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File 141633399275.png - (9.08KB , 500x400 , 00055.png )
86933 No. 86933 ID: e31d46

Discussion thread for IGF: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/602823.html
Hope you guys are enjoying it so far! It's my first time doing something like this, so it might be kind of a bumpy start.
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No. 86934 ID: e31d46
File 141633404563.png - (342.53KB , 2819x700 , lineup-.png )

Mostly I just wanted an excuse to post this concept art / teaser here hahahaha so here you go.
No. 86935 ID: 07a835

Looks like quite the varied cast.
No. 86969 ID: eda819
File 141650254899.png - (10.44KB , 500x400 , clean polariod.png )

Since no one else did, here's the polariod adjusted so you can actually see it.
No. 86974 ID: 9ddf68

No. 87003 ID: 1730ba
File 141666283872.png - (1.41MB , 2000x4000 , Oh.png )

I had not called this.
No. 87010 ID: 07a835

I really don't think that's the same room. The steps are different and the keypad is missing.
No. 87019 ID: defceb

No. 87028 ID: 534cc4

I had a hunch these were connected... it was the clock that did it for me.
Assuming one comes before the other, time has passed and minor differences and redecoration have to be considered.
I wanna believe too.

? So which comes first.....
No. 87119 ID: 534cc4

I love the tactical deletion of certain peoples posts. Including your own.

No. 87120 ID: 07a835

No. 87230 ID: e31d46
File 141719586203.png - (139.91KB , 443x700 , 1stdraw.png )

Sorry everyone, the updates will be slowing down (at least compared to my previous rhythm) for a while - long story short, I've had an injury in my arm for a few years now and it's acting up again, making it hard for me to draw. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Here's something to make up for it - the very first concept for our protagonists (so far) that i drew almost three years ago. Their designs didn't really change much, did they?
No. 87235 ID: 3ec38a
File 141721154605.jpg - (28.04KB , 308x699 , image.jpg )

So I'm guessing this is Juno? I can dig it.
No. 87236 ID: a19cd5

Dang, those poses have sort of a hussie vibe to it. Kind of rad, actually
No. 87239 ID: e31d46
File 141721522867.png - (236.99KB , 2298x500 , lineup.png )

Yup, that's Juno! One of my favorite designs. I've only showed a little bit of it so far but I'm definitely excited to show the whole thing at some point, so please wait warmly until it is ready.

I definitely won't deny I had a bit of a hussie influence back then!
No. 87240 ID: 3ec38a

You're such a tease :p
No. 87517 ID: 25fe9c

Certainly feels like a spiritual predecesor of ruby quest.
I have a very good feeling about this one...
No. 87791 ID: 957f9a

I imagine JUNO as having kind of a posh british accent
No. 87792 ID: 957f9a

This is one of my favorite quests on this site! keep up the good work!
No. 87838 ID: 8d4db0

Oh, you're too kind! These really are the best compliments I could ever get <3

Oh my god. That is the most beautiful mental image that ever came to be.
No. 87839 ID: 687279

I wonder if we just trapped Ebony in limbo.
No. 87905 ID: 687279

...this new photograph is not the same photograph. The first one didn't have enough room on the left for the second Gemini.
No. 87908 ID: 9ddf68

could just be an artist error but comparing the two the first time we saw the picture it was a bit smaller, but still seems to be about the same subject.
No. 87909 ID: 8d4db0

Yeah that was mostly just me not planning ahead. I should've drawn the whole thing before making the "censored" version for Ebony's pov, but I went straight for Step 2. That caused the discrepancy you guys have seen. Sorry about that :\
No. 88226 ID: 5e3453
File 141944685406.jpg - (163.57KB , 500x397 , 05-07-2014-091-.jpg )

As you can see, I took a bit of a break. My brain's sort of overloaded with the end-year rush and drawing nothing but robots for over a month.
Festivities here in Brazil happen prominently on Christmas Eve, so things might start up again tomorrow if I'm not too busy watching kamen rider
Have a lil drawing to make up for my inactivity!
No. 88415 ID: 5e3453
File 142008981829.jpg - (1.13MB , 1423x1687 , 12-20-2014.jpg )

Man, this ride has been amazing so far.

IGF Chapter 1 has ended, and with that, it'll go on a quick pause. I'm still getting the hang of the questing format, but at least I managed to keep a decent update rhythm... I'm kinda exhausted!
That's not to say other quests couldn't start happening while I cool down from this one, though. Hmm. Who knows.

With that said, thank you all very much for helping this quest reach this point. When I first started it, I didn't think it'd go past the first twenty panels. Holy moly.
No. 88423 ID: d59e8b

So Libra is (or was) two as well? Interesting.

Also, we have learned that the project was not just to create an army, but also one that obeys illegal orders. From a corporate authority instead of a government. All considered, it's a good thing that the project went to hell.
No. 88897 ID: 4a2bf2
File 142204528761.png - (325.20KB , 2298x500 , lineuppage.png )

Chapter two begins and i already forgot to draw ebony's ears on the very first panel! Go me. At least on tumblr I can easily edit those things.

Here's some more character lineups, also featuring symbols because it doesn't seem like many people are familiar with the zodiac symbols???
No. 88906 ID: 072a83

Weird, I'd have expected there to be more overlap between /quest/ fandom and, say, Homestuck's (where astrological symbols feature prominently in the second half).
No. 88951 ID: 4a2bf2
File 142232046447.png - (122.78KB , 612x629 , fr.png )

Sorry about the update rate slowing down again, motivation is scarce these days and my drawing arm is getting fucked up again. Hopefully I'll still be able to do it a couple of times a week, though.

Anyway; this was the third character I created for IGF, right after Libra and Gemini. Here's my first drawing of it, from February 2012. Probably the design that changed the most out of the three...

I completely forgot about this post, but yeah, you hit the nail in the head. Thing's totally illegal, and no good intentions were involved in it. Well, maybe they were, early on...
No. 89677 ID: defceb
File 142673602819.png - (41.22KB , 600x600 , wubwubwub.png )

A. I think Juno is one of my fav characters atm. Is there anywhere he can't be?

B. *muffled screams of joy*
No. 89692 ID: ebd715
File 142681330865.png - (7.28KB , 437x368 , winku.png )

JUNO: And I love you, random citizen!
(please imagine he is winking. he can't do that with only one eye)

I sure am glad you liked the lil' cameo though!!
No. 90503 ID: 1f59fc
File 142976652554.png - (17.19KB , 500x400 , naovaitercopa.png )

A clean version of >>/quest/635902 since it lost so many details going through the Shit Filter

"Why are you posting it??" I dunno it just looks pretty
No. 93442 ID: 80389a
File 143772161715.png - (374.45KB , 2298x500 , lineuppage.png )

Unannounced hiatus is done now. Not much of a reason for it, other than a mix of personal bullshit + getting sick four times in two months + birthday madness.
IGF and Eden will return to and actually half decent update pace soon, hopefully?
Anyway, here's some more of that thing.
No. 93445 ID: e114bc

No. 100691 ID: 9c2fa6

No. 100713 ID: 9f3729

Going to assume you're new.
If posts haven't updated in a few months it's usually safe to assume they're dead, yeah.
sometimes they revive, but more often than not they dont.
It's considered a poor habit to bump dead threads like this, because it pushes active threads off the front page.
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