter here, bringing you the first of many Q&A's from outside readers! These answered questions might also help to sort you lovely folks out with the story as well. So pay attention!

Commonly Asked Questions, part 1

Ghost, what's the theme of the story?

The theme of the story, moralities speaking, is all about Perspective! Throughout the quest saga, you're going to learn very early on that you can't judge everything based on your impressions alone - rather, you're going to have to see life through the eyes of others to really get it! Your own moral compass has no direction here. Like Jack Sparrow's " busted " compass of fate in Davy Jones' Locker, your own compass isn't going to lead you to victory based on set directions and coordinates. You're going to have to bend a little, break a little, you know?

Ghost, why is the formatting all weird for the story?

The formatting is " weird " because it's the quest's way of helping you out, and my way of giving you literary hints. The bolded areas are either important and/or specific details of your environment that you'll need to draw out - and yes, at this point, drawing it out will probably be quite necessary if you don't want to keep tripping over everything - or they're key points of body language, subject matter, or information given throughout the story that you'll have to remember.

For your sake, and your precious little charge. Means take notes, kids.

Ghost, what's with the weird title? Why not " MeteQuest " or " MetaQuest " or something?

Because that is your biggest hint! It's one of the most key parts of the whole story! It wouldn't come across the same way if I chopped it up for a typical quest title, and trust me, you'll wanna see the word correctly. Why not look it up?

Ghost, why don't you ever contribute any art to your quest? Is it just meant to be entirely text-based?

As stated in this discussion and previous disclaimer in the Prologue, this is another unique part of this particular quest. While I contribute to you the literary details and possible music themes, it's YOUR art that will contribute to how your character sees the story! It's another key part of this Discussion forum, too; you post up concept art of scenes or characters, discuss with folks, and if you reach a consensual agreement, I'll spring in and canonize it, and that'll be how folks draw it in the future!

And trust me, you're going to HAVE to draw. Otherwise, you're going to miss some key shit later.

.... Besides, my artistic skills are bull. I'd hate to disappoint you guys.

Ghost, you said it was unsafe to draw at particular points! What if we draw too much?

I've also already gone into this, but at the current moment, it's absolutely safe to draw as much as you want! You are the eyes and ears to our quest companions, and that means that it is absolutely vital that you help them to envision the world around them, and themselves!

Like I said, the danger of drawing too much won't come until later. At that point, it will purely be your decision what points to draw and what not to draw. Another part of your sharp eye for details.

Ghost, is there a way to fail this Quest?

Ohhh, there are lots of ways to fail quests, really! Especially this one. But just because you fail your quest once, or twice, or maybe a thousand times, doesn't mean the quest is over. No matter how badly you screw things up, keep in mind that eventually, wrongs can be set right. Well, most wrongs. The reversible ones. You can't tell the reversible from the irreversible, really.

But my point is, while you can fail your characters a LOT, you can't actually fail this Quest that easily. Just don't get cocky, kids.

Ghost, do we have to wait for your cue to give the character commands, or not?

You do not! I was hoping you folks would catch on, but I'll explain simply. The first chapter is almost tutorial-esque, where I'll format things rather easily for you to follow along with. Once you folks get more active, and once you get that you don't need a cue to help out, then I'll stop. And then you're on your own. This tutorial lasts until the end of the first chapter.

Ghost, is this all going to be kid appropriate, or will there be... ?

" Kid Appropriate " is kind of a mean thing to me. I mean, kids can take an awful lot, emotionally speaking! They can take up a lot of moral lessons and knowledge and things into their heads that we don't give them credit for! Saying something is appropriate or inappropriate for them is kind of stupid to me, really. Ech.

That out of the way, you'll find that the longer this quest goes on, the more shocking or disturbing things you'll find. Not all crammed in at once, of course, but mind you. The Universe is a big place. It's not all sunshine and roses.

Ghost, how does our character see us?

He doesn't. He has his own free will. While he's not going to see you as anything less than instinctive or deep-down buried voices, like the kind even you and I get, I'd much rather see you as a collective. Like a Hivemind. Or a hyperadvanced AI Hive program.

You can see yourselves however you want, but nonetheless, he won't acknowledge you. Least, not yet.

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