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File 141614787007.gif - (102.48KB , 580x464 , Sword Disc.gif )
86880 No. 86880 ID: 189a54

So I found a thing for animating things and wanted to test it out. If anyone's got animating chops and would like to give me some pointers I'd be much obliged! Any other talk about the quest is welcome too, of course :P
No. 86883 ID: 1e3a82

I'm curious how long sword boy will hold out against the various attacks...And can't help but think the whole quest could potentially be boiled down to a cool looking animation once you're through.
No. 86904 ID: a32d59

This looks really neat. What are you using to animate this, anyway?
No. 86912 ID: 189a54

I found this thing called Plastic Animation Paper, the old version of it is free and it's pretty neat :P
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