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File 141586254390.png - (937.41KB , 600x761 , usurper princess discuss.png )
86788 No. 86788 ID: 86af24

air your questions and concerns about the watercolor quest with the deadly princesses while simultaneously delivering hard core feedback
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No. 86822 ID: 86af24

I have been having stress dreams concerning the fate of Prinshades Punkulio. everyone please weigh in.
No. 86823 ID: 50b8a5

Dun kill him pls. Make him into begrudging friend.
No. 86824 ID: 88960e

Non lethal victory by glimmerstrike, followed by stupid arguing between the two when he's on the ground as she tries to figure out what to do with him and we try to come up with an excuse for her not to kill him.
No. 86828 ID: 86af24

stockholm syndrome?
8yc that sounds good
No. 86837 ID: 86af24

u kids wanna see some kentropan porn ?
No. 86842 ID: d3ee91

As if we would ever turn down porn
No. 86886 ID: e3ac67

#tw blood
No. 86936 ID: e3ac67
File 141634804922.png - (2.45MB , 1350x977 , pron manual.png )

a giant file in case anyone wants to read my hand writing because i am too ashamed to talk about what's going on here any further but if people have questions I will answer them.

this is some weird shit i came up with when i was like 14 so
No. 86937 ID: 0ee153

This honestly doesn't seem nearly as weird as Eadoo Quest, and that quest does fine other than the occasional complaint.
No. 86938 ID: e3ac67

i have researched eadoo quest.
no comment.

also, i kind of made this because people were asking for two things:
A: porn of the usurper princess characters (i couldn't bring myself to do it, they kind of look like family members) and
B: how is babby formed how girl get pregnant

so i made a manual. a sexy manual.

don't let any of the above info stop you from drawing porn of the canon characters any way you want and esp. if you make fan characters I would like to see them >:O
No. 86973 ID: 8f8ce5

..Sooo like...They meld auras until it turns into a syrupy stuff that binds them together until a baby forms or something? Or do they do in fact have genitals? Not sure I fully understand what's up here.
No. 86978 ID: 53f127

A twenty foot long venomous spike dick tho? You're giving me ideas >: 3
No. 87121 ID: 6d4898


yeah basically. well no. the aura stuff is just a biochemical electrical signal that all living things have . but these people can transfer it to each other and if you suck it in and pull it out with just the right intonation it is quite pleasurable. you can do it in a non-sexual way, too but what ever. if you do it in the sexy way, the syrup happens.

lol i like that. syrup. im stealing it.

and the baby making dosn't usually happen the first time. usually one absorbs their mate's syrup and holds on to it for a while and recombines it with the dna they already have in the system. then, on a special night when the humidity is 100% and yet it is not raining, the partners will all gather round and osmosis out enough special baby syrup to make a gross slug and that gross slug is where you came from. the end

so weird so edge the sci fi life chose me
No. 87122 ID: 6d4898

okay so like idk if anyone who needs this is reading it, but if you guys get confused on the action of things that should follow in some sort of consecutive order of events, please tell me. I will then clear things up in here . i've never made sequential art stories before so i need help
No. 87430 ID: 6d4898

best friend: "Wow you're really passionate about this no whitey allowed thing"

Yes I am. I'll draw one of those fur-affinity grade character design charts if anyone is interested but I got reasons. Like i don't mean when your art style is ambiguous. That's fine. I just have this personal feeling that the way to make a non-specific-ethnicity fantasy thing is NOT to make a white person with funky colored hair, you feel me? like, white ≠ default , white ≠ blank race
also, I don't want people arguing over this on the off chance this story ever picks up, either. Kentropans were never supposed to represent whiteness. There are plenty of stories about fantasy whiteness and fantasy races who aren't european but who somehow still have whiteish-pink skin. You look back at earth's history and the odds of that happening twice are slim. IRL west Europe got LUCKY. The end.

Gray area: one might presume there is a way to travel to a dimension where there are white humans in which it would be possible for a kentropan to interbreed with said white humans producing offspring who were partially white human. :y human hybrids have really fucked up teeth, have fun with that GOODBYEEEee
No. 87432 ID: 0fd5f1

I was personally of the impression that West Europe simply got technology before the rest of the nations did-like if the Native Americans got guns first they might have done the curb-stomp spreading and we would all know how to do the sacred buffalo dance or something like that instead of a 7-day week or w/e we got from West Europe winning.
But onto topics that hopefully don't make me sound horribly racist and uncultured: QUEST PRAISE!

For me I like how the characters vary. Ahe seems like she? he? Hrrm, gonna assume female for now- Likes to suitably flaunt her privilege, like walking around with a dragon and a cross between a space-gun and the kentropan version of a gameboy. Throwing/Knife-specialized Rouge is probably a decent guess as to her Combat skills.

Punkulio just seems to be the butt of all jokes but then again he's not that interested in the throne so it makes sense he doesn't take this stuff as seriously as the others and probably would be kinda the weakest fighter if not for his aural training. From a human perspective I'd call him the Wizard, fighting-wise but I think culturally he's more of a Monk-type given the comments concerning aura function.

