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File 141568105433.gif - (115.23KB , 679x1133 , kobold.gif )
86733 No. 86733 ID: 2f2fc2

Here's the OOC discussions and character stats.

First thing is first, when the quest starts upgrading Kyle is done through skill points.

Whenever you guys are awarded a skill point or enough "creativity" points for bonus skill points you can put them into the skill tree. You can't go lower into the skill tree until the current box is filled up on points, to start some boxes you have to fill up other multiple boxes, and you can jump around from tree to tree in the tinker tree or even into another major skill trees like the Melee or magic tree, but there's a set number of skill points you earn through the quest and no resets or take backs so be careful.

The only extra points you earn beyond that are by having Kyle see/learn something "NEW" and "RELEVANT" in his off time (creativity points stay in the current tree) which will be supplied by you in this OOC as links to articles for things for him to read or pictures/shows/movies/etc for him to watch.

example say you switch over to the martial/melee tree and one of you links to a movie that has never been seen. When kyle has downtime and if he has never seen it a point will be added, once per downtime, and every so many points equals a skill point.

As for normal skill points, you will earn them at set times in the quest at my discretion.

Now that I explained advancement I must also explain an important rule in this quest. You as the players aren't in control of Kyle, you control his skills, make suggestions to his friends and family to help push him in a direction, and possibly communicate with him through some means, but you don't have any sort of control over what he does and without proper guidance in any direction he could very possibly die ending the quest.

Good or bad doesn't matter but as you're influencing Kyle's companions you're also indirectly influencing him.
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No. 86734 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141568109590.gif - (6.87KB , 500x379 , abilitysheetkyle.gif )

This is his stat sheet... it looks terrible and he doesn't have much on him yet but that should change though his adventures.
No. 86735 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141568117604.gif - (52.58KB , 500x379 , skilltreesheet.gif )

The skill tree here is just and example and the magic tree actually gets very complicated (though less points are used per box) which is why I didn't bother drawing it.
No. 86737 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141568268686.gif - (196.61KB , 500x950 , mechskills.gif )

This is the current tree you're in now. I'll be updating it as often as you get points. Right now it's up to you to decide how he should go about using his koboldly tinkering/mechanical skills.

Electronics= This is for mostly hardware/wiring on computers. With this he learns to solder things. Common example= chip modded video game systems

----circuit board magic: After fiddling around with chips and such for awhile he is able to build bigger and better things like simple robots etc. Things like these can be used to make timers or traps. Common examples= operating R.O.B. with a remote control by using spare parts from multiple sources

---------Programming: Kyle understands how the code works now. He's able to refine all his electronic know how and make any computer or machinery work with specifics functions as he wills it. Common examples= Cameras that can identify faces, smart robots, or any sort of software programming.

Digital= Although he's a common internet jockey with this Kyle starts to learn the workings of things without being able to create anything. This does little by itself because anyone with common sense can work computer programs. Common examples= having a knack for locating and operating programs without much difficulty

-----Science-magical hacking: The magic around the world finally made it's way into Kyle's life. He's able to use magic to try and hack into things on the internet. He's still and outside force so his attempts are relatively weak and he might not understand how it works but it's something

Mechanical= Here Kyle digs into the pistons and oil forgoing most computer based equipment in favor of good ol grinding gears. Common examples= fixing your damn car

----Repair and replacement: Kyle is able to improve upon the original model or repair things in a macgyver style. He doesn't need a correct replacement item now just enough good stuff he can jerryrig with.

--------Additions: He's gone above and beyond just putting things back together, now he can add unimaginable things onto anything with gears. This is the gas powered stick of the skill tree

you have 1 skill point to work with

Sure hope this works out haha
No. 86740 ID: 9ddf68

so do we pick upgrades here or do we do that in quest?
No. 86746 ID: fe1382

The macgyver skill seems most useful for a zombie apocalypse. So mechanical would be my first choice. Can we swap skill trees at any time or is it like multiclassing?

We only tell him what to do indirectly? huh. Does that me we directly control the actions of his roommates? Do they have special skills or are they char archetypes or are they "normal" people?
No. 86747 ID: 07a835

Mechanical seems like a good solid first choice. We can expand into the other parts of the tree once we have a solid foundation.
No. 86752 ID: 2f2fc2


you spend your earned skill points here.

Yup basically you're his roommates (and other friends/family if/when you meet him) and everyone will have a stat sheet/skills though each person's is radically different than the next in most cases. Still as the people around him you're influencing a very lonely and bored adult, he not only respects what his friends say but he goes the extra mile to help them out. So you have to be careful what you do with each character towards Kyle.

and I'll give you a hint, zombie apocalypse is only a catalyst to societal breakdown. Something's changed in the world that wasn't there before three days ago so now things are going crazy.

and there is no zombie virus....I was actually asked to not have a zombie virus =^D

Well when I get home if this is the only vote We're going mechanical.
No. 86890 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141619146754.gif - (7.57KB , 500x379 , abilitysheetskip.gif )

No. 86891 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141619148752.gif - (10.18KB , 500x379 , skilltreesheetskip.gif )

No. 86892 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141619154783.gif - (7.70KB , 491x487 , druidskills.gif )

This is the urban druid tree, the other two are:

Pyromaniac and Slobberknocker
No. 86894 ID: 07a835

Ahhh, I thought picking up the snake got him a Stand for a second there. That sure was a Jojo pose.

Do we have a skill point to spend yet?
No. 86895 ID: 2f2fc2

always start with 1 and they're awarded as we move on.
No. 86896 ID: 9ddf68

going to have to vote urban magic here simply because that burning asphalt spell sounds handy here.

Also are we going to get some more info on what each branch of the magic tree does like >>86737 here.
Cause if I had to guess social just makes it easier to tame more animals and talk to people, urban is offensive spells, and I'm sure transport lets skip move faster but I'm not really sure how.

Oh and should we vote what to do now in quest or wait until we vote for a skill before picking an action quest wise?
No. 86898 ID: 07a835

I say Transport magic. He's already got some offensive skills, so let's get him some stuff that lets us traverse the city better.
No. 86901 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141619909450.gif - (8.80KB , 491x487 , druidskills.gif )

No. 86902 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141619910990.gif - (196.61KB , 500x950 , mechskills.gif )

No. 86903 ID: 2f2fc2
File 141619911941.gif - (6.86KB , 500x379 , abilitysheetkyle.gif )

No. 86911 ID: 5d2f8c

>spell: calm traffic
>That snake wielding pose
My god I can't stop laughing at these for some reason.
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