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File 141624209479.png - (104.74KB , 800x600 , 2.png )
86915 No. 86915 ID: 15589a

This is probably a little early to start a discussion thread, but here we are.

Discussion Thread for the 8-12 quest, found here: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/602607.html

What the hell is happening in this? Why the hell is Clive a ball of weird? Discuss.
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No. 86917 ID: e31d46

Clive has a nice butt. Discuss
No. 86918 ID: 534cc4

He said he had a mother right? So he has a biological mother, who is she, and where is she?

Also Clive has magic of some kind, maybe psychic powers, and the mark on the body is either the power source or what lets him channel his power. Any thoughts on why he was in a tube?
No. 86919 ID: defceb

I concur. The butt is touchable.
No. 86920 ID: 15589a
File 141626600925.png - (121.74KB , 800x600 , bonus.png )

This is shaping up to be the best discussion thread.

Also, I will take the opportunity to say that I am having tons of fun in here; to thank all of you for the support; and to send an extra doodle your way.
No. 86921 ID: 01745f

2 handsome 4 me.

His glowing mark reminds me of a sideways Fleur-de-lis (⚜). Those are from France, so obviously this is the work of a french mad scientist, which also explains why Clive is so beautiful. *Adjusts tinfoil tricorne*
No. 86923 ID: 15589a

It does looks quite liek a fleur-de-lis, actually!

Here it is, a more detailed sight of the Mark. What is its deal? Not gonna tell.
No. 86924 ID: 15589a
File 141628097695.png - (40.89KB , 800x600 , mark.png )

(forgot to attach the actual image, d'oh.)
No. 86925 ID: f378a2

instant body horror-it's a stylish design around a mouth. Or an eye. Or maybe something else shocking that we don't see coming.
No. 86948 ID: 95b7a3

>it's a stylish design around a mouth.
Holy Shit YES.
No. 86995 ID: 15589a
File 141662467926.png - (2.97KB , 247x271 , lol.png )

Clive's cameo in IGF made me laugh way ahrder than it should.
No. 86996 ID: 1ea48f

It's really great. But I gotta ask, what prompted Juno crossing over into 8-12? Do you two (you and Sapphire Fox) know eachother and colluded over it?
No. 86997 ID: 07a835

Is it the same universe?
No. 86998 ID: 1ea48f

...can I draw fanart of it being the same universe?
No. 86999 ID: 15589a

Please do.
No. 87001 ID: e31d46
File 141663510643.jpg - (243.35KB , 824x700 , 05-07-2014-089-.jpg )

Hmmmmmmmmmmm I guess I can post this one now
No. 87002 ID: defceb

>Artificial Multiverse
>Juno, from IGF, now in 8-12

Crackpot fantheory: 8-12 connects to other quests' dimensions and Clive will have to punch out a bunch of other people with similar gifts to his own to save the day (and look cute while he does it).
No. 87025 ID: 15589a
File 141670052999.jpg - (565.03KB , 1099x811 , 001.jpg )

Instead of being a good DM and actually updating, here: have a pencil doodle I made of Clive for you.

(Mostly because I wanted to draw on pencil sine my tablet pen is broken and i'm questing with the eraser end of it.)
No. 87123 ID: 15589a

Announcing a small hiatus on the quest since I need to re-plan some of the story; and also try and get my tablet fixed.
No. 87124 ID: 1730ba

That's fine, take as long as you need.
No. 87303 ID: 4f6456
File 141744045278.png - (11.80KB , 800x600 , 5.png )

Good and bad news: I won't be able to get my tablet fixed anytime soon; the cost of the repairs is too high for me to do anything for some time. BUT, I ahve managed to gather ore material for the quest; so I'll be taking off once again very soon, and it's not a broken tablet that'll stop me (I'll still use the eraser end of the pen that works somewhat well).
No. 87414 ID: 4f6456
File 141772376437.png - (167.82KB , 667x480 , 40closeup.png )

AAAND WE ARE BACK. My tablet is still broken, but I'll have to make do for the time being. I hope you enjoy the next updates!

Please appreciate the one hour of work I had to spend just on the clock chair in this last panel.
No. 87415 ID: 687279

It looks very nice.
No. 87421 ID: 4f6456
File 141773290876.jpg - (1.06MB , 1044x1220 , 001.jpg )

Since I know you all love porn here is some tentadick

the problem is: who is it attached to? Maybe in time you'll know.
No. 87422 ID: 687279

That uh... looks more like a spike.
No. 87423 ID: bd6306

Maybe it's just fully erect, and becomes a proper dexterous tentacle at rest.
No. 87426 ID: 4f6456
File 141773624353.jpg - (307.56KB , 1015x1045 , 002.jpg )

I may or may not be willing to draw one more to confirm that this is in fact a tentadick
No. 87429 ID: bd6306

Still not wholly convinced. Can they operate a touchscreen phone with that? Or a TV remote?
No. 87643 ID: 4f6456
File 141818475958.png - (71.07KB , 800x600 , 48.png )

Hold on, hold on.
While I keep you in a huge cliffhanger, can we discuss how all of my character designs revealed to this point have FABULOUS hair?

I mean, look at this new guy.

Also, you can also discuss who the hell this guy with fabulous hair is. I'm not telling.
No. 87644 ID: 224d37

I haven't kept up with the quests too well but I've a guess this is the face of the guy who become Aquarius JUST to continue being a pain in the neck.
#YOLO or w/e the appropriate saying would be if that shot-from-the-hip guess actually hits something you were planning.
No. 87653 ID: defceb

Fan theory:

Hairy fabulousness and power levels are directly correlated. Whoever is the mightiest character in this series will also have blindingly amazing hair.
No. 87659 ID: 009121

Knowing Octogonal the way I do, I wouldn't doubt this this is actually the case...
No. 88049 ID: 4f6456
File 141903869623.png - (27.61KB , 800x600 , scrapped1.png )

While I make the next panels, discuss, why not?