And last but not least, the unfortunately then immaturely named Glimmerstrike dickbutt, who I'd personally imagine as being your typical blond air-head sterotype, mixed with a bit of spoiled city girl, underneath the whole 'Xth in line to the throne' stuff and likely tragic backstory. She's even got the 'attractive' part down, kinda sorta, if I understand the aura part right. Combat style I think is a straight-up Ranger, though otherwise I'd call her a Rouge.
No. 87578 ID: 6d4898


*u* wwooOOow thanks for the feedback~
I was worried they weren't varied enough or didn't stand out enough against each other, but now that you mention it, yes. Ahe and Punkulio are vastly different people YESS i win

as for everything else, THANKS. Im trying not to influence the crowd TOO much on character and story development. I'd like to get as man suggestions as possible and let y'all know that its okay to suggest the same thing as someone else already suggested. that's called democracy :y

No. 87692 ID: d3be40

This might be disturbing but considering your snide remarks on "Life Force", I may as well ask.

In the Usurper Princess galaxy, has there ever been a situation where an assassin and a victim were so emotionally entrenched that the victim's aura impregnated the assassin as the assassin killed said victim? Or some other situation where the brief meeting of two individuals letting their auras flow free accidentally make one of them pregnant with enough syrup for a baby?

You said that there usually has to be a preparation period before a union can result in a slug-fetus, but are accidents with auras possible? If one individual collects enough syrup, can they hold enough to give birth on their own?

And finally, is abortion allowed? Specifically, is there a way to safely discharge the spliced-up syrup without it forming into a sentient life form of any kind, and is such a thing legal?
No. 87788 ID: 6d4898

first, some clarification:
the life force is a thing that is real, but for the UP universe, I have made it hecka silly do other things. You can do all kinds of anime shit with it like explode things, get super strength, fly, heal wounds, telepathy, ect as well as feed ur bb, talk to people, ect. The people on kentropa are so accustomed to life energy forces, they read each other's minds and think all they did was read body language.
it is not a physical presence but a sort of bio-electrical one. its main biological function is reproduction but swapping life force doesn't always = sex. you're only having actual sex if you are swapping bodily fluids, too. just swapping life force in a romantic way would qualify as soul-mackin. spirit-necking. mind-melding. o wait, that's a vulcan culture thing that is somehow NOT sex . kentropans watch star trek and get the strangest bonners.

anyway, these make out sessions are what LEAD to the syruping. gross

is accidental pregnancy possible: yes
say you all get into a hot tub, you and your graduating class of 2008. you get a little loopy and pass out in the tub after someone talks about a steamy date they went on. wake up to find you have all made man-soup and have been stewing in the broth over-night. woops. better hope that hot tub had chorine in it, spoilers it didn't.

can you stab someone and get some of their life blood in a cut or your eye and get preggo from that even though it isn't sex blood: where there's a will there's a way

can one store up enough syrup in their body to eventually give birth on their own: yes. It is about as well known as the phenomena where a human woman is actually a genetic chimera and her uterus was once supposed to belong to a twin sister. It is super hard to pull off and would be culturally viewed as a sort of gross miracle. like those stories of women giving birth to large seeds and stuff. gross. Many cultures refuse to acknowledge it is even medically applicable theory.

and finally: I think what you forgot to ask is if genetic rape is a possibility. I don't see why not.
shit's about to get real, bail while you still can
Generally, an individual's body chemistry will not allow them to give birth unless their body is convinced they will have someone to give birth WITH them. The process usually demands repetition and familiarity with a set of other individuals. IRL, most rapes are committed by someone's significant others (or so I heard). It is not out of the realm of the possible that a kentropan would find themself in a relationship they can't figure a way out of. They have a high tendency towards using telepathy and the empathic links that form are caused by frequent and repeated energy exchange with other individuals. for this reason, most of society cannot wrap its brain around the notion of rape. how can you fuck someone if you can't feel what they feel? what would that even feel like? surely a person who FORCES themself on someone else can't feel what the other person feels at all? otherwise? do attackers LIKE to feel like actual, non-role-play shit or something? but freaks of nature do exist in any population.

BAIL BACK IN now: as for abortion
if someone has sex with someone else just once: evolution has decided that someone who doesn't stick around past the first date don't deserve no babies. The acquired genetic material from the one night stand will be expelled as waste when the individual leasts expects it, thus ruining a perfectly good pair of underwear. schools fail to teach this phenomena and many young sluts think they are dying. also, if someone were to get a lot of someone else's life blood in an open wound or on their skin, it might be absorbed and misinterpreted as syrup blood. it would later be expelled. Perhaps the warrior class all wore black underwear at all times.

