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File 141739861484.jpg - (33.78KB , 257x368 , VerbumancerDiscussion.jpg )
87288 No. 87288 ID: c0c685

Break out those thesauruses and get ready to change the world.

Make plans or ask questions if something's unclear or you know, do whatever. Learn of the power of words together.
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No. 87290 ID: 07a835

The ability to retroactively change words with no drawback seems a little overpowered.
No. 87291 ID: 2ec61a

for now. but when we have to fight a zanqure yuber xentch or something crazy like that....
No. 87294 ID: c0c685

Oh, there are drawbacks to everything you do. Just because they aren't immediately apparent doesn't mean they don't exist.

And you are supposed to be sorta overpowered. It's the fun of it; causing chaos while fighting for a noble cause.

The possibilities are endless in this world.
No. 87295 ID: defceb

Our greatest enemy will probably be ourselves.

I'm excited.
No. 87307 ID: 5e2937

I think our biggest problems will be screwing ourselves over with silly side-suggestions and being unable to change them afterward.
Also, other Verbumancers bracketing things for us and having to do an Oldest Game-style battle with the surroundings.
No. 87319 ID: defceb

The quest is beautiful but my thesaurus is heavy.

Send help.
No. 87333 ID: 44f5ef

Just turn your lumbering thesaurus into a lightweight thesaurus. Or look up an online thesaurus I don't know.
No. 87392 ID: f61b8d

Wait, so you said: "Since the WIZARD has spent his entire life living alongside the FOREST, his entire life was shaped by it. Since the FOREST was so DELIGHTFUL, he too became DELIGHTFUL."

However, we were able to change him from a WOODSMAN into a WIZARD, so it seems like he wasn't sufficiently related for it to count.
No. 87393 ID: c0c685


That's because while the FOREST may have become DELIGHTFUL, it was still a FOREST making his profession as a WOODSMAN still a viable one.
No. 87394 ID: c0c685


Woops, hit reply before I was actually done!

As for the [magical brackets], they only affect things that you change and while, yes, you did affect the WOODSMAN, you only affected his personality and what he built (DELIGHTFUL PINK COTTAGE), what his hobbies are (FLOWER ARRANGEMENTS), and his personality (which would have been DELIGHTFUL). You did not, however, affect the fact that he was a WOODSMAN, so that did not get the brackets on it.
No. 87399 ID: 2f8e6a

I just want you to know that I love this quest. Like seriously.
No. 87401 ID: 4c5cf2
File 141770736357.png - (113.93KB , 840x778 , attractive otter.png )

>Do you just have a thing for OTTERS or something? Its alright if that's what you're into. RONALDO's not judging.
N-no. Of course not.
No. 87420 ID: c0c685
File 141773069353.jpg - (314.68KB , 1920x816 , RONALDOlovesyouall.jpg )


No but seriously that means a lot! This is the first quest I've ever done and it's a text quest of all things, which don't seem to be liked in general so it's exciting to see so many suggestions and comments. Thanks for joining myself and RONALDO on this crazy adventure.
No. 87428 ID: 687279

I find it amusing that it's a text quest where the text is more important than any image.
No. 87666 ID: d3be40

Okay, I just deployed a monster in the field. Does anyone have an idea on how to turn one of the griffons into our pet? Use L or something!

Here's my plan. Yes, I know it's stupid, please come up with something better.

"In the CENTRIFUGE of the GREENHOUSE is a SHINING POOL filled with crystal CLEAN WHISKY, where large GRIFFONS lazily swim about, picking at the colorful PICTURES at the bottom of the POOL in search of SILVERS from their last MINING."

Turn the griffons into alcoholic miners and find a way to make them loyal to Ronaldo. That way, we can fly from the bomb in case it traps us in lots and lots of fire.

No. 87668 ID: 775d07

If you think your own idea is stupid, why would you suggest it in the first place?
Also, I think it's generally better to not change everything in one go, or we'll exhaust all our Verbumancy ammunition right away.

The griffins are fine, but what is the point of changing any of those other things?
All it would do is turn a lot of benign Verbumancy materials into useless things not only can't be used in any meaningful way, but that also cannot be Verbumanced anymore.
What if we just give the griffins some CHOICE POULTRY and be done with it?
No. 87669 ID: 224d37

>>87666 I don't think we can actually flat-out make words...Can we?
Because if we could add words that could be useful.
But as a general rule I presume it would be a poor idea to try and make a plan that demands we combo-cast, especially because I have no ideas on how to tame the griffons without help.
Good news is, they're griffons! Not necessarily rampantly dangerous, unless we piss them off, I think, but as a general rule, we shouldn't try teamwork, unless we can figure out clear directions for the other voices lest they not have ideas.
No. 87670 ID: c0c685


Nouns and Pronouns can be changed within the same spell, so you don't need someone to change the word LAZY into anything, you can do that yourself if you would like.

However you would need quite a team of people to pull off your full plan.
No. 87812 ID: db83ac

I need some help for this! I deployed GOLDFISH -> GRIFFONS, and then someone changed LARGE GOLDFISH -> LOYAL GRIFFONS! Since this is a consecutive word change, I've got a free spell slot! Can someone cast one of the following?



Which means...

"...LOYAL GRIFFONS lazily swim about, picking at the colorful pebbles at the bottom of the pond in search of SUPERVISORS FOR their LATEST MISSION!"

If we can become their supervisors for their new mission, they'll be loyal to us right?! And that mission is probably "stop this woman and her entourage from whatever it is they're doing!"
No. 87980 ID: d3be40

Okay, I think I have an idea:

We can't change the flower, but it is capable of changing itself. What if we used a changeable word to create a switch mechanism for words that are in brackets?

To explain, here's an example:

[The Infallible Earthquake Detector] was blinking THE SAME COLOR AS the [[Blue Flower]].

And here, we intertwine the connection between an infallible device and a red flower, thereby forcing causality to work backwards using magic. Now, when the flower turns red, the infallible earthquake detector is blinking red, which indicates an earthquake. Since the detector is infallible, there is now an earthquake occurring. Hence, we might be able to alter the context of unchangeable items or actions and thereby change their purpose or even definition.

This is insane troll logic, but it's applied to a fantasy world with word magic. Deal with it.
No. 88181 ID: c0c685
File 141936080035.jpg - (110.19KB , 435x571 , HappyHolidaysTG.jpg )

Happy Holidays to everyone. Hope you had a great year and are looking forward to the next.

Verbumancer's Quest has been and will continue to be slowly updated due to the craziness of the holidays and of life in general.
No. 88230 ID: 350a50

I'd just like to inform you that your image-fu and shopping are great and enhance the experience tremendously.

Also have a merry christmas/whatever holiday you celebrate.
No. 88370 ID: db83ac

Can someone do

RONALDO snorts and says that the [SKELETONS] <'AVE CANCELLED WEARING> Tibula Swords, not FIBULA SWORDS.

Now their entire legs are gone, making the fight MUCH easier.
No. 88486 ID: d3be40

I have an idea:

Turn "help" into "heroines" and then turn a "colorful pebble" into "colorful pyrotechnics"!
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