Meanwhile, let me show you a scrapped panel I was going to use and then didn't.
No. 88050 ID: 4f6456


Also, you be quiet! Try not to spoil my SUPER SECRET PLANS to everybody! How will I manage to make the Hair Power plot point a surprise now?!
No. 88052 ID: 9ddf68

then how does JUNO have any power without hair?!!?!
No. 88053 ID: 4f6456

Juno doesn't count because Juno is Juno.
No. 88058 ID: 5e3453

What matters is not the hair on the outside but the hair on the inside
No. 88070 ID: b66bbe

I wonder what Blue meant by Clives Birth Layer

I assume "birth" refers to when he escaped the tube. you can also see on the wall before the lights go out it says Tetralayer and then T-04 I was positive that was it.

Im also pretty sure Blue would have attacked us anyway.
No. 88137 ID: 90504c

I wonder if Clive is an alternate version of Dexter/Gemini from IGF? I mean, he's got super punching skills, and he's missing an arm. And things went badly probably because of it. He's bleeding, after all. And considering there's the broken 'recharge' chamber in both.

Or possibly a human base for Ebony's design. With Gemini's arm powers for some reason. Unless the Zodiac Project was designed to mimic Clive, and possibly others. What with the Imitation Glass Flowers thing being based on the Ivory Flower.
No. 88163 ID: 4f6456
File 141930666744.png - (277.24KB , 1050x928 , BETA.png )

responding to >>613636
, who made the following question:

>Query: Does the DickBot actually have a dick, and if so how would I gain access to it

I'll say: intead of directly answering it, I'll ask this:

if βBLUE/dickbot3000 has guns for fingers, if it had a dick would it be a cannon?

Take this early/recent concept art for it too
No. 88166 ID: defceb

First the tentacle guy and now this. Should we just assume everyone has weaponised penises?

And are the power levels of their weapon-penises related to how fabulous their pubic hair is?
No. 88167 ID: 4f6456

The only thing I can confirm is that David doesn't have a weaponized penis.

That's all.
No. 88168 ID: 4f6456

But this info only ounts for now. Maybe later even his dick will ascend to godhood?
No. 88178 ID: 330ce5

His canon will be the canon that shoots the heavens!
No. 88187 ID: 2f4b71

You're suggesting... cannon dick = canon dick?
No. 88193 ID: 90504c

So he doesn't have a weaponized dick, but he IS a weaponized dick?
No. 88209 ID: 4f6456
File 141939712708.png - (28.05KB , 800x600 , merry1.png )

More or less like that, yeah.

The possibility is canon. And also very much endless.

As a notice, I'll probably not be able to update in this holiday season, so 8-12 will probably be on a short pause until the weekend.

But don't worry, I have a foreboding picture of David and Mystery Character to commemorate Christmas!

..Well not really, it was just me wanting to draw them instead of updating, but it'll serve for now.
No. 88435 ID: 4f6456
File 142017838098.png - (131.98KB , 817x892 , kagami.png )

I wanted to wish you all a happy new year of 8-12 and thank everyone for all of the support and suggestions

but all I have is this lousy t-shirt

and a lineart of an illustration that may show up later??????i honestly don't know
No. 88493 ID: 4f6456
File 142043723720.png - (41.96KB , 1027x1030 , butt.png )

My old friend Sapphire Fox says I focus too much on Clive's... rear end.

Even looking back at all the panels I have drawn (speaking of which, GOD was early 8-12 ugly), I do not know what they are talking about, honestly.
No. 88494 ID: defceb

I think I see the problem here.

You should be drawing more booty.
No. 88643 ID: 4f6456
File 142104092502.png - (163.92KB , 795x717 , but.png )


I am covering this flaw, don't worry. Someone who isn't Clive though!
No. 88644 ID: 4f6456

Also, updating? The fuck's that?
No. 88646 ID: 4a2bf2

update your goddamn quest you eight-legged tree stump
you can draw more butts in actual quest panels instead of sidetracking
No. 88647 ID: d9999b

alternatively, eschew quest in favor of butts. just draw hundreds of butts covering your visual spectrum like a giant wall of disembodied butts.
No. 88648 ID: defceb

Create the buttoginal dozen.
The artifical multibutt.
No. 89574 ID: 96b563
File 142596076423.png - (477.89KB , 1741x1636 , kyrie.png )

Well, I've been taking my time to write a decent script for the next update, whih will inidentally be Chapter 1's ending sequence.

So I guess I might as well reward you all for your patience, and present you to another 8-12 Seer; one of Bernard's "siblings". Also, hey, a female!

Who is she? What does she do? Only time will tell you, because I most certainly won't!
No. 89589 ID: defceb

They're pretty.

Too pretty.

I presume they're evil.
No. 89590 ID: f73c29

No. 90004 ID: 96b563
File 142798296709.gif - (37.46KB , 650x789 , irohaanim.gif )

So since I'm a piece of shit take another character design that'll take a while to show up instead of an update.......

You like him? I'm sure you do!

Better than an update, I bet!
No. 90006 ID: 96b563
File 142798310285.png - (47.58KB , 650x789 , irohaanim.png )


....What do you mean I'm one day late

But now, we speak seriously. Most of the panels are written and drawn; and it'll be a very long quest session when I do start updating, since I plan on continuing until the end of Chapter 0.

Yes, finally!

(also, that sprite up there is animated, as in blinking
this one isn't)
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