bail out again:
suppose that kentropan in the freakishly bad, abusive relationship found a way to break free. they might would be scared to try and mate with anyone new and pass on the solid muck of shit syrup they got from their abuser(s). If the abuse went on more than a few years, then the abused party's dna might have already begun to be replaced with the abusive party's dna. Without a slew of technology and research, this would be impossible to undo, even if the abused party had their original dna scanned and saved in just such an occasion.

what we have learned today:
1) life blood is different from syrup
2) but still carries dna which might be read by the body's reproductive prowess
3) or not and be expelled
4) or might be read and kept as reproductive information for life
5) or only be kept long enough to decide if the person it came from is coming back
6) the possibilities for emotional, spiritual and physical abuse are heart wrenchingly boundless and mock the imagination with their sheer inaccessible toxicity
No. 89531 ID: b84f67

ps if anyone ever makes a fan kentropan they will become immediately canon
No. 89587 ID: 2a9886

IRL western europe getting white people had nothing to do with luck, its just a primarily disadvantageous mutation that happens to help when its RAINING FOREVER WHAT THE FUCK and you cant get ANY VITAMIN D GODDAMN.
No. 89738 ID: b84f67

I'd like to see some biological evidence that having your skin cells more exposed to radiation helps you all that much.

ok so the Inuit people aren't as dark as more south bound tribes of aboriginal American peoples, but they still have more pigment than a lot of populations of Europeans. Also there are some european peoples who are rather dark despite it all.
No. 89739 ID: b84f67
File 142709313596.png - (1.22MB , 1000x718 , ahe blink s.png )

shutup and look at Ahe.

Ahe has a lot of siblings. they have names like

i forgot the rest gdi

and mom, Aangwah II
No. 90098 ID: b84f67


educate yo selfs

if only i could send this to my dungeon master
No. 90099 ID: 296917

What a load of half-baked pretentious bullshit.
1) The "general human shape" he refers to IS used to refer to "person", for exactly the reason he was talking about earlier- "male" is the gender that people default to when they don't know what someone's gender is, in today's society. It is ALSO used to refer to a male person, because it is obviously a male shape. It's got no curves.
2) The term for a man/boy who is not interested in manly things DOES exist. It's "sissy". That's the counterpart to "tomboy". Heck, you could also say "girly man".
3) The idea that gender is only determined by a constant stream of actions is absolute horseshit. We gain a cultural understanding of gender during childhood which sticks with us to adulthood. It does not require any maintenance, it is not a constant effort. It is a cultural role in society which people mostly subconsciously understand and consciously (and subconsciously) adhere to.
4) He spends like 2 minutes of overly flowery language to essentially say that diverging from a gender norm is taboo. This isn't a revelation.
5) Lol that gender chart. Comparing gender to a color spectrum is an oversimplification.
6) Lol comparing goofy game mechanics to crossdressing. Just because you can do weird things in a game does not mean you should be able to do ANYTHING in that game. I could use the same argument to say that you should be able to eat babies or play as a baby or own slaves etc etc.
7) Lol expecting more than two genders in a video game. What are we supposed to have, four? Five? Six? There are tons of made-up genders with no established cultural roles. There are only TWO established genders in society. Most people who buy video games don't even KNOW about the "gender spectrum". It would just confuse the fuck out of them. Also, it would over-complicate the game, unless it was just adding the ability to crossdress I guess? Hell, even that would be complicated because that's twice as much modeling for clothing. Regardless the complaint is off base because you're not choosing from two genders, you're choosing between two sexes, which happen to have gender dress codes hardcoded to them.
8) The "doing, not being" argument is simply mixing up cause and effect. Being a gender is the cause, doing things in correspondence with that gender is the effect. Then he... says exactly that. That it's internal. Contradicting himself. This is cognitive dissonance.
9) He's talking about how gender is defined by individuals and then goes on to also say it's defined as a group. Again, a contradiction, cognitive dissonance. The correct perspective is that it's defined by society, which is a group, and that individuals decide how to conform (or not to conform) to the roles they're given. Individuals cannot define gender any more than you or I could define the english language.
10) Society evolved naturally to have gender norms, therefore it is in fact natural. Hell, most of our gender norms are based upon evolutionary survival concerns, and you can't get any more natural than that.

This kind of navel-gazing seems commonplace amongst people who talk about gender issues. It's not only unproductive, it's counter-productive, because it spreads nonsense ideas which don't correspond to reality. It means trying to deal with real issues is harder. For instance, the only REAL issue with The Sims is that crossdressing isn't allowed. That's IT. There is nothing else in the game that is restricted gender-wise, as far as I know.
No. 91389 ID: d44ee5
File 143268459520.jpg - (1.16MB , 1500x1059 , ahe stuff 001.jpg )



this is what update images look like before i like. make it so normal-y-er people can maybe understand them

if nothing else good comes from this quest, at least I'll always have Ahe Blink.
No. 91390 ID: 164c83

Hey, I like your art and I'm not sure why more people don't contribute to your quest. It is maybe a little hard to follow, but no worse than many.
No. 94617 ID: d44ee5


thank, anon. :/

i gave up
(don't graveyard my quest yet tho pls)
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